MORE ABOUT I (yi) CHING (jing)
The pages on this site cover a number of systems that can be used to
integrate Eastern and Western knowledge.  Among the approaches that
we use is to relate polarities, such as the yin to yang polarity found in
Chinese writing, to polar axes of differentiation within the human brain.  
For example, consider the Chinese classic, the I Ching (Yi Jing).  It is
made up of 64 hexagrams, stacks of six lines, each line either long and
male (yang) or broken and female (yin).  Each hexagram is made up of
two trigrams, the top trigram telling about the outer part of the subject in
question and the bottom trigram telling about the inner part of the subject
in question.

There are eight basic trigrams: Heaven vs. Earth, Mountain vs. Lake,
Waterpit vs. Flame, and Wind vs. Thunder.  We find these trigrams
equivalent to an octahedron formed of the ancient Greek elements, and
their opposites: Heaven vs. Earth, Salt vs. Water, Waterpot vs. Fire, Air
vs. Dust. We find the lines of the trigrams equivalent to the polarities that
define the Greek element octahedron: wet (holding together) to dry
(falling apart), hot (vaporizing) to cold (coming together in crystals),
fixed (not changing) to flux (constant change).  These symbolize in turn:
whole to part, self to social, information systems to energy
thermodynamics.  The top line of the trigram is either a long yang (hot,
private, selfish) or a broken line yin (cold, coming together, unselfish)

The middle line of the trigram is either a long yang wet, total, holistic
line or a short fragmented yin dry line.  The last line of the trigram is
either a long yang thermodynamic energy line or a broken yin information
system line.  Thus the Heaven trigram of three long yang lines is total
private subjective thermodynamic energy flux and its Earth trigram
opposite of three broken yin lines is partial atomic public objective
systems theory information, thus, supernatural to natural, magic to
science, romantic to realistic.

These relationships are based on gradients from unfixed thermodynamic
energy actuality to fixed information system potential, the long yang
bottom line to the broken yin bottom line of the trigrams.  Gradients from
ultimate concentration into and infintesimal monads of here and now time
and subjectivity (the deep private self) to ultimate distribution into public
time and relativistic space, thus, the long private self top yang line to the
broken public group top yin line.  Finally, gradients from infinite
boundless whole, long yang middle line, to quantum particular and
atomic particle, broken yin middle line.

Out of this comes the mutant romantic magical Heaven trigram that
generates a rain of mutant genotypes into the Lake trigram that ferments
and recombines and hybridizes these genes in its swampy edges creating
ferment and explosion and Thunder, as maladaptive expressions emerge
and as Flame burns them, as natural selection removes them, as they
become extinct.  Those that survive become isolated salt crystals in
Mountain, which segregates and isolates.  The heat of the real self
vaporizes everything and it rises into Air and Wind where it becomes the
high set point, the genetic ideal.  Wind hoards the vapor and as Waterpit
and Lake cool it, it falls as rain which they receive.  Waterpit channels
the information into controlled feedback that maintains stability and
homeostasis.  As it is channelled to Earth, measurable products are
generated that can be tested and analyzed by Mountain.

Economically, Heaven is the aboriginal aspect of Eric Fromm's
productive orientation and Earth is the industrial, utilitarian, measurable
product oriented objective manifestation.  Flame is the exploitative and
Waterpit the receptive, Wind is hoarding and Thunder is marketing.  Lake
is the receptive orientation in recombining mode and Mountain is its
analytic segregating opposite.  Lake dissolves and Mountain crystalizes.

Heaven is the romantic and schizotypal and Earth is the realistic and
dependent. Flame is the dada cubist antisocial and Waterpit is the
compulsive baroque.  Mountain is narcissistic and impressionistic and
Lake is avoidant and post-impressionistic.  Wind is classical and
paranoid and Thunder is expressionist and histrionic.  Heaven is
aboriginal and feudal and Earth is democratic and utilitarian, Mountain is
individualistic and parlimentarian and Lake is collectivistic and
nationalistic, Flame is for liberty and anarchy and Waterpit is for
absolutism and order.  Wind is for nobility and aristocracy and Thunder
is for populism and pragmatism and capitalism and the market.

How much of this is in the outer world?  How much is the yang to yin
polarity of Left to Right Hemisphere in the trigram middle line, Frontal
Lobe action to posterior cerebral sensation in the yang to yin of the
trigram top line, energy and passion in limbic lobe and amygdala as
opposed to information in hippocampus and basal ganglia in the yang to
yin of the bottom trigram line?

There is a transition from the finite objects of the Earth trigram and their
expansion out of the infinitesimal into the expanding probable, driving
endless movement toward entropy and the emergence of energy
dissipating structures that compete for energy and generating Darwinian
evolution as this competition drives extinction and selection.  Ultimately,
this drives an infinite flux (endlessly conserved energy in flux is an
infinite flux).   This infinite flux endlessly drives energy into the
boundless and into infinite refinement to the ultimate infinitesimal,
generating a realm of ultimate quality to match the probable expression of
the maladaptive.  Thus, infinite quantity (as Heaven) is opposed to finite
product (as Earth). Infinitely refined into the deep infinitesimal, ultimate
quality is Wind, is opposed to the probable entropy of the maladaptive.  
The maladaptive is Thunder.  This emergent maladaptive is burned  by
natural selection as Flame, and recombined in Lake.  What adapts is in
isolation as Mountain and is ordered by feedback as Waterpit.

Flame Mt.   Waterpit   Lake

Open  Mind   Closed  Mixture

Cubist Impress  Baroque Post

Antisocial                 Avoidant
Narcissist Compulsive

Free Logical  Order  Sentiment

Exploit Sorting Receive Merge

Art    Math     Law       Drama

Genetic Set Point
Selection          Recombination
Isolation  Feedback
Anarchy               Nationalism
Republican  Absolutism

Heaven to Earth
Wind to Thunder
Flame to Waterpit
Mountain to Lake