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broken                    collective                          long yang bottom line of boundless whole            collective                                  broken
yin line of                                                                          (bliss from within)                                                                                  yin line of
relativity space distribution                                      (brahman and nirvana One)                                                                  relativity space

                          LAKE                                                                                                                  WATERPIT                                      
(2)    (genetic recombination-gene pool)                                                (7)      (adaptation maintaining feedback)

development                              ground                          transcendent                     purpose                                                 
sameness                                                                                                                    divinity

                                     HEAVEN                                                                                               WIND        
                                (1)   (mutation)                                                                 (6)      (genetic set point)

long yang line of                                                                                                                                                                   broken yin line of
expansion                         variation                long yang top line of here and now self           conservation                       contraction
energy is passion                                              (atman, jiva, purusha, monad, pneuma)                                      information is mind
from within                                                                                 (here and now)                                                                             from within
personal future-becoming                                                                                                                                             personal past-being

                                       FLAME                                                          MOUNTAIN     
                  (4)      (extinction-natural selection)                          (5)     (isolation-speciation)

development                            action                                  individual                    form                                                                  sameness

THUNDER                                                                                                                                        EARTH
(3)     (maladaptive expression emergence)                                                                    (8)            (phenotypic product)

broken yin line             demonstration    broken yin line of parts and quanta      demonstration                        broken yin line
relativity space distribution                                 (pain, suffering, Maya)                                                            relativity space distribution

The diagram above places the self point, the creative face of the cube, apex of the
buried octahedron-pyramid at the center of the field.  This shows the eight step
creative process.  Suppose we have genetic variation, we begin with the Heaven
Trigram, mutation.  We recombine the mutant gene and merge it in the gene pool
(Lake Trigram).  We allow it to emerge as a maladaptive expression in the
Thunder Trigram.  We eliminate it with the Flame Trigram.  This is Darwinian
natural selection.   The few fit forms that survive are usually geographically
isolated from the rest of the gene pool.  This isolation can form the basis of the
origin of a new species (Mountain Trigram) .  Now we move from the Mountain
Trigram to the Wind Trigram, as this new adaptive peak, becomes the basis for a
genetic set point, a gene based paradigm.  The homeostasis maintaining feedback
systems associated with this adaptation, that are controlled by this genetic set
point, belong to the Waterpit Trigram.  Its product is the Earth Trigram, the
measurable results, the genetic phenotype.

From a cosmic standpoint, Heaven generates and infinite flux that is recombined in
multiple ways in Lake and emerges in various maladaptive combinations in
Thunder.  Most of these are not effective enough to maintain the levels of
awareness required by the soul.  They become eliminated as points for attachment
by the soul because of their low degree of harmony and effectiveness.  When one
does become well enough organized to have self consciousness at a fairly high
level indwelling it, that indwelling isolated it from the others.  Thus, self
consciousness becomes inspired and sets a high level of expectation for itself and
for creation.  The astrological system associated with its point of birth and
attachment maintains an order that matches the set point of the soul and causing it
to reap appropriate success and prosperity.  This is the deeper metaphysical
complement to the physical paradigm described above.

The soul exists in its own unique time and its own unique metaphysical system.  
Out of that unique order, it extends pure simple threads of pure simple lived in
from within time.  It is out of an infinity of these threads, that the compound
non-time space time relativity of the external public world is woven.  It is true that
there is no true time in the objective world.  True pure creative time and freedom
are generated in the deep hidden subjective realm alone.  Yoga calls this
"purusha" and "sattva guna."   The external world, the objective world is "praktri"
and "tamas guna."  The Dharma-Karma order of mind and energy, of the "rajas,"
the action "guna" and "manas," or mind, provide the deep thermodynamic and
systems theory links between invisible deep inexistent creativity and outer visible
existent creation.  These energy to information links are symbolized by the yang to
yin unbroken and broken lines of the trigrams and hexagrams of the I Ching.

They also play out in geography and geology.  The top yang self line is the isolated
mountain peak, as opposed to broken yin line of the river mouth delta.  The middle
yang line is a rainforest upland area, as opposed to the broken yin lines of the
glacier dissected poles.  The bottom yang line is the rifting that generates the
oceans and the bottom yin line opposite is the continental sediment and shield and
associated accretions driven by the ocean plates that push against the continents.  
The result is that the Heaven Trigram of the planet centers on places like Africa,
the Amazon, and Indonesia and Earth on Northern Europe.  Flame is Japan and
the Pacific and Waterpit is Egypt, Iraq, Persia, and Pakistan.  Mountain is
Scandinavia, Britain, the Mediterranean and Black Sea and Lake is China and
Southeast Asia.  Wind is India and Tibet, and Thunder is America.   The
transcendent is Nepal and the manifest demonstration, the Netherlands.  Variation
is volcanic areas like Indonesia and sameness is sedimentary areas like much of
Germany.  Purpose is highland plateaus like Tibet and action is glaciers like those
of Greenland.  Individuality is island like northern Scotland and the collective is river
valleys like the Yellow of China.  Conservation is shield areas and ancient
sediment as in Kashmir and development is ocean beaches like Long Island and
New York.  Ground is the topical rainforest of the Congo, Amazon, and form is
glacially dissected temperate areas line Vermont and England.  Each geologic
form encourages its own temperament.  Africa and magic, India and metaphysics,
Mediterranean and philosophy, China and literature, Japan and design, Persia and
government, Europe and science, America and business. It has not always been
so, and may not always be so, but these cyclic patterns penetrate into many areas
of human function.

The long top yang line of the self is the frontal lobes of the cerebrum, and its yin
opposite is the association areas of the posterior parietal, occipital, and temporal
lobes.  The middle yang line of the whole is the right hemisphere of the cerebrum,
and its yin opposite is the left hemisphere.  The bottom yang line is the amygdala
and connections to the hypothalamus and brain stem and autonomic nervous
system, its yin opposite is the hippocampus and associated temporal lobes and
cerebral cortical memory system, including connections to short term memory
storage in the frontal lobes.

In most of the models used on this site, we place the fixed face of the cube, rather
than the self face at the center.  This generates a model that looks like this:

             (southeast, southwest indian ridge)  
               long yang energy line of passion
                      Africa, Geologic Rifts

            ART               MAGIC            MYTHOLOGY
      Volcanic              Archipelago        Rainforest
       Mexico               Indonesia            Congo
                          HEAVEN TRIGRAM
long yang self line of private                  long yang whole line
(east pacific rise)                               (central indian ridge)          
             YOGA                           ASTROLOGY
      Mountain Peak       Upland              Tropics
          Japan                 Nepal                 Burma
      EPISTEMOLOGY                          CANON
                             WIND TRIGRAM
Volcanic               Metamorphic          Highland        Plateau              Rainforest
Mexico                   Kashmir                India              Tibet                  Congo  
    MATHEMATICS Continental Shield  LAW
                              Ontario Canada
                     short yin lines of information
                         (eurasian plate)
Ocean/Hawaii           Penninsula/Italy          Basin/Persia      Lake/S. America  
TRIGRAM         DESIGN                CYBERNETICS          GOVERNMENT    
LITERATURE                       INTELLIGENCE                                            
Island/Greece                                               River/China
CRAFT                      PSYCHOLOGY           HISTORY             JOURNALISM
Seashore/Norway       Glacial/Britain          Sediment/Germany  Alluvial/New York
                           EARTH TRIGRAM
(northamerican plate)      SCIENCE         SOCIOLOGY  (southamerican plate)
short yin line of parts        Lowlands/Netherlands           short yin line of group
Arctic/Sweden                                             River Delta/Shanghi
        CRAFT                                  JOURNALISM
        Seashore/Norway                   Alluvial/New York
            long yang line of energy and passion
            (southwest/southeast indian ridge)       

The arctic/sweden/engineering= central yin lines= left hemisphere of cerebrum
The tropical/burma/religion= central yang lines= right hemisphere of cerebrum

the mountain peak/japan/phenomenology= top yang lines= frontal lobes
the river delta/shanghi china/education= top yin lines= parietal association areas

the african rifts/dance= bottom yang lines= amygdala and autonomic nerves
the continental shield/ontario canada= bottom yin lines= hippocampus, memory

The hexagrams combine trigrams together to extend the three dimensional field
generated by a trigram into a fourth dimension. To show how this is done consider
the following field in which the long middle yang line is pleasure and its broken
middle yin opposite is pain:

long bottom yang desire            opptomistic/histrionic              long top yang bliss                         opptomistic/histrionic           long bottom yang desire
impulsive                                                                                           manic                                             POSEIDON                                      impulsive
passion                                                     joy           love              serenity               faith                                           zeal

APOLLO                                   ARTEMIS                                                                                                  DEMETER

      HEAVEN TRIGRAM            WIND TRIGRAM                                WATERPIT TRIGRAM            LAKE TRIGRAM
whim                          fantasy                              charity                 morality                     discipline                           trust                     intoxication
narcissistic                                                                                     compulsive                                                                                       borderline
                             inspiration                                                                                            fidelity
                             schizotypal                                                                                         masochistic                                                                 

                           ATHENA                                     HEPHAESTUS                                          HESTIA      
vision              nobility                                       principle                                   restraint                                                  agreement                 partisan
long top yang dissociation                                             yin bottom information short lines                                                 yin top association short lines
egotism                            care/paranoid                                    schizoid                                    conform/dependent                                     compliant
disagreement     withdrawal                              caution                                      dispassion                                                 gossip                      vulgar     

ZEUS                                     HERA                                                                                                           HERMES

whim                         conflict                             anxiety                                      trouble                           sarcasm                                        intoxication
narcissistic        FLAME TRIGRAM              MOUNTAIN TRIGRAM                EARTH TRIGRAM            THUNDER TRIGRAM                     borderline
                            opposition/sadism                                                              distress/negativism

                                                                                                                                               ARES                                      APHRODITE                            
ambition                                          anger          fear               sadness            hate                                                joke
impulsive                                                                                   depression                                                                                                       impulsive
long bottom yang desire       disruption/antisocial            short yin lines suffering           disruption/antisocial                    long bottom yang line desire

The polarity between pleasure (as an upper function of the whole) and pain (as a
lower function of the part) shifts as attention shifts from right hemisphere meaning
to left hemisphere fact.  This shift takes place in a fourth (unseen) dimension of
these relationships.  When this shift is completed, the Thunder Trigram becomes
histrionic and Lake avoidant. Narcissism shifts to the Mountain Trigram, but Wind
remains paranoid and Waterpit remains compulsive, Flame remains antisocial and
sadistic. But, there is a complete reversal of the axis of pleasure and pain.  
Pleasure now resides in the presented fact and no longer in the deep context and

What is happening here is the movement from outer to inner that switches the
balance between right hemisphere and left hemisphere and is critical to the 4th
dimensional focus of the I Ching, thus:

                              Right Hempisphere
                           Long Middle Yang Line
(conscientious compulsive/virtous masochist/vivacious-appeasing histrionic)
Impulsive              Histrionic          Manic                 Histrionic             Impulsive     
Negativistic           Avoidant          Depressive           Avoidant            Negativistic
(vacillating)      (unselfish pleasure, masochistic/avoidant pain)              (vacillating)
(bipolar) (decompensating)                                        (decompensating)(bipolar)

Narcissistic        Schizotypal      Compulsive          Masochistic          Borderline
Schizotypal         Schizoid          Compulsive          Masochistic         Borderline

transition                    Schizoid                          Depressive

Manic                    Paranoid        Schizoid             Dependent           Depressive   
Remote                 Paranoid       Obsessive            Dependent         Accomodating
Top Long Yang Lines            Bottom Yin Lines                             Top Yin Lines    
Frontal Lobes/Anterior  Hippocampus Memory System  Parietal-Occipital-Temporal
Cerebrum                                                                                    Association

Narcissistic            Sadistic         Avoidant             Negativistic            Borderline
          Narcissistic      Histrionic             Depressive
Schizotypal            Sadistic         Narcissistic         Histrionic               Borderline

transition           Manic                                                      Negativistic

(decompensating)                                                                   (decompensating)
(bipolar)             (causing pain - feeling pain, selfish pleasure)                 (bipolar)
(abrasive negativitistic, ill-humored depressive, explosive sadist)
Impulsive           Antisocial           Depressive             Antisocial          Impulsive
Negativistic       Antisocial          Manic (violent)          Antisocial          Negativistic
(vacillating)                                Left Hemisphere                              (vacillating)
(bipolar)                                    Middle Yin lines                                (bipolar)
(tyrannical sadist/malevolent antisocial/unprincipled narcissist)
The left hemisphere of the cerebrum switches from pain to pleasure, from
malevolent pain to manic pleasure, the right hemisphere switches from bliss to
depression as the hexigrams connect the three dimensional brain to four
dimensional space time processing.  Much of this switching takes place in lower
brain structures, ventral tegmentum, hypothalamus, basal ganglia, limbic lobe

The Egg, right hemisphere parietal and temporal lobe and striatum, is phlegmatic,
avoidant, masochistic, borderline.  It creates the Child, a melancholic depressed
negativistic being forced to deal with the world of suffering generated by the basal
ganglia inconjunction with left hemisphere fact, but as the child learns to deal with
the world it becomes sanguine, histrionic, manic narcissistic and generates the
manic ego of the Adult.  The primitive conscientious compulsive and virtuous
masochistic, vivacious histrionic right brain changes from the sanguine Parent into
the melancholic paranoid Parent of the right hemisphere frontal lobe.  The aging
adult enters into the decompensating world of the schizoid and schizotypal and
passes from the happy real to the depressed fantasy of hades and the realm of
decompensated spirits.

This is the process that is set forth in the "Later Heaven" sequence of the
hexagrams (See Deng Ming-Dao, "The Living I Ching," Harper, 2006).  The
"heaven" hexagram represents the pure right frontal lobe sanguine state where
interaction between mother and child establish the paradigm of "I and Thou."  
Earth is the shattering of those long lines of relationship thorough the seperation of
self and other generated by left brain notions like "you" and "me."  This is the final
emergence from the womb and discovery of pleasure and pain at the breast of
"Holy Virgin," "Isis," "Mother," "Eve."  From it comes "Sprouting" and "Youth,"
hexagrams 3 and 4 and the emergence of right brain frontal lobe pleasure into left
brain histrionics and narcissism (Waterpit trigram to Thunder trigram).  While the
avoidant self (Mountain) retreats back to the womb of right brain depression ("a
young climber lost, alone on a mountain with no guide" see Deng, p. 102 op. cit).

The Later Heaven sequence of trigarms, hexagrams traces this shift of energy
within the brain underling the manifestation of personality disorders, in which the
ego consciousness becomes fixed within an external object, focus of pleasure and
pain, of addictive interest.  In the young child, this focus is in Wind, in the right
frontal areas of the brain where attachment to the mother is developing.  Then the
focus changes to Flame, to the emerging Left frontal area ego consciousness.  
This fully emerges in Earth, in the sensory data accumulating in the association
areas of the temporal and occipital and parietal lobes, as the child explores the
world around him/her.  At this point, avoidance develops in respect to the external
world.  Home becomes fixed according to data in the basal ganglia, right
hippocampus, temporal and parietal lobes, resulting in the avoidant behaviors of
Lake.  Further retreat into thought and fantasy become the basis for later schizoid
and schizotypal reactions developed in right frontal cingulate Heaven trigram and
associated basal ganglia and motor patterns (Waterpit).  Finally, energy returns to
the external world in energy given to a false self, narcissistic Mountain and
histrionic and borderline Thunder.  Pleasure is now found in the addictive
investments and intoxications of the external world.  
A is for April  Brain Levels
A New Burning Eden   Beach Continued  East and West

We are attempting to find a world
that will unite the mythology loved
by the right hemisphere of the
cerebrum with the fact dominated
world created for the fact loving left
cerebral hemisphere.  A. R.
Andrews, Bakersfield, Dec. 1st