Where is Matt?  Matt is hidden in thirty
places on this site. Can you find them
This is Matt.  His picture is hidden in thirty places on the many pages of the
Mythicmind site, this site.  Can you find them all?  Hint, visit a few Chinese
pagodas. What is a pagoda? You might look at some pictures on the way.  
Oh! Don't forget to do your science homework!  Good Luck!
Above and below are some poorly focused shots of
Clarkia (Farwell to Spring) from canyons near the
Kern River at Hart Park in Bakersfield.  Below is an
art project for Cal State Bakersfield 3D art class.
Above is a flattened octahedron in which the eight trigrams
of the Chinese Book of Changes are represented by eight
faces of the flat octahedron, thus: Mind = Mountain trigram
with Sentiment = Lake as its opposite, Paradigm = Wind
with Events = Thunder as its opposite, Will = Flame with
Fate= Water Pit as its opposite and Supernatural= Heaven
with Earth = Nature as its opposite.
Link to an 2011 Excel File Revised Jan 15th 2012
2007 File Revised 2012 jan 15th
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