The Hexagrams of the I Ching
There are 64 Hexagrams in the I Ching (yi jing):    (See The Living I Ching, Deng Ming-Dao, Harper, 2006
for much of the Chinese translations used in this interpretation)

NUMBER  NAME              Outer/Upper Trigram  Inner/Lower Trigram   Octahedral-Cubic Function/Status
1 Qian  The Creative      Heaven                         Heaven                        Pure Heaven Face/Corner of Cube
(Represents the creative action of the source of all things, the magic of the supernatural subjective)
2  Kun     The Receptive   Earth                             Earth                            Pure Earth Face/Corner of Cube
(Represents nature as the product and the result, the scientifically measurable objective realm of fact)
3  Tun    To Sprout/Gather   Waterpit                 Thunder                 Conformity to Secondary at Public Face
(Represents stockpiles and gatherings generated out of conformity and secondary sproutings)
4  Meng  Stupid Dull Youth  Mountain                 Waterpit                 Accuracy to Control at Law Face
(Dull facts are screened to cover and control and cajole the young into the obscure path of fate and duty)
5  Xu  Waiting with Provisions  Waterpit            Heaven                   Inclusion to Boundless at Whole Face
(Inclusion of all needs and provisions out of the boundless demands and supplies of the endless source)
6  Song  Demanding Fortune    Heaven            Waterpit                 Boundless to Inclusion at Whole Face
(Boundless prizes are demanded and litigation resolves all disputes so that order replaces chaos)
7 Shi     Imitation in the Army      Earth                   Waterpit                The Sameness /Equality Edge
(The objective is made level as armies of identical soldiers imitate each other and submit)
8 Bi       Following in Equality     Waterpit             Earth                        The Sameness/Equaltiy Edge
(They  follow and become equal and are comparably identical as members of a level order)
9 Xiao Chu    Tame and Worshipful   Wind         Heaven                  The Transcendent Hidden Edge
(We are tiny livestock, little sheep surrendering to the transcendent hidden shepherd of the heart)
10 Lu  Walking                                 Heaven              Lake                    The Ground of Possibility Edge
(The background comes closer as we walk, but the Lake reflects a new sky ground of High Heaven)
11 Tai  Luck                                     Heaven             Earth                    The Romantic Realistic Polarity
(From the source of prosperity and luck, comes the quiet and calm and ease of the final result)
12  Pi   Not                                      Earth                Heaven                 The Realistic Romantic Polarity
(The poverty of the real has denied, turned bad times against the prosperity and luck of Heaven)
13  Tong Ren  Kindred                    Heaven             Fire                     Novel Variation Edge
(Genetics provides a means by which variation generates differentiation and variety of kindreds)
14 Da Yu   Great Holdings             Fire                    Heaven                     Variation and Novelty  Edge
(The opening Fire of Heaven as source allows variation large opportunity to do much greatness)
15 Qian     Modesty                        Earth                   Mountain                 Form and Structure Edge
(Earth takes finite form in Mountain's mind as we modestly retire to humble perceptions and simple fact)
16 Yu     Delight                              Earth                   Thunder                  Manifest Demonstration Edge
(Earth takes pleasure in its expression as Thunder and takes comfort in its excursions and visible faces)
17 Sui   Follow                               Lake                    Thunder                 Development and Involvement Edge
(Lake is involved and enchanted with Thunder's development and follows it into emergent expression)
18  Gu  Venomous                        Mountain             Wind                        Conservation and Storage Edge
(Mountain bewitches Wind into preserving its poisons: chemicals of thought and memory and paranoia)
19 Lin   Arrival                               Earth                    Lake                       Copy to Association at Social Face
(Earth copies and imitates and finally follows the approaching crowd assembling at Lake)
20  Guan  Beholding                   Wind                      Earth                    Refine to Weak at Fixed Face
(Wind refines its principles so that it can behold the weak Earth systems in their real and stable form)
21 Shi Ke  Biting                         Flame                    Thunder                Active Process Edge
(Flame bites into Thunder to crunch and crack and snap and gnaw away, grinding all to fragments)
22  Bi         Adornment               Mountain                 Flame               Individual Personality Edge
(Mountain enters into the luminous bright Flame, as the ornaments of personal consciousness shine)
23 Bo       Splitting                      Mountain                Earth                 Form and Structure Edge
(Mountain splits into strips of sedimentary forms, as it crumbles, peels away its rocky skin to form Earth)
24  Fu      Returning                    Earth                       Thunder            Demonstration Everyday Edge
(Earth demonstrates its normal state and gets Thunder to reply, to answer its requests for a loud voice)
25 Wu Wang  Innocence            Heaven                   Thunder          Power to Accident at Flux Face
(Heaven is reckless with its power, rash, wild, and generates stupid accidents that Thunder negates)
26  Da Chu    Great Restraint    Mountain               Heaven           Isolated to Creative at Self Face
(Mountain herds its animals into very high isolated places under the great creative authority of Heaven)
27 Yi  Nourishing                         Mountain               Thunder           Divided to Surface at Part Face
(Mountain generates divisions that break out on the surface and provide nourishment for particulars)
28 Da Guo   Great Excess         Lake                      Wind                 Fusion to Depth at Whole Face
(Lake fuses with the deep core beneath Wind and generates boundless fullness of good content)
29  Kan     Water Pit                   Waterpit                 Waterpit          The Order Corner of the Cube
(The deep ruts of the water filled groves generate a mechanism of receiving and distributing moisture)
30   Li       Brilliance                    Flame                     Flame               The Freedom Corner of the Cube
(Flames burst out in their brilliance and burn the fences that keep us enclosed in old systems)
31  Xian   Feeling                        Lake                       Mountain       The Synthesis to Analysis Polarity
(Lake gives of its emotion to Mountain, which analyzes it and perceives its true nature)
32  Heng    Constancy                Thunder                  Wind               The Ideal to Expression Polarity
(Thunder endlessly expresses the ideals and paradigms carried by Wind)
33  Dun  Withdrawal                   Heaven                   Mountain         Creative to Isolative at Self Face
(Heaven creates many paths that Mountain can use for isolation and withdrawal and escape)
34  Da Zhuang  Great Vigor      Thunder                   Heaven           Accident to Power at Flux Face
(Thunder explodes and generates random events and enters Heaven with great power and vigor)
35 Jin    Advancing                     Flame                       Earth              Exclusion to Boundary at Part  Face
(Flame advances decomposition and excludes atoms that form boundaries made of Earth's parts)
36  Ming Yi   Smothered Light    Earth                       Flame           Boundary to Exclusion at Part Face
(Earth binds the Flame and smothers its light, excluding the Flame from the dry boundary it might burn)
37 Jia Ren  Family                      Wind                        Flame           Essence to Eccentric at Self Face
(The Wind is a specialist in the art of the paradigmatic and it finds eccentric people to carry its Flame)
38  Kui  Estrangement                Flame                     Lake              Revolution to Haze at the Flux Face
(Flame generates strange oppositions, revolutionary combinations in the hazy mixtures of the Lake)
39  Jian    Hindered                     Waterpit                  Mountain       Restraint to Accuracy at Fixed Face
(Waterpit restrains, hinders, makes for difficult progress, as Mountain slowly tries to be accurate and clear)
40  Xie   Releasing                      Thunder                  Waterpit        Secondary to Conformity at Social Face
(Thunder loudly finds secondary ways to conform to Waterpit's discipline, releasing itself to Waterpit's law)
41  Sun   Decrease                     Mountain                 Lake             Analysis to Synthesis polarity
(Mountain is injured as its tries to analyze the synthesis that Lake makes, Lake jeers Mountain's thoughts)
42  Yi   Increase                          Wind                         Thunder       The Expression to Ideal Polarity
(Wind increases its idealism as Thunder increases its noisy expressions of its sarcastic response)
43  Guai  Decisiveness             Lake                          Heaven        Fusion to Boundless at Whole Face
(Lake is fused to Heaven in a decisive way with the generation of boundless wealth and joy)
44 Gou Copulating                     Heaven                    Wind             Transcendent edge of Cube
(Heaven gives great wealth to combine with Wind's excellent ideals to make a very good pairing)    
45 Cui  Collecting                      Lake                        Earth              Assemble to Copy at Social Face
(Lake gathers all together in assemblies that meet with Earth to copy the gatherings and imitate groups)
46  Shang  Rising                     Earth                       Wind               Principle to Weakness at Fixed Face
(Earth offers its units of measurement and rises from weakness toward the principles and ideals of Wind)
47  Kun   Distress                     Lake                     Waterpit            Collective Edge of Cube
(Lake submitts to the order and discipline of Waterpit.  This causes collective masochistic distress)
48  Jing    Well                          Waterpit                Wind                  Puropose Edge of Cube
(Waterpit provides a deep well of ordered system that gives purpose to the ideals of noble Wind)
49  Ge      Reform                     Lake                      Flame                Haze to Revolution at Flux Face
(Lake generates a haze of mutants that reform, renovate, and bring revolution to Flame)
50  Ding   Cauldron                  Flame                   Wind                  Eccentric to Essence at Self Face
(Eccentric mutants thrive in the Flame of the cauldron that boils the essence to be offered up to Wind)
51  Zhen Thunder                     Thunder                 Thunder             The pure Expression Corner of the Cube
(Thunder is the essence of deep expression, as it shakes, jolts, gives vulgar rattles and shocks)
52  Gen  Stilling                       Mountain                Mountain           The pure Analysis Corner of the Cube
(The Mountain is still as it stands upright in its separateness and isolation)
53 Jian   Gradually                   Wind                       Mountain          The Conservation Edge of the Cube
(Wind permeates by degrees as it becomes conserved in the wood of Mountain trees)
54  Guei Mei   Marrying Sister   Thunder              Lake                 The Development Edge of the Cube
(Thunder is married to Lake and develops a relationship with Lake that causes deep attachment)
55  Feng  Plentiful                       Thunder               Flame               The Action and Process Edge of the Cube
(Thunder generatesmuch process and moves rapidly into the copious activity found in the arms of Flame)
56   Lu    Traveler                         Flame                 Mountain            The Individual and Personal Edge of Cube
(The individual travels from Flame to Mountain and generates a personal mind and will)
57  Sun    Wind                             Wind                  Wind                   The Ideal Corner of the Cube
(Wind is the ideal and noble and uplifted aspect of the cube, the highest and most refined corner)
58  Dui    Exchange                      Lake                  Lake                   The Mixed and Synthesis Corner of Cube
(Mixture, exchange, combination, synthesis, and dissolving generate Lake, the deep coming together point)
59  Huan   Spreading                   Wind                  Waterpit             The Purpose and Goal Corner of Cube
(The Wind spreads its ideals into the systems of Waterpit generating goals, missions, and purposes)
60   Jie    Regulation                     Waterpit            Lake                   The Collective Edge of Cube
(Waterpit allows its discipline and order to enter Lake and generate collective nodes and regulations)
61  Zhong Fu    Confidence Within   Wind            Lake                    Depth to Fusion at Whole Face
(Wind gives its deep heart to Lake and fuses with the combined forces of its synthesis)
62  Xiao Guo     Small Crossing      Thunder      Mountain             Surface to Division at Part Face
(Thunder shatters into tiny surface excesses that are divided into parts at Mountain's quantum roots)
63  Ji Ji  Already Across                  Waterpit        Flame                The Order to Freedom Polarity
(Waterpit crosses to Flame, its opposite, as it is opened up and liberated from its bondage)
64  Wei Ji   Not Yet Across             Flame              Waterpit          The Freedom to Order Polarity
(Flame crosses to Waterpit and is closed up and bound into Waterpit systems of order)
Matching hexagrams by number to the Octaheron-Pyramid-Cube-Tetraheron of the three lines of the eight
trigrams and the double trigrams of the 64 hexagrams:  (For numbers used below, see list above)

                                           the long yang bottom line
                                     ENERGY FACE of CUBE (Flux Face)
                                                     PoweR (25)(34)
                   variation (13)(14)      Source  (1)             ground (10)
                           (26)(33)      HEAVEN TRIGRAM
                       CreativitY               (11)(12)          BoundlesS (5)(6)(43)
the long yang top line_______________ (44)  (9)          The long yang middle line____________________
                   SELF (26) (37)(50)  transcendence      (61)     WHOLE                   (61)
(37)(50) EccentricitY   IsolatioN   EssencE   (57)      DeptH  (28)     InclusioN   FusioN  (28)(43)
variation (13) (14)  conservation     Ideal     (59)   purpose       (5)(6)          ground (10)
                            (33)(18)     (42) WIND TRIGRAM  (32)     (48)
                                    (53)       (46)  PrinciplE (20)
   (64)(63)                              short bottom yin lines                    (64)(63)                  (58)(41)    
TRIGRAM                TRIGRAM(4) _____           ______  (4)  TRIGRAM                TRIGRAM
FLAME  (30)         MOUNTAIN      (39)                           (39) WATERPIT   (47)     LAKE
ENERGY Free  Individual  Analysis  AccuratE   FIXED  RestraineD  Order Collective  Mixed  
ENERGY                 RevolutioN     (22)    (31) (52)        (46)  WeaK  (20)    (7)(8)     (29)         (60)     (31)         
(49) (38)         (56)     (41)                   EARTH TRIGRAM                                                  (38)(49)
                                    structure      Result  (2)    sameness    (3)
(55) motion (21)       (23)   (15)       (11) (12)                                      development (17)(54)
                           (62) (27)     (36)(35)                   (19)                  (40)                   (19)
(35)(36) ExclusioN   DivisioN      BoundarY         (45)CopY          ConformitY     AssemblY  (45)
                         PART                   measurement  (24)       SOCIAL
the short yin middle lines ______         _____  (16)        the short yin top lines_______      _____
                               (62)  (27)     THUNDER TRIGRAM  (32)
                                  SurfacE       (51) Expression   (40)  SecondarY (3)
                  (55) (21) motion                    (42)                    development  (17)(54)
                                                        AccidenT (25)(34)
                                         ENERGY FACE of CUBE (Flux Face)
                                         the long yang bottom line                                            
Energy = FLUX FACE

Note the Hexagrams trace a 4th dimensional path in the 3 dimensional cube-octrahedron of the 8 trigrams,
each of which is a triangular face of a octahedron, a triangular corner of a cube.  This two dimensional
triangle collapses into a stack of one dimensional lines, the trigram itself, three solid lines for the Heaven
trigram and three broken for the Earth.  Each Heaven line is made up of two points, the beginning point and
the ending point.  So we are travelling up Pascal's triangle, its geometric, dimensions of space, version, in
search of simple beginnings.  We have found them.  The Brahma, top of the pyramid, inner all seeing eye of
creative being from within, existentially inexistant monad of withinness here and now is the beginning, the
start of everything--per Descartes, per Sartre, per Berkeley, the Purusha, the atman, the jiva, the Zen
moment, the monad of the Monadology.  This singular anthropic observing creator moment starts the long
yang top line of the Heaven trigram.   The next now that reflects back on it is the second point that generates
the creative line, pure subjective being from within primal time, primitive time.  Stack this on top of the line
that connects parts into a greater whole and you have the Nirvana, the mystical, the Vedanta extension of
pure time into pure space, into pure timelessness.  The bottom line, the Shiva line, takes the primitive
Buddha point into the Nirvana no-self and finally into the karma flux that turns the wheel of the Dharma law.  
This connects to the long yang line that is the conservation of mass-energy.  This completes the trigram of
Heaven that generates time and space and the dynamic geometry that fills out the relationship of time and
space.  From this origin, Heaven breaks to become Earth and fertilize the becoming of all things.

Now, most interpretations of the Hexagrams do not get down to this primitive level.  They are more into the
4th, 5th, and 6th dimensional aspects of local public time, Chinese geography and Chinese climate, the
social geography of human relationships and human behavior.

If we wish to locate the trigrams in brain function, the top yang line represents the ego maintaining areas of
the frontal lobes of the cerebrum and the top yin lines represent the association areas of the parietal,
occipital, temporal lobes in the posterior portion of the cerebral cortex, behind the central sulcus.  The
middle yang line represents the right hemisphere of the cerebrum and the middle yin lines, the fact oriented
left hemisphere.  The bottom yang line represents the amygdala and the lower brain and brain stem.  The
bottom yin lines represent the hippocampus and the memory and information processing structures
associated with it within the cerebrum.  The old four humors of Water, Earth,  Fire, and Air, are associated
in our system with the trigrams Lake, Earth, Flame, and Wind.  These form the faces of a tetrahedron.  
When the trigrams opposite them are added to the system, they become the corners of a cube, faces of a
tetrahedron: Lake (Greek Elemental Water) vs Mountain (Salt), Earth vs. Heaven, Flame (Fire) vs Waterpit
(Bowl, Pot, Ceramics, Metal, something forged in fire),  Wind (Air) (Wood, Plant Life) vs. Thunder (Dust,
Animal Life).  Lake is the phlegmatic humor (happy with things the way they are).  It is the Egg and the
fertilization of the Egg, and its development into a baby in the womb.  It is the Anima, the deep
Earth is the child, the libido, the id made manifest in the world.  It is the melancholy temper, the histrionic cry
baby, frustrated that it was forced to leave the happy Lake that was the womb.  It is the womb's product, the
manifestation of the female in the world.  But, Lake is the true female, her hidden deep joyous root.

Flame is the ego, the adult, the choleric temper, ready to fight, to become brilliant in the world.  Wind is the
dying spirit, the elderly notions.  As the ideal, it is the sanguine temper, blood full of oxygen taken from the
air.  But, it is also the superego, the parent, the preacher, the dying life that must soon become a windy
ghost.  It is the last of the Sasa, the here and now, entering the Zamani, the Dreamtime World, in which it
must spend its Neoplatonic eternity, unless born again, returning to life, in the water of Lake.

If the brain splits into four quarters divided by the hemispheres, left and right, and the central folds "sulcus,"
into motor front and sensory back, then Lake and the Egg rule the right hemisphere parietal, occipital, and
temporal association areas, and Earth and the Child rule the left hemisphere, fact oriented, association
areas, and the melancholy temper of the brain in the face of the disappoints the Child must meet as it
emerges in this reality based posterior left hemisphere world.  The choleric, ready to take on the universe,
emerges as the frontal lobes of the left hemisphere develop Broca area speech and frontal lobe planning
and time keeping potentials.  Able to speak and act for himself, herself, the adult tries to wrestle with the
world.  This is Flame, the ego, the Adult shining forth, as the Sun shines on the solar system.  Gone is the
darkness of the Moon, of Waterpit, of the womb and the unconscious and its inhibitions and repressions.

Gradually this energy dies, the frontal lobes of the right hemisphere of the brain gradually reclaim nonverbal
and nonfactual power over the factual verbal left.  The right hemisphere frontal area begins to return to
power.  Here are ghosts, spirits, noble gases that whisper in the wind that blows over hidden peaks within
the darkness of the dying brain.  As the parent, these voices are sanguine.  The genes and ideas they
idealize will be reborn in the young.  The Christ Child, the Messiah is born in the deep Christmas of the
heart.  All will be saved on Earth and in Heaven.  This the realm ruled by the Wind trigram.  Parent,
superego, conserver of genetic and cultural archetypes, it is melancholy for its dying child, but sanguine for
the triumphant world that is yet to be.

The Lutheran theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg captures that spirit in his writings.  From his theological point
of view, the Earth is caught up in a deterministic Waterpit that has no true time within it, except for bits of
now stuck within the frozen space-time architecture described by modern physics.  True time, true freedom,
true creativity lie within the ultimate future in a kingdom of Heaven that does not exist within our current
space-time world.  This God of the Ultimate future rules the Kingdom of the Ultimate future, utterly
transcendent over the dead space of our here and now existence.   This is the Wind from Heaven, the
transcendent Wind that blows from highest time and space, for which our current local space and time are
but a pale suggestion, a pale shadow.

Seen in this sense, we see that the trigram system can be used with any theology, materialistic, agnostic,
Buddhist, Christian, Moslem, atheistic, animistic, etc.,  Its purpose is to organize and relate, not to prove or
disprove any belief or lack of belief.

Geographically, the Mediterranean, Indian ocean, Himalayan Mountains, East and West Indies, divide the
temperate North Hemisphere Left Hemisphere of the global brain from the more tropical right global brain.  
The Left Hemisphere is ancient Laurasia and the Right is ancient Gondwanaland (Africa, India, South
America, Australia, Antarctica).  The frontal lobes and posterior lobes of these hemispheres tend to shift
around a bit.  But, currently  South Asia seems to be functioning as the Frontal Lobe of the Right
Hemisphere and the North Atlantic of the Left.  The temporal lobe-hippocampus of the left seems to lie
along the ancient silk route that skirts the China side of the India-Chinese Himalayan divide.  The river
valleys and coastal areas of China, Korea, and Japan are providing the posterior association areas that
assemble the sensory structures invented by the West into the latest market driven intoxication.  There is a
global river, a Mississippi-St Lawrence-Thames-Rhine-Danube-Volga-Yellow-Yangze that serves as the
great central sulcus of the Northern-Left Hemisphere global brain.  On the agrarian side of this great divide
are the Parietal-touch oriented sensory system of the industrial Left Brain.  On the market and industrial
side, are the motor areas and speech areas and planning areas that carry out the ego functions of this
global thinker-stinker.

The Right Hemisphere has its own global river: Ganges-Mekong-Amazon-Congo-Nile-Tigis-Euphrates to
Indus. This river is beginning to wake up and develop its own voices: Cairo, New Delhi, Islamabad, etc..  Its
temporal lobe hippocampus is hidden away in the highlands of Mexico, Guatemala, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia
and on the Indian and Pakistani side of the Himalayan divide.

The great rifts that underlie the oceans are the long top yang line of the global frontal lobes, because they
generate the mountains that underlie the geographic equivalents of Heaven, Wind, Flame, and Mountain.
The river systems of the world are the top yin line association area opposites.  Here we find the great
association points along the Indus and the Nile that gave birth to civilization.   The uplands of the tropical
regions: Africa, South Asia, South America, Australia, Indonesia are the long yang line that provides the
core of the Gondwanaland contribution to the global brain.  Here in the tropical rain forest that provides
water to Amazon, Congo, etc. is the central right brain core of the planet, its magical, dreamtime heart.
Its opposite is the yin lines of the temporal coastal regions: New York, Hong Kong, London, etc..

The rain forest, cloud forest of the Himalayan slopes, New Guinea, Andes, the rain forest of the Congo, of
northern Australia, this is the true Dreamtime, Zamani, homeland of Vedanta, Nirvana, of mystical
consciousness, of Right Hemisphere connection and wholeness.  Its opposite is the fact oriented physics of
Sweden, Netherlands, England, Japan, of the coastal temperate technological science, of Cal tec, and MIT,
and Oxford, etc.  It is tropical Sancara and Vedanta vs. Temperate Einstein, Newton and Mechanics,
Relativity.  India presents the upland metaphysics of monsoon heat and the Netherlands presents the
lowland physics of Temperate cold.  Right brain India sees the connections with clarity and Left brain
Netherlands sees the local facts.

The southern hemisphere oceans are the great bottom line yang because they represent the great cyclic flux
that is the source of all global energy flow.  Their opposite is the yin lines of the continental plates and
continental shields as the fixed centers around which all the energy flows.  Eurasia is the cerebral cortex
broken yin lines and the antarctic is the long yang line brain stem that supports it.  Somalia is currently one
of the places playing the role of amygdala, center of negative emotional energy, to the Right Hemisphere of
the global brain.

If the left hemisphere broca's area is Hermes, and its associated frontal lobe area is Zeus, attended by
inhibitory frontal lobe area in the form of Hera, and further supporting frontal lobe memory functions in the
form of Athena, and motor skill functions in the form of Hephaestus, left motor functions and amygdala
connections in the form of Ares, and parietal sensory left hemisphere functions and hypothalamic and
autonomic support in the form of Aphrodite, and primitive attention functions as Apollo, and inattention as
Artemis, primitive right brain parietal functions as Demeter, and temporal and hippocampal functions as
Poseidon, primitive temporal listening as Hestia, if that is true, then the following might be true:
Italy providing the Aphrodite and Syria as the Ares, London as Hermes, Washington as Zeus,  Berlin as
Hestia. Moscow as Hera.  Japan and China as Hephaestus.  Scandinavia as Athena.  India as Demeter,
Africa as Artemis.  Latin America and Mexico as Poseidon.  Los Angeles and San Francisco as Apollo.

To what extent is Apollo Flame and Demeter, Hephaestus, even Artemis, Waterpit?  If Zeus is Mountain, is
Poseidon Lake?  Is Hestia Earth? Is New York, London, Thunder?  Then can Moscow be Wind? or
Scandinavia?  At a certain point there are more questions than answers.  Still we like these question
because they cause us to see things in a different way.

Consider the following set of oppositions:   Wind Trigram: Hera:  Tehran (Juno) (Right Hemisphere)
----------------------------------------------------------  vs.
Left Hemisphere                                            Mountain Trigram: Zeus: New York/Washington (Jupiter)

                                                                   Thunder Trigram: Hermes: London/Brussels (Mercury)
                                                                   Earth Trigram: Hestia: Madrid (Vestia)

                                                                   Thunder Trigram: Aphrodite: Rome (Venus)
Left Hemisphere                                            Flame Trigram: Ares: Moscow (Mars)

                                                                   Flame Trigram:  Apollo: Los Angeles (Sun)
                                                                   Heaven Trigram: Artemis: East Indies (Moon)
Right Hemisphere
                                                                   Lake Trigram: Poseidon: Indian Ocean (Neptune)
                                                                   Waterpit Trigram: Demeter: India (Ceres)

                                                                   Waterpit Trigram: Hephaestus: Japan (Vulcan)
                                                                   Wind Trigram: Athena: Tibet (Minerva)   
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    Or
try this:
                                                     autonomic nervous system
                                                     bottom yang line great african rift
artemis                                                                                                                              poseidon
                                                         HEAVEN TRIGRAM (Africa)
                   frontal lobes                                                     right hemisphere of cerebrum
                   top yang line faulting                                        middle yang line gondwanaland migration   

          hera                athena          WIND TRIGRAM (India)            hephaestus     
                                cerebral cortex information processing and hippocampus
                                               bottom yin lines plate acretion/collision
FLAME (Hawaii)  MOUNTAIN (Mediterranean)                   WATERPIT (Persia)    LAKE (China)
design                   logic and philosophy                                  government                   literature

          zeus            hermes          EARTH TRIGRAM (Europe)      hestia                demeter
                 left hemisphere of cerebrum                                   posterior association areas
                 middle yin lines laurasia/arctic                                top yin lines alluvium/erosion

                                                        THUNDER TRIGRAM (America)
apollo                           ares                                  business                    aphrodite   

                                                    bottom yang line great african rift
                                                     autonomic nervous system