History and Development of Metaphysical  Systems:
Word Document on I Ching/Yi Jing
We have discussed (see references above) the eight trigrams of the I Ching, Yi
Jing, as eight basic pole of four basic polarities: Flame (dada-cubism) antisocial,
burns you vs. Waterpit (baroque) compulsive, in rut.  Heaven (romantic)
schizotypal and far out, Earth (realistic) dependent, but down to earth.  Mountain
(impressionist) narcissistic and in your face with the mountain of its ego vs. Lake
(post-impressionist, reflects your impressions on its surface, latest fashions)
avoidant, masochistic. Wind (classical) refined, pure, gentlemanly, but
penetratingly paranoid vs. Thunder (expressionist) crude, impure, populist,

Each is its own point of view, own set of systems.

Heaven to Earth polarity (source to product):
Heaven, supernatural, magical, Hinduism,etc.

Earth, scientific, ecological, Humanism, Materialism.

Flame to Waterpit (indeterminant to determinant) polarity:
Flame, Existentialism, liberal, art, design, Vikings, aboriginal beliefs, Shinto.  

Waterpit, Fatalism, Astrology, Absolutism, Government, deterministic,
mechanistic, rationalism, Islam.  

Mountain to Lake (separation and analysis to combination and synthesis):
Mountain, Empiricism, Analysis, logic, mathematics, skepticism, New Thought,

Lake, nationalism, literature, Chinese Neoconfucianism, Taoism, dogmatism,
propaganda, totalitarianism, empire, imperial China, Egypt, Persia, etc.

Wind to Thunder (ideal to implementation, Noble to Vulgar, Good to Evil)
Wind, Platonism, Neoplatonism, Orthodox Christianity, Stoicism, Metaphysics,
Theology, Tibetan Buddhism, Morality

Thunder, Business, Marketing, Hedonism, Epicureanism, entertainment, media,
pentecostal religion.
              long yang line of conserved energy

                            HEAVEN TRIGRAM
                            Romance, Magic, Aboriginal Production
top                                                                                                       middle
long yang line of indwelling mind and passion   long yang tao boundless whole
_________________________                            ________________________

                            WIND-AIR TRIGRAM
                            Classical, Metaphysics, Refined Hoarding

                  broken short yin information line "Li"
                  ____________              ___________

Cubist, Design   Impressionist  Logic    Baroque Government  Fashion Literature  
Expoitative         Segregating                      Receptive                Recombining
                          EARTH TRIGRAM
             Realistic, Science, Utilitarian Product
middle                                                                                                     top
broken yin line of quantum and atom        broken yin line of relative space time
_________           _____________                ____________         ___________

TRIGRAM                                                                                   Expressionistic,
Business, Marketing

                 long yang line of conserved energy


Here we find the four basic trinities, Heaven=Hinduism, long yang Brahma
creator top line, long yang Vishnu preserver middle line, long yang Shiva
destroyer bottom line

Wind=Neoplatonism, Neoconfucianism:  Long yang middle line of the Hen One
Brahman Nirvana Tao, Broken middle yin line of the Dharma Nous Logos Li
information system law, and the Long yang top line of the Shen soul spirit
pneuma jiva monad of the private indwelling mind and passion.

Mountain= long top yang line Spirit, broken bottom line yin Law, broken middle
line material atomic Body (New Thought trinity)

Waterpit= long yang middle line of Buddhamind Buddha Nirvana,
broken yin bottom line of Dharma law of duty, broken yin top line of the
congregation of the faithful Sanga. (Buddhist trinity)

Heaven Creates, Wind Refines, Mountain Experiences, Waterpit Recycles.
Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva generate the supernatural and Hen, Nous, Pneuma
refine the supernatural into the ideal.  Shiva generates an infinite flux which
endlessly expands into the potentials of the boundless
One/Brahman/Tao/Nirvana.  Information systems refine this infinite flux down to
minute detail and it is further refined as the mind form Nous/ Dharma/ Logos/ Li
is lived in from within by the Jiva/ Atman/ Pneuma/ Anima/ Shen/ Monad of the
private soul and spirit that creatively makes energy into passion and refined
pattern into mind.  This infinitesimal being from within of refined information
expands into the infinite passion that is endless energy flux.  The private monad
is infinite refinement, the pure infinitesimal as mind, and the endless expansion
and creative expression of that infinitesimal as the passionate expansion of
energy potential.

This creative spirit manifests through the Mountain trinity of Spirit, Law, and
Body, and is recycled back to the Wind trinity by the Waterpit trinity of Sanga,
Dharma, Buddha (Nirvana).  All other trinities reflect these basic four.

The basic cycle of refinement is the cycle of the trigrams.  Heaven mutates.
Lake recombines the mutations in gene pools and hybrids.  Thunder allows the
maladaptive phenotypes to express themselves.  Flame acts as extinction and
natural selection to remove them.  Those that survive are further mutated in
Heaven, or preserved through isolation in Mountain and refinement in Wind.

Earth generates measured product, Mountain segregates and analyzes input
from product measurement and compares it to designs isolated in speciation and
natural selection.  Wind provides a genetic set point against which all
information may be compared.  It acts as a thermostat controlling feedback
mechanisms that are part of Waterpit.  They, in turn, control the product
produced and measured in Earth.

Moving through this process, is the expansion of the infinite into the boundless
and its endless refinement into deep, infinitesimally small, infinitely refined,
mathematical system.  The private being from within self further extends this
process into the deep infinitesimal, which is at once singular mind and
boundless passion, is at once utterly refined mind and utterly expanded feeling,
utter truth and wisdom, utter love and celebration.
                    long yang line of conserved energy
                      WIND/AIR----GENE--SET POINT
                      broken yin line of information system
long yang line of concentration          .             long yang line of total whole
------------------      ------------------------  .     -----------------------    --------------------
NATURAL            INPUT                   .       FEEDBACK            FEEDBACK
SELECTION        ANALYSIS             .       MECHANISM          RECOMBINATION
                       EARTH-----MEASURED PRODUCT
broken yin line of parts                                        broken yin line of association      
                 long yang line of conserved energy    
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