Mutant Source
Gene Pool
Genetic Set Point
Ideal Model
Isolation and
Product, Result
Natural Selection
A Flattened Octahedron shows the movement from the Romantic Heaven Trigram to the
Realistic Earth Trigram and the Classical Wind Trigram to the Expressionistic Thunder
Trigram and Cubist Flame Trigram to the Baroque Water Pit Trigram, the Impressionistic
Mountain Trigram and the Marxist Dialectical Lake Trigram (Post-Impressionism and
Fashion Art eclecticism).  Thus the eight temper-trigrams, the eight elements, heaven
to earth, air to dust, fire to water pot, salt to water, that define the modules that
generate the system of all things.  Thus, mutation and generation to phenotype and
measured result, genetic set point and adaptive peak to maladaptive expression and
probable emergence, natural selection and extinction to feedback maintained order,
from isolation and analysis of input to genetic recombination, gene pools and syngamy.
Above is the octahedron flattened.  The eight faces of the octahedron
are Heaven to Earth, here Source to Results, Wind-Air to
Thunder-Dust, here Ideal to Express, Mountain-Salt to Lake-Water,
here Mind to Feel, and Flame-Fire to Water Pit- Water Pot, here Free
to Order.  These eight faces, trigrams, revolve around the six corners
of the octahedron: Law to Flux, Self to Social, Part to Whole.  Each
corner represents a line of the trigrams of the I Ching, Yi Jing, Chinese
Book/Classic of Changes.  Flux is a long bottom line and Fixed is a
broken bottom line.  Whole is a long middle line and part is a broken
middle line.  Self is a long primary top line and Social is the broken top
line.  In the triangular face of the Heaven Source trigram, Self is
Brahma the creator, generator of the improbable, Whole is Vishnu the
preserver, the boundless endless ever conserved neither created nor
destroyed mass-energy, and Flux is Shiva, the revolving, the mutation
of that energy that makes the improbable probable.

The improbable that is generated is defined by the Wind-Air face of the
octahedron.  This is bounded by the neoplatonic trinity of the Hen
(One), the Whole polarity, the Nous (Information), the Law polarity,
and the Pnema (Soul), the Self polarity.  In Hinduism this is Brahman,
Dharma, and Atman.

Also at the Self pole is the Flame-Fire trigram face defined by the
trinity of the three gunas, also the stripes of the flag.  The blue or
green stripe is the tamas guna of the material world, this is the Part
polarity.  The red stripe is the rajas guna of action and struggle, this in
the Flux polarity.  The white stripe is the pure white sattva guna of the
subjective essence of the phenomenological monad of the self, the
jiva- atman, this is the Self polarity.

The last trigram of the Self polarity is the Mountain-Salt trigram
defined by Spirit (the Self pole), Law, and Body (the Part polarity).  
This is also the three types of laws, parallelisms, coherence, and
correspondence that figure in the writings of B. Rensch (German
Darwianian Biologist - See Evolution Above the Species Level).  

Opposed to the Flame trigram is the triangular face of the Water Pit
trigram, Legislative (Social polarity), Judicial (Law Polarity) and
Executive (Whole polarity) or Sanga (community of faithful), Dharma
(law of rebirth), Buddha (union with the one Nirvana whole).

Opposed to the Heaven trigram is the triangular face of the Earth
trigram, Quantum Mechanics (Part polarity) Relativity (Social polarity)
and Information Systems (Law polarity).

Opposed to the Wind-Air trigram is the triangular face of the Thunder
trigram, Suffering (part polarity), No Self (social polarity) and Flux
(flux polarity), or Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, and Thermodynamic

Opposed to the Mountain-Salt trigram is the triangular face of the Lake
trigram, Social (Dialectical Thesis given by Society and the language
community), Flux (Dialectical Antithesis), and Whole polarities
(Dialectical Synthesis, or new fusion, new unified whole).

In the Early Heaven "bagua" (see page xvi of "The Living I Ching," by
Deng Ming-Dao, see Pagoda33 of this site for the full citation), the
Earth Trigram face moves into the Thunder Trigram face through the
"measurement" borderland and into the Flame-Fire Trigram face
through the "active process" borderland.  From Flame-Fire, the bagua
moves into the Lake Trigram by crossing the Flux-Yang pole of the
octahedron.  Then Lake crosses into the Heaven Trigram through the
"ground of possibility" borderland and into the Wind Trigram through
the "transcendent" borderland and then into the Water (Pit) Trigram
through the "purpose" borderland.  As it rounds the bottom corner, the
bagua passes through the Fixed-Yin pole (opposite the Flux-Yang pole
described above) and enters the Mountain Trigram face where it will
finish up in the Earth Trigram faces by passing through the "form and
figure" borderline.  What we have done here is compress the
octahedron into a two dimensional circle, much as I did in my book
"Love" on page 53 (published by Thomas Enterprises in Los Angeles in
1974).  But, my two dimensional circle, as published in "Love," moves
counterclockwise, rather than clockwise, as in the bagua found in The
Living I Ching cited above. (See Pagoda33 of this site for further
Click here for link to Pagoda33

To explain that is going on in terms of the picture above, imagine
Result (Earth) giving rise to Express (Thunder) that spins out into Free
(Flame) as it heats up and spins around the flux pole till it ends up in
Feel (Lake). It now starts to cool and settles into Source (Heaven)
where its sinks into Ideal (Wind) and finally into Order (Water Pit) and
Law, where it passes into Mind (Mountain) and finally into Result
(Earth) again.

The top line of the trigram is either yang (self) or yin (social).  The
middle line is either yang (whole) or yin (part).  The bottom line is
either yang (flux) or yin (fixed).  The I, or Yi, are changes imposed
upon the Ch'i (Part, Quanta), the stuff of Chu Hsi (see A Short History
of Chinese Philosophy, Fung Yu-lan, Free Press, 1948, Chapter 25).
Law is the "Li" and Whole is the T'ai Chi (Supreme Ultimate).  The
essence, the primary is the top Yang of self, and the Yin of the social is
its derivative reflection.  These generate the primary polarization of
the Ch'i.  The secondary polarity arises between the T'ai Chi whole
(middle line yang) and the Ch'i (middle line yin) as the local quanta,
local parts.  The final polarity arises from the Yi, the changes
themselves (bottom yang) and the laws, patterns, Li that constitute the
weightless information that they carry (bottom trigram yin).

The King Wen sequence of trigrams zig zags back and forth. Beginning
with Source (Heaven) it crosses Whole to Order (Water Pit) it zips
across Law to Mind (Mountain) and then across Part to Express
(Thunder).  Having made a tetrahedron of Heaven to Water Pit
(Pottery) to Mountain (Salt) to Thunder (Dust), it generates another
more famous tetrahedron of Wind (Air) across Self to Flame (Fire)
across Part to Earth across Social to Lake ((Open) Water).  This is the
famous tetrahedron of the elementals: Air, Fire, Earth, Water.  Dust,
Pottery, Heaven, Salt is the tetrahedron of their opposites.

In respect to the Kantian antimonies of reason, Mountain-Mind is the
simple substance and Lake-Feel is the complex opposite, the
"prehension" of process and reality vs. the concrescences that are basic
to feeling.  Flame-Free is indeterminate multiplicity and Water
Pit-Order is the determinate, propositional, the organism opposite, the
cold that freezes the heat of flame.  Wind-Ideal is the eternal object,
the improbable necessary being and Thunder-Express is the nexus of
probabilistic processes in which necessary beings are rarely found.
Heaven-Source is eternal and infinite, the infinite flux, the Vishnu
Shiva, that generates Local Heaven and Heaven's gods (Brahma, the
anthropic observer of the improbable).  Earth-Result is the finite
opposite of limited time and limited space, the realm of actual