On this page are flattened
octahedra and other forms
that we are using to show the
relationship of the categories
that humans use to look at
things.  The great
philosopher Immanuel Kant
found eight different
contradictions to be the deep
basis of human thought:
things are infinite or they are
finite, there is a necessary
ideal being or there is no
such entity, everything is
simple atomic mind or it is all
complex external
compounds, all things are
open and free or they are
closed and predetermined.
We find that these
contradictions are basic to
human temperament:
romanticism to realism,
classicism to expressionism,
impressionism to post-
impressionism, Baroque to
Cubism.  They are also the
same as the four symbolic
elements and their
opposites: Heaven to Earth,
Air to Dust, Salt to Water,
and Fire to Pottery (Metal).  
They are the same as the
eight trigrams of the I Ching:
Heaven to Earth, Wind to
Thunder, Mountain to Lake,
and Flame to Water Pit.
Above is a flattened octahedron of the personality disorders
imposed on a system that places the right hemisphere of
the brain on the top and the left hemisphere on the bottom
and the frontal lobes to the left and the parietal occipital and
temporal lobe association areas to the right, with the
striated bodies and basal ganglia in the center and the
amygdala and limbic lobe at the edges of the form.
See the page pagoda43 for further discussion of the above system of trigrams
from the I Ching.  The trigrams are normally arranged in two different
sequences.  The oldest, the Early Heaven sequence opposes Heaven to Earth
and Flame and Sun to Water Pit and Moon.  Lake is the transition from Flame
to Heaven and its opposite, Mountain, the transition from Water Pit to Earth.  
Wind is the transition from Heaven to Water Pit, and Thunder, its opposite, is
the  transition from Earth to Flame.  Lake, Heaven, Wind and Water Pit are a
cycle of adjacent octahedral faces at the middle yang line wholeness pole and
Mountain, Earth, Thunder, Flame at the opposite middle yin particular pole.  A
later way of organizing the trigrams emphasizes the Lake, Flame, and Wind
trigrams as the younger, middle, and elder daughters of Earth.  In a similar
way the bottom, middle, and top yang lines of Thunder, Water Pit and Mountain
are the oldest, middle and youngest sons of Heaven.

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