The I Ching is discussed on
the page "Anothermodel"
(which can be clicked
above).  The I Ching is an
ancient Chinese Text known
as the "Book of Changes"  It
contains Hexagrams, pairs
of Trigrams, which are sets
of long yang lines and short
yin lines.  Yang lines
represent creativity and
energy and the start of
things.  Yin lines represent
results, limits, information
and products, receptivity.

A trigram of three long yang
lines is called "Heaven" and
represents the creativity, the
energy, the source of rain,
that is the upper sky.

A trigram of three broken yin
lines is called "Earth."  It
represents the earth as the
place that receives the rain
and grows the agricultural
products that fill our needs.

The trigrams that mix broken
and unbroken lines are
harder to interpret.  
Generally a long bottom line
means a lot of energy and a
broken bottom lines means
some limitation on the
energy present.  The
trigrams called Flame, Lake,
Thunder, and Heaven are all
associated with some sort of
energetic situation:  Flame
represents radiation, Lake
represents joyful celebration,
Thunder represents loud
noise and shaking, Heaven
represents the energy of the
sky.  But, Earth represents
the reception, the breaking
up of Heaven's energy.
Mountain breaks it up by
blocking it, Wind by
dispersing it till it gently
penetrates the smallest
crevice, Waterpit by carrying
it away in river canyons.  All
four of the above end in
broken bottom lines.

The breaking of the bottom
line seems to represent the
movement of energy to
entropy from Heaven,
Flame, Lake, and Thunder,
in such a way that
information is generated and
stored up in places like
Mountain, Waterpit, Earth,
and Wind.  Thus, the Flame,
the radiance of the sun in
high Heaven, feeds all the
evolutionary processes on

The breaking of a yang line
can represent the private
self, isolated alone,
becoming part of a public
group, or it can represent
the whole breaking up into
parts.  The interpreters of
the I Ching seem to tell us
that the top lines can switch
places.  Sometimes a
broken top line means a self
breaking up into a society,
sometimes it means a whole
becoming a set of parts.

The Flame and Mountain
trigrams have long yang
lines as top lines and broken
yin lines as middle lines.  
The Lake and Waterpit
trigrams have broken yin
lines as top lines and long
yang lines as middle lines.

These broken middle lines
could represent the way that
Flames and Mountains
break things apart and the
solid middle lines could
represent the way that
Lakes and Waterpit rivers
wash things together.

But a different interpretation
emphasizes the way that
Lake and Waterpit are open
at the top and receive things
(Because of the way that
their top lines are broken).
In contrast, the long top yang
line of Flame radiates things
outward and the long top
yang line of Mountain blocks

This would make Lake into
freedom, openness, and
Mountain into restraint and

The long top yang line of
Flame seems to bring
together, to cling to the parts
of its broken middle line.  In
contrast the long middle
yang line of Waterpit seems
to slice through the broken
parts of Earth.  By this
interpretation, Flame is
clinging, combination,
synthesis, and Waterpit is
separation and segregation.

Thus, it is possible, to
generate complex
sequences of changes in
which Mountain and Waterpit
switch places, also Lake and
Flame.  However, to
simplify, to try to consolidate
archetypes from East and
West, we have chosen an
interpretation that associates
Lake with the Greek
Element "Water," the Wind
trigram with the Greek
Element "Air," Greek
Element "Earth" with trigram

In our system, the opposite
of Air is Dust, Earth is
Heaven, Water is Salt, Fire
is Pottery/Metal or Wood or
Waterpot.  We will correlate
the Dust opposite with
trigram Thunder, the Heaven
opposite with trigram
Heaven, the Salt opposite
with trigram Mountain, and
the Pottery opposite with
Waterpit.  Dust, like Thunder
moves through the Air,
Waterpit, like Pottery, holds
water, Mountain like Salt,
can be eroded, or dissolves,
in, or by, Water.

We get this interpretation by
making a long top yang line
symbolize the creative self
and a broken top line the
relativistic space time world
of public associations.  We
interpret the unbroken long
middle yang line as the
boundless pantheistic Hen
One Brahman whole and the
broken long middle yin lines
as the quantum mechanical
particular.  So Mountain is
the observing self observing
particular sensations from
the broken objective world in
the form of broken bits of
information and hypothesis,
hence one long top
impressionistic observer line
and two broken particular
and information lines.
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