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More Octahedra and Trigrams from the I
Ching (Chinese Book of Changes)
Above we see a flattened octahedron in which the
trigrams from the I Ching are placed on each
triangular face of the octahedron.  The picture above
shows the development of the Thunder trigram face as
a manifestation of histrionic and borderline personality
patterns.  Below is a painting of the deeper pattern
from which these relationships have been developed
in which Source is the opposite of Result, etc.

As discussed above, this is a flattened octahedron
showing the Open-Flame trigram face as the opposite
of the Closed-Water Pit trigram face, the Heaven
Source face as the opposite of the Earth Result face,
the Mountain Separation face as the opposite of the
Lake trigram Mixed face, the Wind trigram Standard
face as the opposite of the Thunder trigram
Expression face.  Flux is the long bottom yang line of
the Heaven, Flame, Wind, and Thunder trigrams and
Fixed is the broken bottom yin line of the Earth, Water
Pit, Wind, and Mountain trigrams.  Total is the middle
long yang line of the Heaven, Wind, Water Pit and
Lake trigrams and Fraction is the broken yin middle
line of the Flame, Mountain, Earth and Thunder
trigrams.  Concentration is the long yang top line of
the Heaven, Flame, Wind, and Mountain trigrams and
Distribution is the broken yin top line of the Water Pit,
Lake, Thunder, and Earth trigrams.
Here we see the
development of the
trigrams and the personality
disorders.  The three yang
lines of the Heaven trigram
support the eccentric
behavior of the Schizotypal
personality disorder.  The
emotional blandness of the
Schizoid personality is
associated with the
gaseousness of the Wind
and its penetrating quality
with the Paranoid
personality disorder
The flattened octahedron of the personality disorders and the
trigrams, in which Thunder is histrionic and borderline, Flame is
sadistic and antisocial, Heaven is schizotypal, Lake is avoidant and
depressive, Water Pit is compulsive, Earth is dependent, Mountain
is narcissistic and negativistic, Wind is schizoid and paranoid, is
spread over the flattened octahedron of the brain in which the right
hemisphere of the cerebral cortex is a the top of the chart and the
left cerebral hemisphere is at the bottom.
The frontal lobes are on
the left and the posterior
cerebrum and association
areas of the parietal
occipital, and temporal
lobes are on the far left.  
In the middle are the
striated bodies and basal
ganglia and on the
edges, the amygdala and
limbic lobes.

Above we see the Flame and Mountain Trigram faces of the octahedron of the
trigrams.  Flame is relatively more sadistic and Mountain more negativistic
(passive-aggressive).  Apollo represents the more narcissistic and public left
hemisphere frontal lobes and Artemis represents the more hidden and lest public
thought structures of the right cerebral hemisphere.