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Above is a flattened octahedron of the type found on other pages on this site, for example
Pagoda1 thru Pagoda35.  As with the other flattened octahdra of this sort, each triangle is
one of the trigrams of the I Ching, the Chinese book of changes, one of the Greek
elements, or its opposite, one of the sides, corners of a grand metaphysical cube.  One of
the sides of the great pyramid and corners of its below ground cube base.

This particular octahedron is the Water Pit, the Pottery, the Receptive Orientation, the
order, the government octahedron that illustrates the Water Pit, Order, Government face of
metaphysics. It consists of a series of polarities: Liberty to Government (Flame Trigram to
Water-Pit Trigram, Freedom to Order, Da Da to Baroque, Exploitative to Receptive
Orientation, Design to Government, etc.), Debate to Solidarity (Mountain Trigram to Lake
Trigram, Analysis to Synthesis, Impressionism to Post-Impressionism, Segregation to
Recombination, etc.) Feudalism to Utilitarianism (Heaven Trigram to Earth Trigram, Source
to Product, Romanticism to Realism, Productivity to Utilization, etc), Nobility to Populism (
Wind Trigram to Thunder Trigram, Ideal to Practice, Classism to Expressionism, Hoarding
to Marketing, etc.).

Besides the polarities involving the triangular faces of the octahedron, there are three
polarities involving the six corners of the octahedron, faces of a cube.  In this octahedron
Anarchy to Law (Bottom yang line of I Ching Trigram to bottom yin line, flux to fixed),
Federalism to Totalitarianism (Middle yin line of I Ching Trigram to long yang line, part to
infinite whole), Aristocracy to Socialism (Top yang line of I Ching Trigram to broken yin
line, Self to Social).

Here we see the circulation of mutant genes (feudal) entering and mixing in the gene pool
(solidarity) and generating maladaptive expressions (populism) which become extinct
through natural selection and competition (liberty).  But, some forms survive (debate) and
become associated with others to generate adaptive set points (nobility) that support
feedback systems (government) that generate productive phenotypes (utilitariansim) that
become genetically isolated in distinct species (federalism).

From a cosmic standpoint, infinite flux makes the improbable probable.  It generates the
improbable through the production of mutant set points that recombine and mingle to
generate maladaptive expressions that become extinct, or fail to generate enough order to
support cognition.  Systems with enough order to support cognition can generate set
points that drive various forms of feed back systems at various levels of organization
supporting emergence of biological, psychological, cultural, written, printed, electronic,
computer, internet, as well as system controlled biological, psychological, cultural, civilized
expressions (science fiction, fantasy, mythology and theology).  Thus, the generation of
the improbable within the probable by systems of sufficient size in time and space and
space time, and expansion into the infinite and the infinitesimal (thus the potential
weightlessness of information) in an expanding relativistic and quantum mechanical
universe, set of universes, is sufficient to explain the emergence of all levels of order,
given the potential Darwinian and systems character of that emergence.

The infinite flux is the Heaven Trigram, here the aboriginal, the feudal, the primitive
productivity.  The resulting natural selection is the Flame Trigram and the recombination is
the Lake Trigram and the resulting emergence and movement toward entropy is the
Thunder Trigram.  It results in the segregation, Mountain Trigram, of genetic set points,
Wind, that support feedback, Water Pit, that generate productive and measurable results,
Earth Trigram.

In Western language, Flame is the element Fire,  Lake is Water, Wind is Air, and Earth is
Earth.  Heaven is the vertex of the tetrahedron opposite the Earth face, Mountain is Salt,
the vertex opposite Water.  Water Pit is Pottery, the vertex opposite Fire.  Thunder is Dust,
the vertex opposite Wind.  In Western language, Fire is Liberty, Water is Solidarity, Earth is
Utilitarian, and Air is Nobility, as shown above.

Above is another flattened octahedron.  Here Enterprise is Flame and Harmony is its
Water Pit opposite.  Wisdom is Mountain and Faith is its Lake opposite, Abundance is
Heaven and Thrift is its Earth opposite, Beauty is Wind and Fun is its Thunder opposite.
Genius is Self and Charity is its Social opposite.  Courage is Flux and Discipline is its
Fixed opposite.  Experience is Part and Holiness is its Infinite Whole opposite.  This is the
octahedron of the Wind Trigram, of the Nobility, of the Air face of the grand octahedron of
octahedra.  Here we see the cultural set points that the octahedron of government
feedback will maintain, at least in the aristocratic form of these systems.

The above is the polar opposite of the government octahedron.  It is the octahedron of the
parts and pieces that come together to make governmental and systems structures.  In this
flattened octahedron, open is the Flame Trigram and is the polar opposite of closed, the
Water Pit Trigram, source is the Heaven Trigram and is the opposite of result, which is the
Earth Trigram.  Standard is the Wind Trigram and is the polar opposite of expression,
which is the Thunder Trigram.  Separation is the Mountain Trigram, and the polar opposite
of mixture, the Lake Trigram.

Total is the middle long yang line that is the polar opposite of the broken middle yin line of
the I Ching trigrams, fraction.  Flux is the long bottom yang line opposite of fixed, the
broken bottom yin line.  Concentration is the long top yang line opposite of distribution, the
broken yin top line.  Total vs. Fraction, Fixed vs. Flux, Concentration vs. Distribution are
the corners of the flattened octahedron, faces of the complimentary cube of all things.

In this system, source is romanticism and result is realism, standard is classical and
expression is expressionist, separation is impressionist and mixture is post- impressionist,
closed is Baroque and open is Da Da.
Above is another view of the flattened octahedron of the virtues.  Here we can clearly see the opposition of the Genius-Self top yang
pole of the octahedron to the broken top line Charity-Social, and the Middle line top yang of Holiness-Whole to the Middle line
broken yin Experience-Paticular.  The bottom line long yang of Courage-Flux is opposed to the bottom line short yin lines of the
Discipline-Fixed.  These set point control the feedback systems of the government octahedron (at the very top of this page)  that
emerge from the competition and natural selection of the parts of the freedom octahedron in red above.

Above is the flattened octahedron of the Heaven Trigram (Source and Mutation).  This is the infinite flux that makes the improbable
probable.  The vitality pole is Shiva, endless flux.  The totality pole is Vishnu, the endless extension of the endless, and the hero
pole is Brahma as the creative principle discovering itself as an "anthropic observer" of the improbable world of the precious that
infinite flux makes probable. So the Wind Trigram of the precious emerges from the Heaven trigram of the inexhaustable and
generates the Earth Trigram of the practical and the Thunder Trigram of emergence.  This cause the Flame Trigram to generate
freedom and the Water Pit opposite to generate organization, the Mountain Trigram to generate rigour and the Lake Trigram to
generate solidarity.  Together this flattened octahedron and the virtue octahedron, in blue above, rule the realm of the transcendent
and the ultimate.