These are flattened and cut open
octahedra.  We see the Early Heaven
sequence of the trigrams from the I Ching  
spread out in various ways to illustrate the
personality disorders, above, to show the
development of genetic systems, to show
how the Greek gods and the balance
functions of the various parts of the
cerebral cortex play out roles in this
system of mythology.  The Heaven trigram
is the opposite of the Earth trigram and
Water Pit of Flame and Mountain of Lake
and Wind of Thunder.  Thunder is
Histrionic and Flame is Antisocial.  Water
Pit is Compulsive and Lake is Avoidant.  
Wind is Schizoid and Paranoid and
Heaven is Schizotypal.  Earth is
Dependent and Mountain is Narcissistic
and Negativistic.
The flattened octahedron seen below shows how the Early Heaven sequence of the trigrams cycles first from
Lake through Heaven to Wind and finally Water Pit, generating the old yang of ground and the young yang of
purpose as it cycles around the middle son yang of the Boundless Whole polarity.  Then the cycle bursts through
the gate of eldest daughter yin, the gate of law and regulation into the Mountain trigram sequence, moving to
Earth and Thunder and then to the Flame trigram that breaks through the eldest son yang of the energy gate to
join the Lake trigram once again.  As it does this Mountain generates the old yin of form and then Thunder
generates the young yin of action.  See below for more detail:
These are split open octahedron with the boundless whole middle son yang pole at
the top and the particular middle daughter yin at the bottom.  The fixed pole at the
center is eldest daughter yin, bottom line of the trigram yin.

Directly above are some flattened octahedrons, the one above is a
flattened octahedron that shows how the tetrahedron of the four Greek
elemental types, Fire, Earth, and, Water, and the counter tetrahedron of
their opposites, Fire to Pot (Cooking Vessel), Water to Salt (Dissolved
in Water), Air to Dust (Blown in Air), and Earth to Heaven (Source of
rain and sun that nurture Earth) correspond to the trigrams of the I
Ching, thus Fire is Flame and Pot is Water Pit,Air is Wind and Dust is
Thunder, Heaven is Heaven and Earth is Earth, Salt is Mountain and
Water is Lake.

Above is the Early Heaven sequence of the trigrams that moves around
the middle son middle yang polarity, the Tao (Dao) polarity of the
boundless whole, from Lake to Heaven to Wind to Water Pit as it
accumulates Gene Pool (Lake) Mutations (Heaven) of Genetic Set
Points (Wind) that maintain regulative feedback systems (Water Pit).  
This breaks through the Li gate, the gate of eldest daughter bottom line
yin, the gate of systems order, into the genetic isolation and species
formation of Mountain.

We have moved from the Old Yang of the gene pool to the Young Yang
of set points and regulative systems set by genes and now Mountain will
institute species formation and isolate the phenotype expressed by
Earth and Old Yin will emerge in phenotype morphology and form.  
Thunder will carry this into active expression and competition,
generating Young Yin.  Flame picks this up and subjects it to extinction,
to natural selection.  Finishing its movement around the pole of middle
daughter middle trigram line yin, the pole of the hexagram that forms as
the Tao is acted on by the Yi of the Li, by changes of the systems
order. Now these surviving types pass through the eldest son bottom
line yang gate, the Yi gate, the gate of energy and change.  Those
chosen by natural selection collect in the heated water of Lake, of the
evolving gene pool of the population.

Below is the Late Heaven sequence of the trigrams:

The Late Heaven sequence of the trigrams takes a different approach
from the Early Heaven sequence.  The Late Heaven sequence, as
shown above cycles through tetrahedra, the tetrahedron of the sons of
father Heaven, Pottery (Water Pit Trigram), Salt (Mountain Trigram) and
Dust (Thunder Trigram), and the tetrahedron of the daughters of mother
Earth: Air (Wind Trigram), Fire (Flame Trigram), Earth, and Water (Lake
Trigram).  These are ordered in such a way that they pass twice through
the five phases, the Woody phase of germination out of Wind and
Flame, the Fire Phase of growth as Flame passes into Earth, the Metal
phase of harvest as Earth passes through Lake and Heaven toward
Water Pit and Mountain, the accumulation of the Water Phase in
Heaven and Water Pit, and finally the movement back through Metal
Phase in Water Pit and Mountain and through Earth Phase in Mountain
and Thunder and back to Flame Phase and finally to Wood as Thunder
turns to Wind.

This Late Heaven sequence is poorly understood because it involves
rapid back and forth movements in three and four dimensions through
the octahedron cube of hexagram yin and yang, where the Early Heaven
sequence involves simpler one and two dimensional relationships, rarely
rising to three dimensional forms, and only three dimensional as the two
dimensional circles around middle son and middle daughter yang and
yin break through the gates of eldest daughter yin and eldest son yang
to generate a larger three dimensional octahedral form.

Late Heaven Sequence of the Trigrams:
                                 ((2)fire/growth phase)   
                                  Flame Trigram
                                  Middle Daughter   
  ((1)wood/germination phase)       ((3)earth/expression phase)
            Wind Trigram                      Earth Trigram
             Eldest Daughter                 Mother       
((8)fire/growth phase)
Thunder Trigram   ((6)metal/system harvest phase (4)) Lake Trigram
Eldest Son                                                                   Youngest Daughter
((7)earth/expression phase)                               
            Mountain Trigram               Heaven Trigram
            Youngest Son                     Father
                        (watery/accumulation phase (5))
                               Water Pit Trigram
                                   Middle Son                       
Above is the Early Heaven sequence of the trigrams

Above is the flattened octahedron of the Fire, Earth, Water, Air tetrahedron,
Flame, Earth, Lake, Wind trigrams and the Pottery, Heaven, Salt, Dust
opposites, Water Pit, Heaven, Mountain, and Thunder trigrams, see above.

Below is the Late Heaven sequence of the Trigrams:

Note how Wood as germination, Fire as growth, Earth as expression, Metal
as harvest, and Water as accumulation form a sequence around Old Yang,
Lake to Heaven trigrams, with a counter sequence around Old Yin at the
Thunder to Earth interface.  The result is that the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal,
Water sequence appears to run backwards with Water Pit as Water,
Mountain as Metal, Earth as Earth, Thunder and Flame as Fire, and Lake
and Heaven and Wind as Wood.  Heaven as source and sky father and wind
as dispersal medium should be the key to germination.

The Late Heaven sequence avoids this problem by zig zag movements
around the octahedron of the trigrams from Father Sky to Youngest, Middle,
and Eldest Son, and from Mother Earth to Youngest, Middle, and Eldest
Daughter.  But if we germinate with Wind and grow with Fire and flower with
Earth, it is also Earth, not Lake, that supplies the metal of harvest resulting in
the watery accumulations of Lake.  Heaven reverses the sequence
generating new water for Water Pit that cuts streams though Mountain to
bring out its gold metal on the earth shaken by Thunder and the fire of
lightning and sunshine that warms the seeds blown in by the wind to start the
germination cycle again.  So the germination cycle has two parts, a cold
phase that returns fertility to the soil and a germination phase that uses that
fertility to renew growth.

These zig zags follow the lines from mother to daughters and father to sons.
The daughters of mother Earth are eldest daughter Air (Wind), youngest
daughter Water (Lake) and middle daughter Fire (Flame).  The sons of
father Heaven are the opposites of the trigrams seen above.  The opposite
of Air is Noise and Dust (Thunder), of Fire is Pottery and Metal Bowls
(Water Pit), of Water is Salt (Mountain Trigram).

Earth and Noise (Thunder) rule the lowest social class and the young child,
the liberated libido.  The focus of this class is genetic survival and
reproduction.  It is symbolized by the green of vegetation.  Fertility is its
most important value.  Water and Pottery, Lake and Water Pit rule the next
highest social class, the lower middle class.  It is symbolized by the blue of
water.  It is the masochistic class, the trusting class, the great masses that
support the tyrant and the state.  It is the Egg, the Id, the Anima,  the
unconscious state, the womb prior to childbirth.  It is the lower levels of
parenting, parenting as nurturing the very young.

Air (Wind) and Heaven rule the next highest class, the upper middle class,
the class of the professional, the scribe, the scholar, the expert in the social
code, in collected social information.  Its color is the white of the clouds and
the white of the blank page.  It is the Parent, the elder, the Super Ego.  It is
the upper levels of parenting, the parent as the teacher, the instructor, the
role model for the young.  It is the scholar, the preacher, the priest, the
shaman, the guru, the teacher, the scribe, the librarian, the college
professor.  It is doctor, lawyer, psychologist, etc.

Fire (Flame) and Salt (Mountain) rule the next highest class, the upper class,
the class of the king, the president, the executive, the general, the emperor,
the chief, the lord, the duke, the prince, the robber baron.  This is a class
characterized by ego and narcissism, sadism, paranoia and antisocial
tendencies.  It is the Adult, the Ego, the highly conscious individual as the
opposite of the unconscious and the Egg.  Its color is the red of blood.  If
the lowest class focus on the gene and the lower middle class on the womb
and nurturing the young child, if the upper middle class is focused on written
information and teaching the old child, the upper class is focused on money
and power and providing that money and power for relatives in systems of
nepotism, as discussed in The Biology of Moral Systems, Richard D.
Alexander, Gruyter, 1987.

Social systems begin with Earth and work through Water to Air and Fire,
thus, Green to Blue to White to Red.  They are histrionic and borderline in
the poor and compulsive and dependent in the lower middle class.  They
become schizoid and paranoid in the upper middle class professional, they
turn from loyal blue to white.  But the highest classes are elitist narcissists
and sadists, they are antisocials types that support an amoral aggrandizing
pattern (see Millon, op. cit.) that is red with human blood.  

Personal systems develop in the opposite direction and break in the
opposite places.  The break in personal systems comes at the point of
death, between Parent and Egg.  The break in social systems comes at the
point of ego triumph, between Adult and Child.  Personal systems build from
death to birth to adulthood to parenthood and break and fall again at death.  
Social systems build from the opposite point and go in the opposite
direction.  They build from Earth through Water to Air and reach their peak in
Fire, where they consume themselves and fall as ashes back to Earth.

These two counter movements that trace their paths through the flattened
octahedron of the trigrams, are the hidden theme of all the sequences of the
trigrams and the interpretations and changes of the hexagrams formed of
combinations of the trigrams which are the basis of the I Ching, Chinese
Book of Changes, Yi Jing.
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