The I Ching (Yi Jing) is one of the key books
of ancient China.  It has supreme status as a
window on the Chinese notion of deep truth.  It
is the source of Chinese metaphysics.
Productive (Natural)
Productive (Utility)
JEHOVA (Father)                                                     ELOHIM (ALL THE GODS)     MONOTHEOS              OLD TESTAMENT  PROPHETS
(I BECOME WHAT I BECOME)                                    (Holy Spirit)   HEN-ONE                                          SERPENT  SATAN  JOB

                                                                                                 KINGDOM                   DOCTRINE  STORY PROPHECY
                 HEAVEN                              The  GOOD                 ORDER                       TRIBES/GARDEN
                 Heaven Trigram                    Wind Trigram            Waterpit Trigram         Lake Trigram

       MAKER                                                          WISDOM                                                            JERUSALEM
                                                                OLD TESTAMENT LAW                                                  ZION    ADAM  
MESSIAH  PNEUMA-SOUL                               NOUS-MIND  BIBLE-Torah-Law                                            CHURCH   MANKIND
LAMB    Jesus CHRIST--CHRISTMAS                            BIBLE-LAW                                                               CHURCH
                                                                     NEW TESTAMENT          

            SALVATION              PARABLES                         CREATURES                EXPRESSION
            FREEDOM                SKEPTIC/Thought               EARTH/OBJECTS        CEREMONY                    
            Flame Trigram          Mountain Trigram                Earth Trigram                Thunder Trigram

LIFE-RESURRECTION                                 FLESH-WORD          MASS                                           EASTER  LITURGY
Here is a Christian interpretation of the trigrams, Heaven to Earth, Flame to Waterpit, Lake to Mountain, Wind to Thunder.  In this system,
the long yang top line is Jesus, Son of God in the Eternal Christmas manger of the soul. Its yin opposite is the broken top line of mankind
and the Christian Church.  The long yang middle line is the One God and God as Holy Ghost.  Its broken middle line opposite is the
flesh, and the mass as the flesh in symbolic form.  The long yang line of the bottom is life and resurrection symbolized in the liturgy, and
Satan as the antithesis of Jehova, the Father person of the Trinity, Its broken yin line opposite is the Bible, The Torah, the Law of God.  
The long yang line is also prophecy, prophecy of the war of Heaven and Hell.  Heaven is Messiah Son-top, Holy Ghost ELOHIM-middle,
Father-ALMIGHTY YAHWEH bottom, Earth, Church-top, Mass-middle, Bible-bottom, Wind is Maker-Pneuma top, Providence-One-Hen
middle,JUDGE Wisdom-Nous bottom, Thunder is Church top, Mass middle, Easter Liturgy bottom, Flame is  Lamb top, Flesh-Word
middle, and Life-Resurrection Bottom, Waterpit is Church top, God middle, Canon Law bottom, Mountain is Christmas  top, Flesh Word
middle, New Testament bottom, Lake is ZION Man top, God,MONOTHEOS KING OF KINGS middle,PROPHECY Satan and Job  Bottom.
SHIVA the Destroyer                 VISHNU the Preserver   BRAHMAN  BUDDAMIND NIRVANA                 KARMA

Heaven Trigram             Wind Trigram                      Waterpit Trigram         Lake Trigram

                                                                    BUDDHISM                                                           INCARNATION
BRAHMA the Creator  Atman Jiva                         DHARMA                                    SANGA  Loki World, Cosmos
SATTVA Guna Purusha   JAINISM                        Manas   Samsara                             Loki            NO  SELF

Flame Trigram               Mountain Trigram                Earth Trigram            Thunder Trigram

                                                                                        SUFFERING                                            FLUX
RAJAS Guna                                  TAMAS Guna Prakrti  Pudgala   Maya (Dukka)                                 Kala/Kali                                      

Here is a Hindu interpretation of the trigrams.
Heaven trinity=Brahma, Vishnu Shiva, Wind=Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Mountain=Purusha, Prakriti, Manas
Lake=Incarnation, Nirvana, Karma, Flame=sattva guna, tamas guna, rajas guna,  Waterpit= Sanga, Buddha (Nirvana), Dharma,Earth=
Loki, Maya, Samsara, Thunder=No Self, Suffering, Flux.  (first comes top line, then middle, then bottom line)

                                                                 Bottom long yang line
                                                                      EXPANSION (energy flux)

                                            variation               Source: Heaven          ground
                                                                       Infinite Quantity
Top long yang line _________    CreativE                                                                   BoundlesS  Middle long yang line___________
       EccentriC   SINGULAR CONCENTRATION    transcendent                    ONE WHOLE   FusioN
                          IsolatioN               EssencE                                             DeptH           InclusioN

                                                                 Infinitesimal detail of Quality
  variation                       conservation            Ideal: Wind Trigram                purpose               ground


                                               AccuratE  CONTRACTION (fixed information)
EXPANSION   RevolutioN                                  Bottom short yin lines   RestrainT                                            HazY    EXPANSION
 Open: Flame Trigram  Separate: Mt. Trigram ______          _______ Order: Waterpit Trigram    Mixed:Lake Trigram  Bottom
Bottom long yang line         individual                                                                                               collective         long yang line             
_______________                                                                                                                                                    _______________

process                              structure         Result: Earth Trigram                   uniform                      development
                                                              Measured Small Amount
                       DivideD               BoundarY                                               CopY            ConformitY
 ExclusioN     MANY PARTS                 tangible demonstration                 NORMAL COMPLEX  GROUP  AssociatioN
Middle broken yin lines _____       _____  SurfacE                                           SecondarY Top broken yin lines _____     ____

                                       process          Expression:  Thunder Trigram       development
                                                                  Probable Emergence


                                                                       EXPANSION (Energy Flux)
                                                                    Bottom long yang line

Faces of Cube:
bottom yang: Flux Energy Expansion is opposed to Fixed Axis of Contraction Information Law   OR  Passion vs. Information System (yin)
top yang: Concentrated Singular Unusual Self is opposed to Social Distributed Normal Group OR Genius vs. Masses (top yin lines)
middle yang: Whole Total One Universal is opposed to Particular Part Many Atoms OR Bliss vs. Suffering (middle yin lines)

Corners of Cube
Heaven Trigram to Earth, Marvel to Melancholy or Source to Result
Wind to Thunder, Charity to Sarcasm or Ideal to Expression
Mountain to Lake, Mistrust to Trust or Analysis to Synthesis
Waterpit to Flame, Discipline to Impulse, or Order to Freedom

Edges of Cube
individual to collective or opposition to fidelity
structure to ground or failure to dream
process to purpose or activity to mission
variable to uniform or whim to training
development to conserve or sentiment to paranoia
transcend to demonstrate or inspired to loud

Angles of Cube Face:
BoundlesS to BoundarY or JoY to AnguisH
DeptH to SurfacE or LovE to HatE
InclusioN to ExclusioN or SerenitY to AngeR
FusioN to DividE or FaitH to FeaR

CreativE to CopY or AuthoR to GossiP
EssencE to SecondarY or SainT to BeggaR
IsolateD to AssociatioN or HermiT to PartisaN
EccentriC to ConformitY or MadmaN to SoldieR

StronG to WeaK or WondeR to DepressioN
HazY to CleaR or ZeaL to CautioN
AccidenT to RefinE or JokE to JudgemenT
RevolT to RestrainT or AmbitioN to TemperancE

LAKE = PHLEGMATIC = Egg = ANIMA = Fertilization death to rebirth
EARTH = MELANCHOLIC = Child-crybaby= Frustrated ID= infancy
FLAME = CHOLERIC = Adult = Ego= adulthood
WIND = SANGUINE (goodness and preaching) = Parent= Superego= old age  

                                                                 Parent Superego                                       
                                                          ENERGY FLUX EXPANSION
                                                             Power Strong  Allah
                                                                Heaven:  Source
                       SINGULAR SELF                 transcend                       ONE WHOLE
ADULT                                                           Wind:  Ideal
EGO                                                           Refine Principle Dharma                                      
ENERGY  Will  Flame;Free  Mountain:Separate   Mind   Organism  Waterpit:Order  Lake:Mixture  Galaxy ENERGY      EGG/ANIMA   
   Revolt              Individual                   Clarity     Restrain                      collective              Haze
                                                    FIXED INFORMATION
CONTRACTION                                                                                                                                                                       Stable Weak Gene
                                                                      Earth: Result
                        MANY PARTS                    demonstration            ASSOCIATED  GROUP
                                                                 Thunder: Expression
                                                                    Accident Mutant
                                                               ENERGY FLUX EXPANSION  
                                                                       Child Id

Let fixed information contraction represent the information processing power of the cerebral cortex and the hippocampus and let its
opposite, energy flux expansion represent the autonomic nervous system and brain stem, let singular self be the frontal lobes and
associated group the various association areas of the parietal, occipital, and temporal lobes. Let one whole represent the right
hemisphere of the brain and many parts represent the left hemisphere of the brain

now give this a geographic geologic as pect, let the many parts represent laurasia and the fragmentation of the northern hemisphere by
arctic and ice age phenomena.  let its whole opposite be ancient gondwanaland, particularly the tibetan and nepal highlands where
gondwanaland india is crashing into eurasia.  Let the deltas of the great temperate river mouths be the opposite of the volcanic
mountains and mountain generating faults so that the top yang line is mountain generating subduction and the top yin is the river delta
generating opposite.  Let Heaven be Africa and Wind be Tibet, Waterpit is Persia, Lake is China, Mountain is the Mediterranean, and
Flame is the islands of the Pacific.  Africa becomes magic and tibet metaphysics.  Persia is government and the pacific is design, China
is literature and Mediterranean is philosophy.  Finally let Earth be Europe and Thunder America, the former is science, the later is

The I Ching is a book that has had many claims made about it (Sung Dynasty
Uses of the I Ching, Smith, Bol, Adler, and Wyatt, Princeton, 1990, p. 7).  
Chinese scholars often claimed that it covered all subjects, was the source of
everything.  The book had a peculiar status in Chinese culture, somewhat
equivalent to Genesis in Western culture, or the books of the Koran in Islam, or
Plato's Republic to Humanism, or Origin of the Species to Darwinism.  But, there
is no exact analogy because the very use by the literati of China of the I Ching as
the primal text, altered the way that Chinese thinkers looked at texts, at primary

Unlike the Torah, the Zend Avesta, the holy books of the West, the I Ching is not
a series of prophecies (yet, you can use the hexagrams as prophetic indicators,
but in respect to personal decisions, should or should not questions, not
statements about the end of the world or the fall of nations) or legal or moral or
ceremonial pronouncements (It can be used ceremonially, but it does not
describe a ritual, or demand as rite be performed, as with the Torah).  Nor is it a
series of lectures or dialogues like the philosophical works of the Greeks.  
Rather it is a series of 64 lined figures, or "hexagrams," with associated
commentary.  The lined figures are made up of solid yang male lines or broken
female yin lines.

Each hexagram has its own name and a statement that goes with it.  There are
also line statements that go with each line of the hexagram.

If God, Cosmic Mind, were to express itself, himself, herself in a language, what
language would it pick.  The oldest language, with more than a billion people
using it, the greatest language in age and usage is Chinese.  The most honored
works in Chinese are the Confucian "Chings," the classical works associated
with the "Mandarins," the Confucian scholars.  Of these works, the oldest, the
most venerable, the most valued in China, is the "I" or "Yi Ching."

The changes, the "I" in the I Ching, as discussed above, involve "hexigrams."
These are built up out of combinations of trigrams, three sets of yang to yin
polarities, of long line to broken line polarities.  As discussed above, a cube,
tetrahedron, octahedron, buried octahedron-pyramid, can be built of these eight
trigrams, corners of the cube, faces of octahedron and buried octahedron
pyramid, faces (and opposing vertex) of a tetrahedron.  The top, middle, bottom
line trigram polarities, long yang line to broken yin line, become the faces of the
cube, vertex of octahedron, edges of a tetrahedron,  The trigrams become the
"Antimony of Pure Reason," discussed in Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason"

The first conflict of transcendental ideas discussed by Kant is the thesis that
"The World has a beginning in time, and is limited also with regard to space."
This notion is one in the same with the realistic temper, the dependent
personality orientation, and the Earth Trigram.

Its antithesis, that "The world has no beginning and no limits in space, but is
infinite in respect both to time and space."  This antithesis is rooted in the
romantic temper, the schizotypal orientation, and the Heaven Trigram.

The second conflict "Every compound substance in the world consists of simple
parts and nothing exists anywhere but the simple, or what is composed of it."
("the soul ("ego of appercetion") is substance," "as regards its quality, simple")
this is the impressionistic point of view, empirical and analytic philosophy, and (in
personality) the narcissistic orientation and the Mountain Trigram.

Its antithesis, that "No compound thing in the world consists of simple parts, and
there exists nowhere in the world anything simple."  This is the symbolistic, the
nationalistic, the post-romantic, post-impressionistic orientation, the fashion art
orientation that looks to synthesis rather than analysis, it is the avoidant and
masochistic, the Lake Trigram.

It is also the dialectical approach (Both Hegelian and Marxist), where, thesis is
the broken top line, the given public orientation.  This in dialectical materialism is
the ancient feudal economic system.  The antithesis of this system, is
revolutionary transformation, is the industrial revolution and capitalism, the
synthesis, the long yang middle line, is the communist and socialist higher level
of organization that includes the lower in a new higher level of integration
according to the formula shown below:

1   PHOTOS          energy, photons, virbrations                 astrophysiscs
2   PROTOS          particles, electrons, protons                 particle physics
3   ATOMOS          atoms, elements                                   chemistry
4   ZYMOS             molecules, compounds                        organic, biochemistry

5  BIOS                  cells, cell structures                             biology
6  PSYCHOS         tissues, organs, organisms                  psychology, behavior
7 ANTHROS          populations, species                            anthropology, tribes
8 DEMOS              biotic communities   (feudal)                writing, cities

9 THERMOS         ecosystems             (capitalist)            industry, machines
10 ELECTROS      biospheres              (socialist one)      electronics, radio, TV
11 ASTROS           planets                    ANTI SOCIAL      computers, space probe
12 SYNOS             solar systems          SUPERSOCIAL   internet, web, robots

13 NYMPHOS       star clusters             antisuper             science fiction, androids
14 DIAMONOS      galaxies                    metasuper           fantasy, superdroids
15 TITANOS         super galaxies          antimeta               mythology, god-ships
16 THEOS            universes                  transmeta            gods, fate, astrology   
according to the above, the social dialectic begins at level 8, midway in the
dialectical process of tranformation of the LAKE Trigram compound, and
proceeds through three additional sequences.  Thus, the current failure of
socialism is not true failure, but the beginning of the second subsidiary dialectic
which leads to final utopian integration through supersocialism, metasocialism,
and finally transmetasocial integration.  Only with transmetasocial integration is
true justice for sentient beings achieved.

Thus, we achieve the integration of the I Ching trigrams with the social dialectic
of Karl Marx and the conflict of transcendental ideas of Kant in the LAKE
TRIGRAM, the synthesis trigram that opens its mouth to absorb all things.

The third conflict of the transcendental ideas is the thesis that "Causality,
according to the laws of nature, is not the only causality from which all the
phenomena of the world can be deduced.  In order to account for these
phenomena it is necessary to admit another causality, that of freedom."  This
thesis is the Cubist, Da Da temper, the Antisocial and Sadistic personality
orientation, in philosophy it is the existential, in the trigrams it is FLAME.

Its antithesis is "There is no freedom, but everything in the world takes place
entirely according to the laws of nature."  This is the Baroque, the mechanist, the
rationalist, the fatalist temper that sees everything as determinism and order.  In
personality, it is the compulsive, in the trigrams it is WATER PIT (RUT).

The fourth and final conflict of transcendental ideas in the thesis "There exists an
absolutely necessary Being, belonging to the world, either as a part or as a
cause of it."  This is the idealistic approach in philosophy, the classical in art, the
paranoid in personality.  In the trigrams it is the noble air, the WIND.

Its antithesis is "There nowhere exists an absolutely necessary Being within or
without the world, as the cause of it.  In philosophy, this is the pragmatic and
probabilistic, in tempers, it is the expressionistic, in personality, it is the histrionic,
in trigrams, it is THUNDER.

See Modern Classical Philosophers, Benjamin Rand, ed, Houghton Mifflin, 1952,
pp. 376 - 456 for above references.

The LAKE Trigram is characterized by a mouth, a broken top line yin line of the
trigram that represents the broken pieces, the suffering pieces of the world that
enter into the dialectic of the trigram to be integrated through bottom line
antithesis and middle line synthesis into the larger levels of order that bring all
things into the grand harmony.  This thesis, antithesis, synthesis is shown,
according to a Marxist interpretation, a series of higher and higher unities
providing ever new levels of social justice, this is shown above.

The complement to LAKE is the MOUNTAIN trigram, it takes the broken parts of
the middle and bottom lines and integrates them into the contemplating top line.  
This is the trigram that sees everything as Spirit (mystical synthesis of the atman
buddha zen self), broken bits of Soul/Law (psychic unconscious and its
automatic mathematical reaction) and broken bits of Body (quantum mechanics),
broken bits of bottom and middle broken lines of the Mountain trigram.  These
three lines are the three "worlds" shown on page 18 of Roger Penrose, "The
Road to Reality,"  (Alfred A. Knopf, 2004).

The top yang line of the trigram is the "mental world" of Penrose, the broken
bottom line is the long yang line of energy broken into its "Li," Platonic
mathematical world, antithesis.  The middle line is the broken atomic and photon
and quantum bits of the physical world of science viewed from the reductive
bottom of the levels of systems organization.  This mental world is the antithesis
of top line thesis that begins the Lake Trigram.  The mathematical world is the
antithesis of the bottom line of thermodynamic energy that is the second step of
the Marxian dialectic (emerging as the industrial revolution and the capitalist
economy).  The middle broken line of the quantum world is the antithesis of the
Marxian socialist synthesis that integrates the quantum bits of existence into a
series of complex, just, equitable, concordant systems wholes.
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