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born Long Beach California, 4:03 AM, September 13th 1939,

born September 13th 1939, 4:03 AM, Long Beach, California
son of Ralph B. Andrews (see Who's Who in Commerce and Industry for
1950) and Jean Thompson.

attended San Antonio Elementary in Ontario, California and Longfellow
Elementary in Compton, California, Enterprise Junior High School in
Compton, California, Torrance High School in Torrance California and North
High School, Torrance, California.  Assistant Editor of the annual for 1956
and Editor of the school annual (Valiant) for 1957.

AA El Camino College, 1959, AA, (Commissioner of Athletics, ASB Student Council)

California State University, Long Beach, 1961, BA, Social Science (History, Political
Science, Anthropology), (Senior Class Senator, Chairman Men's Dorm Council)

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Teaching Assistant 1962-63, Doctoral
Writtens, Life Science/Botany 1962, MA, Botany (Plant Systematics, Plant
Geography, Plant Ecology), 1963.

Curator of Herbarium of Medicinal Plants, Department of Pharmacology, School of
Medicine, 1964, all course work on doctorate in life science/botany, 1966 (denied
Ph.D because of gay politics).

Instructor in Native Plants for Ornamental Uses, California Polytechnic University,
Pomona, California, Department of Ornamental Horticulture, 1965.

Instructor in Biology, Botany, Zoology, Muskegon County Community College,
Muskegon, Michigan, 1965-66.

Instructor in Nursing Chemistry, Microbiology, (organized microbiology and
physiological chemistry program for nurses), Botany, Zoology, Life Science, Fulton
Montgomery Community College, State University of New York, Johnstown, New
York, 1966-67.

Assistant Professor of Botany, Life Science, etc, Miami Dade Junior College, Miami,
Florida, 1967-68

Assistant Professor of Biology, Life Science, etc, Fulton Montgomery Community
College, State University of New York, Johnstown, New York 1968-69.

President of Martha Sluddbutter Foundation, promotion of Gay and Bisexual Rights,
Johnstown, New York, 1968-69.

Married Linda West, Instructor in Chemistry, Fulton-Montgomery Community
College, Johnstown, New York, officer in Martha Sludbutter Foundation, at the
Foundation, Johnstown, New York, June, 1969 (Divorced 15 years later in 1984) (no

Teaching Fellow in Comparative Religion, History of South Asian Philosophy,
Department of Philosophy, State University of New York (SUNY), Albany, 1969-70
Nominated to Faculty Council, Instructor in History of South Asian Philosophy.

Research in Botany, Royal Botanic Gardens, KEW, London, England, Teacher
Southfields Secondary School, Gravesend, Kent, 1970-71

Assistant Professor of Botany, Zoology, Biology, Philosophy, Comparative Religion,
Anatomy and Physiology, Life Science, President of the Faculty, Rappahannock
Community College, South Campus, Glenns, Virginia, 1971- 1974

Poet, author of "Love," published Los Angeles, California, 1974

Volunteer, Gay Community Services, Hollywood, California 1975

Teaching Fellow, Botany, Graduate Student Accounting, Psychology, Biology,
California State University, Los Angeles, 1975-1976.

Various positions with Accountemps and other accounting temporary services,
Houston, Texas, Portland, Oregon, Los Angeles, California, Costa Mesa, California,
1974 - 1983.

Assistant Controller, Data Processing, Republic Drug, Houston, Texas, 1977-1978

Enrolled to Practice before the Internal Revenue Service, 1979.

Teaching Fellow History, University of Houston, Houston, Texas, 1979-1980 (also
courses in cost accounting, auditing, etc)

Auditor, Houston Bank Shares, Houston Northside Bank, in charge of investigation of
3 million dollar fraud on Northside bank, 1980-1981.

Become member of Metropolitan Community Church, Portland, Oregon, attend 1981

Courses in Accounting, Data Processing, Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa,
California, 1981-1982

Become member of Metropolitan Community Church, Santa Ana, California, 1981

Accountant, Robert Half, Accountemps, Newport Beach, Investigation of Comark
account fraud, largest investment house on the Pacific, 300 million dollar fraud,

Passed all parts of uniform CPA exam at first sitting as Texas candidate, Anaheim,
California, 1983.

Certified Public Accountant, Member of the State Society of Certified Public
Accountants, State of Washington, 1983-1991.

CPA/Auditor Defense Contract Audit Agency, Houston, Texas, Audit of NASA
Johnson Space Center, 1984.

12 step sobriety, clean and sober Lambda Club, Houston, Texas.
June 18, 1984 sobriety date.

Become member of Metropolitan Community Church Seattle, Washington and
Metropolitan Community Church, Tacoma, Washington, 1985, attend 12 step groups
in gay 12 step club.

CPA/Auditor Defense Contract Audit Agency, Boeing Company, Seattle Washington,
in charge of audit of Boeing computer system world wide, etc., 1984 - 1985.

Member Relations with Universities, Relations with Schools committees,
Washington State CPA Society, 1984 - 1986.

Supervisory Auditory, Defense Contract Audit Agency, Santa Barbara, in charge of
half of audits of Vandenberg Air Force Base, supervising 14 CPAs, 1985-1986

Treasurer of Gay 12 Step Club, Santa Barbara, California, Treasurer of AIDS effort for
Santa Barbara County 1985-1986.

Member of Metropolitan Community Church, Santa Barbara, 1986
Senior Auditor, Defense Contract Audit Agency, Boeing Company, Seattle,
Washington, in charge of various audits of operations and fraud at Boeing
Aerospace and Military Airplane,
1986 - 1990.

Senior Auditor, Computer System Auditor, Defense Contract Audit Agency, San
Jose, in charge of various audits of military contractors and research contracts for
NASA, 1990 - 1994.

Member of Metropolitan Community Church, San Jose, 1991, attend 12 step
meetings in gay groups.

National University, San Jose, MA in Counseling Psychology, 1994.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Institute for Education Therapy and Rosebridge
Graduate Institute, Concord, California, 1994.

Marriage, Family and Child Counselor Intern, Salvation Army Adult Recovery Center,
San Jose 1993 -1994.

Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Occupational Counselor for people with HIV, prop 1000
counselor, Long Beach, California, 1994 - 1995.

Member of gay 12 step group, Long Beach, California, 1995

Student Teaching, Compton Unified Schools, Bilingual Middle School Science, 1995 -

California Multiple Subject Credential by Examination, Single subject in Agriculture,
Social Science, LIfe Science, Physical Science, Business, various subjects passed
1996 to 1999.

Science Teacher, 7th & 8th grade, Madison Middle School, Los Angeles Unified
Schools, 1996- 1997.

Ph.D., Educational Curricula, Pacific Western University, Los Angeles, California,

Substance Abuse Counselor, Associate Counselor, State of Arizona Board of
Behavioral Sciences, by examination, 1997

Teacher of Advanced Placement Biology, Senior Class Advisor, El Segundo High
School, El Segundo California, 1997-1998.

Graduate student in counseling and school psychology at National University, San
Diego and Costa Mesa, PPS Certificate in School Psychology, 1999.

School Psychologist, Vallejo Unified, Vallejo, California, 1999.

School Psychologist, Director, Coordinator of Special Education, McFarland Unified
School District, McFarland, California, 1999 - 2008.

Attended Bakersfield Thai Buddhist Temple, 2004 - 2006.

Member of Executive Board, Secretary, Vice President, President, etc, Kern County
Association of School Psychologists, 2000 - 2007

Art student 120+ quarter units in Sculpture, Painting, Ceramics, Photography, Art
History, etc, California State University, Bakersfield, 2001 - 2015 (study under Joyce
Kohl, etc.)

Instructor, Kaplan College, Bakersfield, CA, in Criminal Justice Program, teaching
Ethics, Psychology, English, Communications, 2010 - 2013.

Substitute School Psychologist, Columbus Ohio, Dublin, California, short periods,
2010 - 2014, continued work in Art, California State U, Bakersfield.
See the following: the Pure Dharma Law
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