What is it all about?


water (anti-

air (anti-
metal bowl  

salt (anti-

earth (anti-

fire (anti

Above is a flattened octahedron/cube/tetrahedron.  Each box, labelled air, earth,
fire, pottery, water, dust, heaven, salt, is one corner of a cube, face of an
octahedron or corner or face of a tetrahedron.  The other eight boxes are
angles around faces of the cube, sides of the tetrahedron, corners of the
octahedron.  Not shown are the fixed to flux polarity.  Fixed is the point at the
center of the flattened cube/octahedron and flux is the point at the far corners.

These structures show that there is a fixed structural character to reality that is
universal in all systems at all levels of organization.  These structures permeate
the improbable as well as the probable, thus, transcend considerations of
probability.  They are likely at all levels, including the improbable.

Thus, we conclude that there is a quality, and idealistic, an improbable face to
all things.  We conclude that there is no error in the romantic and classical
(idealistic) tempers.  Yes, the probable is more probable than the improbable,
but improbable structure is the deep essence of the improbable and permeates
deep being throughout all existence.  The improbable is the meaning of the
probable.  The probable exists as the medium through which the improbable
emerges.  Entropy is the ground stuff of emergence and the movement of
energy toward entropy within systems drives the emergence of energy
dissipative structures that are fundamental to evolution at all levels of
organization: photos, protos, atomos, zymos, bios, psychos, anthros, demos,
thermos, electros, autos, synos, nymphos, daimonos, titanos, theos, that is from
photos, particles, atoms, molecules, cells, animals, aboriginals, scholars,
machines, radios, computers, robots, androids, wizards, titans, to gods.

AXIOS=photons, physics, energy
PROTOS=particles, nuclear physics, electricity
ATOMOS=atoms, chemistry, elements
ZYMOS=molecules, organic chemistry, biochemistry (DNA)

BIOS=organelles, cells, tissues, biology (genes)
PSYCHOS=organisms, psychology (species specific signals)
ANTHROS=populations, tribes (oral speech)
DEMOS=biotic communities, domestication, agriculture, civilization (writing)

THERMOS=ecosystems, mechanism, industry (printing)
METEROS=biosphere, electronics, media (broadcasting)
DYNAMOS=planet, data processing, nuclear energy (programming)
SYNOS=solar system, robotics, artificial DNA (web, internet)

ASTROS=star clusters, androids, artificial life, science fiction (synthetic genes)
OLYMPOS=galaxies, artificial intelligence, fantasy, giant brains (synthetic mind)
OURANOS=super galaxies, myth, ideal systems, utopias (synthetic systems)
COSMOS=universes, gods, theology, cosmology (synthetic universes)

These levels of organization are generated as a result of a sequence of
hexagrams similar to the sovereign hexagram sequence of the Yi Wei appendix
to the book of changes, but not the same, because the Yi Wei approach
operates only in two dimensions.  The sequence we are using moves through
three dimensions into four.

We start with a hexagram composed of a Heaven trigram on top and a Thunder
trigram below, unlike the Earth and Thunder of the sovereign hexagram
sequence (See A Short History of Chinese Philosophy, Fung Yu-Lan, ed. Derk
Bodde, Free Press, 1948, p. 273).  We cycle around poles of the octahedron of
the trigrams as follows:

AXIOS=photons=physics                                Thunder and Heaven (flux pole)
PROTOS=particles=particle physics                Flame and Heaven (flux pole)
ATOMOS=atoms=chemistry=elements            Heaven and Heaven (flux pole)
ZYMOS=molecules=biochemstry=DNA            Lake and Heaven (flux pole)

BIOS=cells=biology=genes                             Earth and Thunder (fixed pole)
PSYCHOS=organism=psychology=species     Mountain and Thunder (fixed pole)
ANTHROS=population=tribe=anthropology       Wind and Thunder (fixed pole)
DEMOS=biotic community=city=civilization       Waterpit and Thunder (fixed pole)

THERMOS=ecosystem=mechanics=print         Thunder and Earth (flux pole)
METEROS=biosphere=electronics=media        Flame and Earth (flux pole)
DYNAMOS=planet=computers=programs         Heaven and Earth (flux pole)
SYNOS=solar system=robots=internet             Lake and Earth (flux pole)

ASTROS=stars=androids=science fiction          Earth and Wind (fixed pole)
OLYMPOS=galaxies=demons=fantasy             Mountain and Wind (fixed pole)
OURANOS=supergalaxies=titans=myth             Wind and Wind (fixed pole)
COSMOS=universes=gods=theology                Waterpit and Wind (fixed pole)

Axios=photons-light waves, quantum of energy
Protos=protons, valence electron
Atomos=atoms, elements, gold, carbon
Zymos=molecules, DNA, enzyme code

Bios=cells, genes, trait
Psychos=organisms, species--redwood, cockroach, signal display
Anthros=population, tribe=language, saying
Demos=biotic community, writing, city=scroll, Gospel

Thermos=ecosystem, industry, printing, Bible
Meteros=biosphere, electonics, broadcast, Bible on tape
Dynamos=planet, programming, Bible CD
Synos=solar system, internet, web, robotics, Bible Web library downloads

Astros=stars, android, bible reader droids, science fiction
Olympyos=galaxy, "worship," artificial intelligence bible brain wizard fantasy
Ouranos=supergalaxy artificial utopia mythological library city titans uranus
Cosmos=universes cosmogenic system complex creator god mind

Axios=quantum of light energy
Protos=valence electron
Atomos=atom of carbon
Zymos=DNA enzyme code

Bios=gene in chromosome for biological trait
Pschyos=signal display of species
Anthros=saying in language
Demos=writing of scroll (Gospel of Matthew)

Thermos=printing of book (Bibles)
Meteros=media rendition of book (Versions of Bible on tape)
Dynamos=programming (Bible CD, Bible Versions and commentary)
Synos=web (download of Bibles and commentaries of all religions from web site)

Astros=science fiction colonies (reproducing above with droids on other stars)
Olympos=fantasy space ship artificial intelligence (reproducing above in galaxy)
Ouranos=mythological system of libraries (reproducing above in supergalaxy)
Cosmos=theological supersystem (reproduction of universe regenerating above).

But this systems can be modified, consider the newest version, see below
Excel File on the New System Dec 2011