Sigmund Freud is the source of many of our ideas
about how the mind functions.  Freud was correct
in many of his ideas.  But, he was probably
incorrect in many of his conclusions.  Freud was
blinded by his own prejudices against women.  His
theory was more a product of the superego
prejudices of his time than he was willing to
believe.  His notion that simply bringing problems
to consciousness would solve them was probably
rooted in his own glorification of the scientific point
of view.  Freud's theory was itself a kind of denial
of the importance of the unconscious, thus, Freud
rejects therapy that cooperates with the
unconscious (hypnosis) in favor of therapy that
attempts to dominate it (expose its irrational basis).

Many of Freud's ideas appear to involve the very
Ego-Defense mechanisms they are attempting to
expose.  Much of Freud's sexual development
theory appears to be a "rationalization" of the
dominance of the heterosexual male and a denial
and repression of the feminine aspect of the
therapist.  It turns out that therapy that does not
deny and repress this nurturing aspect of human
interaction is much more effective than the cold
dominating analytic male power approach of
Freud, an approach that was probably itself a
"reaction formation" and a "projection" of Freud's
own feelings of weakness and need to feel warm
toward others.  So Freud projects his weakness
and stupidness on this female clients and turns
his own weak human irrationality into the dominant
rational male reaction formation.

Freud appears to have "introjected" the dominant
white male values of the Christian capitalist
imperial culture he was raised in.  He appears to
have "sublimated" his anger against that culture
into a cooperation with it in its analytic cold
detached approach.  He appears to have
"identified" with members of its scientific status

When called on to play therapist, he appears to
have "regressed" into a more infantile approach of
discoverer of reality.  He appears to have
displaced his anger against his repressive society
on to the mind and the unconscious, seeing it as
the deterministic irrational system that his own
imperial Viennese capitalistic society had become,
controlled by flows of money and imperial power.  
Thus, he was unable to be an effective therapist,
to find and bring forth his hidden repressed
warmth and love for his clients, compassion for his
own wounded human self.

This, does not mean that many of Freud's
concepts are not insightful, as far as they go,
useful if they are rescued from the pathology that
generated them.

There is no need for the psychologist, the
therapist, to make the mistakes of Freud.  We do
not have to introject and identify with materialistic
Western "scientific power capitalism."  Scientific
power capitalism is a rationalization of the
dominance and plunder of the earth by the
capitalistic and scientific elite.  It is a projection in
which the feelings of emotional and spiritual
weakness of the participants in scientific power
capitalism are projected on believers in astrology
and metaphysics.  It is not astrology that is
superstitious but scientific power capitalism that
compensates for its failure to love by
demonstrations of material power, for its inability to
see into the deep core of reality, by pointing our
the failings of those who do.

Problem with Freudian goals of making the
unconscious conscious and strengthening the ego
is that it does not integrate the mind.  The healthy
mind is a balance of Egg (id) and Adult (ego), of
Child (libido) and Parent (superego).  That is, of
right hemisphere (id bias) and left hemisphere
(ego bias) of posterior cortex (passive, Egg and
Child bias) and frontal cortex (active, ego, Adult
and Parent bias).

Freudian therapy is too cold and factual, too much
dominance of consciousness over
unconsciousness.  Problem is not to humiliate the
unconscious, expose it, exhibit in its primitive
helplessness and animal irrationality, that is self
punishment, that is corporal punishment to the
inner child.  Below is a representation in paint:

Above is a painting of the brain.  The frontal lobes
are on the left and the occipital lobes are on the
right.  The right hemisphere of the cerebrum is at
the top and left hemisphere is on the bottom.  The
limbic lobes and cingulate are in the center and
the reward system is at the center right, with
amygdala and striated bodies at the top (Hades)
and nucleus accumbens at the bottom center
(Persephone).  Athena is in the frontal premotor
area of the right frontal that evaluates and plans
and Hephaestus is in the motor areas that
executes plans.  Demeter is in the right parietal
area that gives sense of place and Poseidon in the
right temporal that listens to the music of the
waves and connects with the hippocampus that
can plot the time and space of long sea journeys.

Hermes is in the Broca's areas speech center and
Hestia in the left hemisphere temporal language
area.  Apollo is in the left occipital parietal area
and Artemis in the right occipital parietal.  Hera
and Zeus control the executive area of the
orbitofrontal cortex, Zeus the more positive left and
Hera the more negative right (Mt. Olympus control
center of the frontal lobes).  Aphrodite controls the
sense of touch and the left parietal lobes and its
connections with emotional areas in the limbic
lobes and hypothalamus.  Ares control nearby
motor centers in the left frontal lobe and its
connections to the amygdala and its control of fear
and anger.

Left occipital Apollo looks out on the rational and
factual aspects of the world, his sister, right
occipital Artemis looks out on symbols and the wild
images that frame our dreams.

Top left is the Egg, the Anima, Animus, the deep
unconscious.  Bottom left is the Child, the libido,
the Id emerging into the world.  Bottom right is the
Adult, the Ego, and upper right is the Super Ego,
the Parent.  Parent says no and Child says yes,
Adult explores the universe and Egg retreats back
to the secure womb where all things begin.

Egg is Lake (Water) and Child is Earth, Adult is
Flame (Fire) and Parent is Wind (Air).  Histrionic
Hermes and Dependent Hestia rule Earth-Result.  
Borderline Aphrodite and Antisocial Ares rule
Thunder-Express, Narcissistic Zeus and Paranoid
Hera rule Mountain-Mind, Sadistic-Narcissistic-
Negativistic Apollo and Schizotypal-Sadistic
Artemis rule Flame-Free (Occipital to Frontal
cingulate, thalamus reticulate wakefulness
(apollo), to lower brain sleep (artemis).

Masochistic depressive Demeter and Avoidant-
Schizotypal -Sadistic Poseidon rule Lake-Feel,
Schizoid Athena and Compulsive Hephaestus rule
Wind-Ideal, Schizoid-Uranus and Avoidant Gea
rule Source-Heaven and Compulsive
Saturn-Cronos and Dependent Rhea rule
Water-Pit Order.

The neurotransmitters are not accurately placed,
but simply an artistic interpretation.