The flattened octahedron above shows the distribution of the personality
disorders and Greek gods and goddesses to various balance points in the
functional systems of the human brain, with the left hemisphere functions at the
middle line middle daughter yin at the bottom of the chart and with right
hemisphere middle line middle son yang at the top of the chart, youngest son
top line yang is at the left with the frontal lobes of the brain and youngest
daughter top line yin is on the right with the association areas of the parietal,
occipital and temporal lobes.

In the Octahedron below, Source = Heaven Trigram = Schizotypal
        Above is a flattened octahedron that shows the placement of the eight
 trigrams of the Early Heaven sequence:

Below is the flattened octahedron of Source=Heaven Trigram, Mixture = Lake
Trigram, Standard =Wind Trigram, Total = Middle Son Middle Trigram Line Yang,
Fluid =Eldest Son Bottom Trigram line Yang, Ground = Old Yang, Complete = Yong
Yang, etc.
Below are flattened octahedra of the type
that correlate with the Early Heaven
sequence of the trigrams in the I Ching,
The Chinese Book of Changes, Yi Jing:
                         This is a
flattened                                    octahedron
                    in which each
                   side or face is
                   one of the
                  trigrams of the
                   Early Heaven
                 sequence of the
                 trigrams.  We
                move from
                Lake and
               Heaven in Old
                Yang to Wind
                 and Water Pit
               in Young Yang
               to Mountain
and                         Earth in
Old Yin
              to Thunder and
              Flame in Young
             Yin. Old Yang is
             material or
            background and is
            the opposite of Old
            Yin which is figure
           structure and form,
            Young Yang is
           end and purpose
and             is the opposite of
           Young Yin, which
          is motion and
         action, the Efficient
          Cause of  
Here is a flattened
octahedron made up
of eight sides made
flat.  There is one of
the eight trigrams of
the I Ching, or Yi Jing
or Chinese Book of
Changes, the great
classic of Chinese
Thought, one of these
eight trigrams is on
each face of the
octahedron.  Each
vertex, or corner of the
octahedron has its
on quality.  The flux
vertex is opposite the
fixed vertex.

Here we see the
development of the so
called Early Heaven
sequence of the trigrams.
You begin with Old Yang,
the ground, the
Aristotelian material cause
Yang the lies between the
Lake and the Heaven
trigrams.  From here
you move to Young
Yang or purpose. This is a
second Aristotelian cause
and it connects the Wind
Trigram to the Water Pit
Trigram. As we move
from Mountain to
Earth, we enter Old
Yin, or Form.
These flattened octahedra can be converted into cubes, or
pyramids that are octahedra at the top and cubes at the
bottom, with the cube bottom buried in the ground.  The faces
of the octahedra are the corners of the cube and each corner
of the cube is a vertex of the octahedron.

The flattened octahedron at the top is the government octahedron
that is centered on the order face, the Water Pit trigram that
represents pottery, water vessels, the firing of clay to solidify
orderly systems. In that top octahedron
feudalism=romanticism=source=Heaven trigram as the opposite of
realism=utilitarianism=result Earth trigram.  Government=
Baroque= Order = Determinism = Water Pit trigram as the opposite
of Liberty = Cubism = Indeterminism = fire = Flame Trigram,
nobility = Wind Trigram = classical = idealism as opposite of
Populism, expressionism, Thunder Trigram.  Debate =
impressionism = Mountain trigram as opposite of Solidarity =
post-impressionism = Lake Trigram.

On other pages on this site, we have discussed the conversion
of the octahedron to a dodecahedron by generating an axis
from thunder to wind, (Noise to Atmosphere).  Around the
thunder pole is a five sided pentagon of the five Chinese
elements, Wood, Fire, Soil, Metal, and Water, with Soil
overlapping the Earth Trigram, and its opposite, Sky
overlapping the Heaven Trigram.  The Sky pentagon is the
opposite of the Soil pentagon, with River opposite Wood, Rain
opposite Fire, Sky opposite Earth, Electricity opposite Metal,
and Salt opposite water.

Atmosphere would be the Schizoid and Idealist and Thunder
the Histrionic and Pragmatic.  Sky would be the
transcendental and Schizotypal and Soil would be the
materialistic and Dependent.  Salt would be the rational and
Paranoid and Water would be the sentimental and Borderline.  
Wood would be the existential and Antisocial and River would
be the dogmatic (scholasticism, neoconfucianism, talmudic,
etc.) and Compulsive.  Fire would be the empirical and
Narcissistic and Rain would be the mythological and Avoidant.  
Metal would be the dialectical (communist and Hegelian) and
Masochistic and Electricity would be the phenomenological
(Zen Koan) and Sadistic.

In metaphysical terms, Sky would be the divine, would be
Elohim, God, and Soil would be creatures, Creation, the
manifest realm, Salt would be Mind and Water would be
emotions (the Heart), Wood would be Will and River would be
Fate, Fire would be atoms, the Body, and Rain would be
everything, Megacosm, Metal would be the World and
Electricity would be the Soul, Atmosphere would be the Ideal
and Noise would be its Expression.

Thus, we have several possible sets of 12, Divine to Human,
Ideal to Expressed, Mental to Emotional, Atomic to Cosmic,
Public to Private, Volitional to Predestined.

Or God to Man, Goodness to Practice, Mind to Heart, Body to
Megacosm, World to Soul, Will to Fate.

Or Magic to Science, Metaphysics to Business, Mathematics
(Logic) to Literature, Engineering (and Craft) to Religion,
Education ( Sociology, Social Science) to Phenomenology

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