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New Mind Pattern

The following shows the relationship of the personality disorders:
                                    Circuitous and Vacillating Negativist

                        SEMELE                                  DIONYSUS

                       PERSEPHONE                         HADES     

  Schizoid                                                                                       Aviodant

ARTEMIS                        HERA                 Paranoid               HEPHAESTUS               POSEIDON

Negativistic                                                                                                                                                                     Negativistic
Antisocial        Sadistic              Manic             Obsessive        Compulsive    Masochistic       Depressive                      

APOLLO                                    ZEUS                 Histrionic           ATHENA                             DEMETER

Narcissistic    HERMES                                          HESTIA       Dependent



                          ARES                                             APHRODITE

                             Circuitous and Vacillating Negativist   
June 3 2014                      Pattern of May 20th 2007

In Northern China, the polarity between the seasons generates the notion of Yin
and Yang, of polar opposites such as Heaven and Earth, Male and Female, that
interact to generate the alternating polar tendencies of the world.  The Dao, the
way of things is the harmony of these interactions.  In Confucianism, this
"Central Harmony" is present in the "Jen," the harmony of human relations, as
well as in nature.

Persia provided the model of the mountains and the pure snow water and its
contrast with the low land swamps and bad waters, from this we get the war
between high heaven and low hell, between God and Satan, Ahura Mazda and
Ahriman.  These Zoroastrian notions have influenced Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and
Arabic thought as they spread through the ancient Persian Empire.

Each of these geographic metaphysical notions can be associated with a
temper. For example, the magical the romantic "Dreamtime" against the
realistic and practical temper more characteristic of temperate climates like the
Chinese, the noble and idealistic upland as a "Classical" good vs. the vulgar low
land expressionism, a Cubist Yang opposed to a Baroque Yin, an analytical
impressionism opposed to a post-impressionist synthesis.  Each of these can
be given its own symbol: romantic Heaven and realistic Earth, noble Air and
vulgar Dust, liberating Fire and organizing Wood, analytic Salt and dissolving
Water.  Each can have its own economic quality, Productive to Utilizing,
Hoarding to Marketing, Exploitative to Receptive, Isolating to Recombinant.  In
this we see the four polarities of all evolving systems, genetic mutation to
phenotype result, ideal set point, to emergent expression, extinction and
selection to mechanism and feedback, isolation and analysis of input to
recombination and gene pool mixing.  Thus, source and product, ideal and
expression, freedom and order, separation and combination.

These four polarities will group in a cube, tetrahedron, octahedron of three
polarities, the Hot creative private Self to the Cold distributive public
Association, the Wet boundless integrative whole to the Dry broken dissected
part, the Flux of energy and the dance of motion and power to the Fixed laws of
information and the logic and mathematics of formal systems.  Heaven is Wet
and Hot and in Flux, Earth is Dry and Cold and Fixed, Air is Wet and Hot and
Fixed (the noble gases, unreactive nitrogen, etc.) while Dust is Dry and Cold
and in Flux.  Wood is Wet and Cold and Fixed while Fire is Dry and Hot and
Flux.  Salt is Dry and Hot and Fixed while Water is Wet and Cold and Flux.

We are not describing real elements.  Fire and Air are not elements in a
scientific analysis of the world, they are used as symbols in a set of artistic
metaphors, a system of integrative symbols that stand for basic relationships
that transcend local experience and local fact.  Air is a symbol of the classical
temper and Dust of the expressionistic.  Heaven is a symbol of the romantic and
Earth of the realistic.  Fire is a symbol of the cubist and da da and Wood of the
baroque.  Salt is a symbol of impressionistic analysis and Water of
post-impressionistic synthesis.

In politics this is the contrast between Aristocracy and Populism, Resources
and Utilitarianism, Freedom and Order, Individual Reason and Community
Belief.  In economic orientation it is the Hoarding and the Marketing, the
Productive and the Utilizing, the Exploitative and the Receptive, the Isolating and
the Recombinant.  In personality it is the Schizotypal and the Dependent, the
Paranoid and the Histrionic, the Antisocial and the Compulsive, the Narcissistic
and the Avoidant. In art it is the Classical and the Expressionist, the Romantic
and the Realistic, the Cubist and the Baroque, the Impressionist and the
Post-Impressionist.  In philosophy it is Idealism and Pragmatism, Theology and
Naturalism, Existentialism and Rationalism, Empiricism and Dialectic.  In
disciplines it is Metaphysics and Business, Magic and Science, Art and
Government, Logic and Literature.  In systems theory it is Set Point and
Expression, Mutation and Phenotype Property, Natural Selection and Feed
Back Mechanism, Analysis of Input and Recombination of Gene Pool.  In
historical development it is Aristocratic State and Capitalist Market, Food
Gathering Band, and Industrial Democracy, Viking Raid and Absolutist
Monarchy, Parliamentary Debate and Intercontinental Empire.

The properties of the phenotype (Earth) provide input for analysis (Salt) and
comparison to the set points (Air) that trip feed back mechanisms (Wood) to
maintain the homeostatic stability of the phenotype.  But, this breaks down and
phenotypes become extinct (Fire) resulting in natural selection.  This process
draws on mutant genes (Heaven) that add to the gene pool (Water) and
recombine in various emergent associations (Dust).  Most of these are not
adaptive and do not survive.  Earth, Salt, Air, Wood cluster at the stable pole
while Fire, Heaven, Water, Dust cluster and the fluid and unstable opposite.  
Wood, Air, Heaven, Water cluster and the integrative pole and draw toward the
boundless one.  Earth, Salt, Dust, and Fire represent their disintegrative and
broken apart opposites.  In symbolism the integrative tendency is the Wet and
the disintegrative is the Dry.  Fire, Heaven, Air, Salt cluster at the Hot pole, the
pole of the private monadological creative self, Water, Wood, Dust, Earth
cluster at the Cold associated opposite, the public world.  

In this symbolic meta- geography, Hot is volcanic mountains and Cold is
sedimentary valleys, Fixed is barren continental land and Flux is open sea.  Wet
is the rainforest of the tropics and Dry is the tundra of the far North (Dry
because its frozen water is not available to the roots of living plants).  In this
system, Air would be high mountain places like Tibet and Dust lowlands like the
Netherlands.  Earth would be sedimentary lands like Germany and Heaven
would be volcanic rainforests like the Amazon and New Guinea.  Fire would be
volcanic ocean islands like Japan, and Wood (Note that Metal or Pottery could
work as well here, we use Wood as a symbol of the forest of tough fibers that
hold together the languages and belief systems in the central part of Eurasia, a
cultural forest in a barren land, with cultural roots in the deserts of the Indus, of
the Tigris and Euphrates, even, via the ancient Persian Empire, the valley of the
Nile) would be continental basins those of Persia and Turkestan, Salt would be
continental islands like Greece and Britain, Water would be river systems like
those of Russia and China.  Thus, we oppose the metaphysics of Tibet to the
marketing culture of New York City, the magic of the Amazon against the
science of Paris, the Zen art of Japan against the Islamic (Wooden, Metal,
Ceramic, toughened in the cultural "Sun" of ancient civilization) law of Persia,
the mathematics of Western Europe against the Daoist literature of the Far

The philosophy of science has shattered under the examination of the old
positivist regime.  Science does not have the metaphysical authority we have
given it.  The supports for its authority are more social and political than real.  
Science is the final spokesman for our world view because we have made it the
final spokesman.  We have done so for the same kind of reasons that Athens
glorified sculpture, drama, and philosophy, and Medieval Paris enthroned

Athens and Paris were aristocratic societies, hoarding of authoritative items,
ideas was important to them, emblems of divine power and support figured in
their value systems.  We are a marketing populism, science is important to the
technical ventures we love to use to enlarge our markets.

But, as with all events in history and historical geology and cosmology, this too
shall pass.  Currently, the emergence of the Electros, Astros, Synos, and
Nymphos from the Thermos and the ancient remains of the Demos, Anthros,
Psychos, and Bios, this process is warping current history, economics, and
politics in strange ways.

It took the human Psychos, the human organism, body and brain, three billion
years to complete its emergence from the Photos, Protos, Atomos, and Zymos
that generated it.  That is, human cells, human genes, human Bios, emerged
from the physical, particulate, atomic, and molecular levels of organization as
the planet gradually took shape in a solar system developed within a galaxy
nurtured by a cosmos generated by the "Big Bang."  This process required
stars hot enough to generate the Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and other
kinds of atoms needed to make the molecules in functioning human cells.

The human species had to emerge from symbiosis in prokarytic organisms that
could generate the eukaryotic cells of animals and plants.  The animal cell had
to evolve a multicellular body and that body had to evolve the Chordate body
plan typical of Vertebrates.  Ancestral vertebrates had to emerge on land.  
Some of those vertebrates had to develop a mammalian life style and some of
these mammalian creatures had to take to trees.  The later process may have
been going on at least 60 million years ago, but it was not till 6 million years ago
that some of the descendants of these tree going mammals began to come
down from the trees an evolve a life style that would allow an upright way of
getting about and leave their hands free to make tools.  Six million years ago,
the human Psychos began to emerge from the vertebrate Bios.

But, it wasn't until about two hundred thousand years ago that humans began to
develop enough mental skills and oral skills to start the generation of languages.
Gradually, the Anthros, the oral language communities that developed during
this human language emergence, began to develop a stronger and stronger
influence over the evolving human Psychos and Bios ( mind-brain-organism and
cellular biology).  Around 5000 years ago, written languages generated a new
city state, a human community based organization.  This is a highly developed
human centered biotic community complete with dependent organisms like
wheat plants, olive trees, dogs, cattle, etc.  This level of organization is called
the "Demos."

But, around two hundred years ago, another revolution began to take place.  
Humans began to take over the living ecosystem and replace it with their own
physical heat based systems.  The first of these were based on heat and
steam.  They were used to drive presses, printing presses, that revolutionized
language by generating a mass produced printed language based culture.  This
allowed organized states to emerge, the modern nation complete with its
national school, national propaganda, national language, national textbooks.  
We call this stage the "Thermos."

Within the last hundred years new revolutions have appeared.  The Electros
attempts to organize the entire biosphere using electronically transmitted
information, radio and television.  The Astros goes outside the planet, using
data processing and computer programming, to transform the storage and use
of information, via the satellite and the space probe, finally, it places humans on
the Moon.

The Synos is just now emerging.  It will transform the entire Solar System,
using robots, the Internet, the web, etc.  It carries the seeds of the Nymphos,
based in virtual reality, in science fiction centered concepts, in the merging of
data processing and biological technology to generate "androids" and "cyborgs"
and the synthesis of genetic engineering and nanotechnology.  The Nymphos
will eventually take synthetic organisms, special developed for the purpose, out
beyond the Solar System and into the local Star Cluster.

Eventually, given the passage of time, billions of years of time, the Nymphos will
give rise to the Daimonos, the Titanos, and the Theos.  This will generate
systems beyond our current vision, systems that belong more to fantasy, to
mythology, to theology than to science.  The Daimonos will explore the galaxy.  
The Titanos will go beyond the galaxy, and the Theos, to the ends of the
cosmos itself, to the extent that is possible.  But, our understanding of the
possible is necessarily flawed, lacking a brain the size of a major planet.

Currently, the rapid emergence of the Thermos, Electros, Astros, and Synos
from the ancient Demos has disturbed the planet, its economics, its information
systems, its understanding of its own language systems, politics and
economics.  All thought systems developed in such chaos are suspect.  There is
a tendency to run to the extremes, either to a positivism that attempts to reduce
everything to simple quantum physics (if that could be made to be simple) or to
pursue a fundamentalist theology, or astrology, or Lamaism Buddhism, with
implications so complex, that no current philosophy is adequate to make much
sense of what it really means, unless we reduce it to sociological and economic
considerations of the pursuit of power.

One thing that does seem clear is the need for developing Thermos to Electros
to Astros to Synos systems, whatever they really are, to make use of some
Anthros and Demos systems as their base.  The Demos systems that existed
when the current Thermos began to emerge were the Roman (Latin), Chinese,
Hindu-Urdu, Arabic-Turkish, Russian-Greek, Arabic-Malay, Japanese, etc.
The Thermos developed a number of nation states-empires, each with their own
language: Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, English, Portuguese,
Dutch, Danish, Turkish, centered in Madrid, Lisbon, London, Paris, Rome,
Berlin, Saint Petersburg, Istanbul, etc.

At first their was a conflict between Lisbon and Madrid for control of the
emerging imperial systems.  Madrid quickly won and found itself at war with
London.  London won and English began to rise against Spanish.  Soon London
found itself in conflict with Amsterdam and Dutch.  As English triumphed, it
increasingly found itself in conflict with French, with Paris.

The triumph of English put it against German, Italian, Turkish, Russian, and
Japanese.  The first and second World Wars saw the defeat of the Turkish,
Italian, German, and Japanese systems.  The so called "cold war" allowed
English, now centered in Washington and New York, rather than London, to
triumph over Russian, reconstituted as the language of the "Soviet Union."

English now finds itself in conflict with those elements of the Korean, Persian,
Arabic, Urdu, and Chinese Demos-Anthros that feel that the English
Themos-Electros-Astros has never been properly tested against them.  Feeling
that the some special power exists in their Anthros, for example, the notion that
Arabic is the language of "God," they desire their chance to make war for the
triumph of their Anthros-Demos against the Anthros-Demos of Washington,
London, and New York (implied is the alliance of this Anthros-Demos with all the
subordinate Anthros-Demos centered in Brussels, thus, Dutch, Danish,
Swedish, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Czech, Slovak, Polish,
Hungarian, etc., etc.).

This new conflict explains much of what is happening in the world.  Eventually,
Persian, Urdu, Korean, Arabic, will submit and be integrated.  This, does not
mean that unexpectedly, some upstart language will not triumph, as English did
over its Latin and French and German ancestors.  That upstart could be
something as old as Chinese or Hindustani, but when the triumph comes, it may
happen more slowly and from within, rather than violently from without, not
some suicide bombers attempt to impose an Arabic voice of an Anthros tribal
god on the Thermos-Electros-Astros-Synos of the evolving world system, but
Chinese technical support, Hindustani speaking technicians.  The
Anthros-Demos piece of this has been hardened since the Crusades.  It is the
evolving Astros-Synos-Nymphos part, the Internet, the web, virtual reality that
has the soft under body, parts not yet hardened in the cultural wars of Anthros
tribe on Anthros tribe.

The centers of this emergence have endlessly moved West.  Demos first
appeared on the Tigris, Euphrates, and the Nile.  The center of Thermos was in
Liverpool, Manchester, and New York.  Electros quickly moved from Broadway
to Hollywood.  Astros moved from Seattle and Silicon Valley westward across
the Pacific to East and South Asia.  Synos and Nymphos are still looking for
their centers, but no one has done as much for robotics as the Japanese.  In
this way, Asia will conquer by information what never took by arms.

Washington, Baghdad, Tehran, Damascus, and Jerusalem fight over concerns
of tribe and city, of language and holy book, more ancient then the holy texts
that inspire them.  But, God moves in the systems that emerge through the
ancient thrust of level of organization upon organization.  This is the true genesis
that the wise men fail to see because it is too simple and too obvious, but this
emergence is where the power lies and those who place their money there will

Some of the symbolism discussed above can be visualize in the system of lines
and broken lines that makes up the Chinese book of Changes, or I Ching.  Look
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