Using the I Ching/ Yi Jing for
More about the uses of the I Ching/ Yi Jing/ Chinese Book of Changes
An approach can be developed that finds similar patterns in the
symbolic systems of all cultures, patterns rooted in universal systems
principles, or in the structure of the brain and in patterns of brain

The I Ching, or Yi Jing, is an important work in the search for such
patterns because it has served as major source for Chinese ideas about
the basic way existence works for some 3000 years or more.

The I Ching uses stacks of solid and broken lines to predict the future
and to guide the development of human behavior.  Hexagrams, sets of
six lines, built out of trigrams are fundamental to this system.  There
are eight basic trigrams, four pairs of them.  Heaven and Earth,
Mountain and Lake, Waterpit and Flame, Thunder and Wind.
Heaven has aspects of the schizotypal and the romantic and Earth of its
realistic and dependent opposite.  Heaven is "far out" but Earth is
"down to earth."  Mountain is more narcissistic and impressionistic as
opposed to the avoidant and post-impressionistic Lake.  Mountain will
not be moved in its point of view, but Lake reflects joyously on
everything around it.  Waterpit, or gorge, is in a rut.  It is compulsive
and Baroque.  Flame, the opposite of Waterpit, will burn you. It is
antisocial, the cubist, dada, temper in art. Wind is high up and refined,
very pure, but penetrating and paranoid.  Thunder is the expressionic,
the vulgar, the common, the histrionic.

In economic orientations, Heaven would be aboriginal production, food
gathering, primitive agriculture.  Earth is its utilitarian, industrial
democracy opposite, receptive, dependent, product of the social
democratic type.  These are the two poles of the productive orientation.

Flame is the exploitative orientation (Vikings, Huns), the weapon
carrying, and Waterpit is the receptive orientation, the rain receiver, the
absolutist, the bureaucratic rut based system.  Mountain is the
parliamentary republic and parliamentary debate.  Lake is the
communist, the imperial, the nationalist empire (Lake does not debate,
it simply reflects the dogma of the ruling state).  Wind hoards and
refines, it represents the idealistic aspect of the hoarding orientation.  It
is paranoid and aristocratic.  Thunder markets and advertises.  It is
histrionic, populist, and vulgar.  It is the marketing orientation.  Thus,
the various economic relations discussed by Eric Fromm in "Man for
                    Long Yang Bottom Line of Infinite Flux/Shiva

Long Yang Top Line of Infinite Numbers of Concentrated  Private Infinitesimals
                     Middle Long Yang Line of One Boundless Whole Refined Infinitesimals
_______________________________                                   _______________________________

                                    (genetic set point)
    Broken Yin Bottom Line of infinitely refined infinitesimal information
                       _____________                   _____________

FLAME-FIRE            MOUNTAIN-SALT              WATERPIT-RUT         LAKE-WATER             
(extinction-natural selection)  (isolation-input analysis)  (feedback mechanism) (recombination)

                                 (measured product)

Broken Yin Middle Line of Atomic Parts                Broken Yin Top Line of Space Time Distribution   
__________                  ___________                                 ____________                ____________

                              (maladaptive expression)

   Long Yang Bottom Line of Conserved Energy Infinite Shiva Flux


Progression of music   Long top yang is the leading note         yin is the tonic chord
                _____________________             ________        ______
                Long middle yang line is harmony     yin is the instrumental sound (timbre)
                _____________________            _________        ______
                Long bottom yang line is musical energy      yin is the score
                _____________________            _________        _______
                HEAVEN TRIGRAM                   EARTH TRIGRAM
            (2)Polyphonic Church Music          (7)Berlioz and Mussorgsky
            (6)Beethoven and Romanticism          Realistic temper
                FLAME TRIGRAM                      WATERPIT TRIGRAM
             (1)Plain Chant Early Church              Baroque temper
           (10)Brubeck, Jazz and Cubist temp. (4)Bach and Handel
                MOUNTAIN TRIGRAM               LAKE TRIGRAM
             (2)Composed Homophony             (8)Symbolism, Wagner
             (9)Impressionism, Debussy                Nationalism,

                WIND TRIGRAM                         THUNDER TRIGRAM
             (3)Classical Opera, Peri                      Expressionistic temper
             (5)Mozart, Model Music                 (9)Stravinsky, Schonberg

Note: as there is evolution of complex developments, there is also cycling around yin and yang poles, cycling
through the trigrams, as shown above.

Progression art, literature  as above   Long top yang is leading bush        yin is assembled form
                                     Long middle yang is composition    yin is blob of color, of clay
                                     Long bottom yang is light energy    yin is work of art

                                     Long top yang is story teller         yin is language community audience
                                     Long middle yang is larger context             yin is character
                                     Long bottom line is progression of story   yin is information in text            
If it is brain function that we are looking at the following model holds:
               Brain Stem to Amygdala    Brain Energy   Bottom Yang Line     RIGHT AMYGDALA
_______________________________________________  _______________________________________
                                              Brain Information    Bottom Yin Line     RIGHT HIPPOCAMPUS
                                                                       Parietal Occipital Temporal
Association                                                                          Middle Yang Line (Total
Meaning)                                             RIGHT FRONTAL LOBE                      RIGHT PARIETAL
LOBE                      OCCIPITAL                                             

Top Yang Line (Leading Self)                                               Top Yin Line
________________________________________________________________________________________                                                      C  
S       P     L
                                             N  L      R      B
FRONTAL LOBE                           T  C      I       E
                                             R  U      E                                       LEFT OCCIPITAL LOBE
                                             A   S     T                Parietal Occipital Temporal Association
                                             L          A
                                             Middle Yin Line (Local Facts)         LEFT TEMPORAL LOBE
___________________________________________   ___________________________________________