variation                     Magic                 background
         InventioN                                                                              ZerO                  
   EGO                                                ultimate                                        TOTAL
PeculiaR        EssencE                                                          ValuE           GeneraL
 SpeciaL       keep                                 Ideal                    purpose       UniversaL
CHANGEFreedom xenophobia Analysis LogiC LAW HolD         Order         joining      Yoke      CHANGE
RevolutioN                                                       BarrieR                                                         MadnesS
QualifY   shape                                   Nature                   homogeneous  TypicaL
OutsidE        NumeratE                                                           CopY           AssemblY
QUANTUM                                           zoology                                          GROUP
                       KnoB                                                         DerivativE                     
                         run                              Wrong                  development

                            noise                              vitality
           variation                           Magic                background
    king                                                                                      boundless
    EGO            primary              ultimate         infinite               TOTAL   
    unusual    reserved                                                    goal   
hypercosm                                                                               keep                 Ideal              purpose
                                    constant                 tame
CHANGE  Freedom xenophobia Analysis               LAW              Order                 joining  Yoke   CHANGE
                                      jail                         quiet
                         shape                Nature           homogeneous
                    zone                                                      equal
     local                                                                                     ordinary
     QUANTUM   finite                   zoology           secondary       GROUP
     wild                                                                                      distribution
              run                                 Wrong                 
development                                                                                              action                                 

Click on the Pattern Links spots above for a detailed explanation of these flattened cube/octahedrons

CAPITAL LETTERS for the SIX faces of the cube, edges of the tetrahedron, vertexes of the octahedron:

The EIGHT corners of the cube, FOUR faces and vertexes of the tetrahedron, faces of the octahedron:
Ideal to Wrong, Analysis to Yoke, Freedom to Order, Magic to Nature

lower case for the twelve edges of the cube, octahedron, angles of the tetrahedron:
purpose to run, background to shape, variation to homogeneous, keep to development, ultimate to
zoology, xenophobia to joining and the extension of this by wild to tame and action to goal, by zone to
boundless and jail to vitality, by unusual to ordinary and local to hypercosm, by finite to infinite and
primary to secondary, noise to quiet, king to equal, reserve to distribution, constant to mutable.

The twenty four angles formed, four to each vertex of the octahedron, face of the cube are shown as

InventioN to CopY                                    JeweL to WrecK                              ZerO to NumeratE
PeculiaR to TypicaL                                 LogiC to MadnesS                          ValuE to KnoB
SpeciaL to AssemblY                               HolD to RevoltioN                            UniversaL to OutsidE
EssencE to DerivativE                             BarrioR to ForcE                              GeneraL to QualifY

                                                InventioN   Source   ZerO
                             EGO                                                             TOTAL      
     PeculiaR     SpeciaL            EssencE   Ideal     ValuE          UniversaL        GeneraL
RevolutioN  Freedom     Analysis       LogiC      LAW      HolD     Order                       Yoke  MadnesS
          OutsidE     QualifY         NumeratE  Nature    CopY     TypicaL             AssemblY
                             QUANTUM                                                     GROUP  
                                               KnoB         Wrong     DerivativE

The TWENTY FOUR ANGLES belong to the EIGHT TRINITY supporting faces, corners of the
octahedron, cube that can be arranged as follows, or in other combinations not shown. For example,
CopY and TypicaL are the legislative phase of the Legislative, Executive, Judicial trinity, HolD and
BarrieR are the Judicial, and NumeratE and UniversaL are the Executive, Numerate, as the Executive of
local policy and UniversaL as the imperial executive of a global order.

ZerO = Vishnu            ValuE = Hen, One        UniversaL = Buddha/Nirvana       GeneraL = Synthesis
ForcE = Shiva             JeweL = Nous, Mind     HolD = Dhama, moral law           MadnesS = Antithesis
InventioN =Brahma     EssencE = Pneuma,     TypicaL = Sanga, congregation AssemblY = Thesis
(Creator)                         (Soul)    

Magic Trinity              Ideal Trinity                  Order Trinity                               Yoke Trinity
(Hindu Trinity)            (Trinity of Plotinus)      (Buddhist Trinity)                        (Hegel's Dialectic)

PeculiaR = Sattva       SpeciaL = Spirit           NumeratE =  Gene                      KnoB = Organ
RevolutioN = Rajas     LogiC    =  Law             BarrieR =    Natural Selection    Wreck = Entropy
OutsidE = Tamas        QualifY  =  Body           CopY    =    Population               DerivativE = Emergence

Freedom Trinity         Analysis Trinity             Nature Trinity                             Wrong Trinity
(Three Gunas)           (Religious Science)      (Evolution Trinity)                      (Thermodynamic Trinity)

See also existential  SpeciaL = Religious Life (Augustine, Thomas Merton,  Buddha, etc. )
          LogiC = Ethical/Rational Life (Kant, Spinoza, Hegel)
          QualifY = Aesthetic/Pleasure Life (Hume, Hobbes, Comte)

Bernard Rensch        SpeciaL = Laws of Parallelisms (Phenomenology)
          LogiC = Laws of Coherence (Mathematics and Logic)
          QualifY = Laws of Correspondence (Science)     
                                                  Buddhist:  All expressed things are,
                                                                                                KnoB = Suffering
                                                                                               (as opposed to the
                                                                                                 boundless bliss of
                                                                                                WrecK = Flux
                                                                                                (as opposed to
                                                                                                 the eternal law
Dharma)                                                                                                                                                   DerivativE = No Self
                                                                                                 (as opposed to the
                                                                                                  true hidden infinitesimal
                                                                                                  detached Buddha)
Read This
                                                   NumeratE = materialism
                                                   BarrieR = logic
                                                                   systems theory

                                                    CopY  = lignuistic analysis
                                                                  ordingary language

philosophical sequences:         
                                                   NumeratE = Chinese Elements X1
                                                   BarrieR = Chinese Legalism X2
                                                   Copy = Confucius X3
                                                   TypicaL = Confucianism, Mencius  X4
                                                    HolD = Neo Confucianism, Chu Hsi  X5
                                                    UniversaL = Taoism  X6
                                                                                         AssemblY = Confucianism X4
                                                                                          MadnesS = Chinese Buddhism  X7
                                                                                          GeneraL = Neo Taoism X8

                  QualifY = Thales, everything is Water
(1)                                                                                                  LogiC = Pythagoras, everything is
number (2b)
(Emphasis here)         SpeciaL = Socrates, everything has a soul, self (3)

OutsidE = Milieus, everything is a substance  (1)
RevolutioN = Heraclitus, everything is fire, change  (2a)
PeculiaR = Socrates everything is purification of the soul (3)

                  EssencE = Plato, what is good for the soul? (4)
                  JeweL = Aristotle, what is the mind, rational basis of the soul? (5)
                   ValuE = Plotinus, what is the ultimate ground of the good? (6) (A4)

InventioN = Jainism, atomism, monad, jivas (A1)
ForcE = Buddhism, everything is flux (A2)
ZerO = Hinduism, everything is the Brahman One (A3)

                                                             UniversaL =  Augustine (Christianity + Plotinus) (7)
                                                              HolD = Thomas Aquinas (+ Aristotle) (8)
                                                              Typical = Voltaire (9)
(Emphasis here)         LogiC = Descartes (8A1)
                       QualifY = Spinoza (8A2)
                       Special = Leibniz (8A3)

                       LogiC = Locke (8b1)
                       SpeciaL = Berkeley (8b2)
(Emphasis here)        QualifY =  Hume (8b3)

PeculiaR = Socrates/Plato, Ideal Republic (4a)
RevolutioN = Machiavelli Prince (4b)
OutsidE = Hobbes Leviathan (4c)
                                                              CopY = Rousseau, social contract (10)
                                                              BarrieR = Mill, utilitarian calculus (11)
                                                              NumeratE = Spencer, natural selection (12)

                                                              NumeratE = Mach, physics (13)
                                                               BarrieR = Russell, logic (14)
                                                               CopY = Wittgenstein, language (15)
                                                                                                  GeneraL = Kant (9b)
                                                                                                  MadnesS = Hegel (9c) (X8)
                                                                                                  AssemblY = Marx (9d)  (X8)

PeculiaR  = Kierkegaard (10b1)
RevolutioN = Nietzsche  (10b2)                                                                   KnoB = positivism (10a)
OutsidE  =  Sartre  (10b3)                                                                         WrecK = existentialism (10b)
                                                                                               DerivativE = pragmatism (10c)         
Note that after step 8 the sequences are mixed and muddy!!!

But generally there is a movement from the experimental and the analytic toward classical idealism and
baroque universalism, even rationalism.  This begins to break down into realism and impressionism and
finally decays into symbolism, post-impressionism, expressionism, and Da Da, thus, returning to the
experimental roots from which it came.  In the processes we see movement up the analytic and free
trinities, through the ideal and source trinities, and from the natural trinity into the order trinity.  As the
order trinity breaks down, it spills out into the mixed, expressionist, realist, and finally back into the
analytic and free trinities, where it come to rest again until a new order returns.  There, changes are
reflected in a sequence of philosophers, philosophies, and ideological movements that generates
sequences of three around the faces of the octahedral order, the old thesis, antithesis, and synthesis of
the dialectic (Hegel, Marx), but now part of a larger more global system of systems that evolves through
levels of organization from the two and three dimensional into the four dimensional and beyond.

These sequence support the idea that points of view and ideologies are products of the assumptions
brought to the deductive systems generated within the point of view, ideological system.  Science seems
solidly based because science oriented philosophers bring the same assumptions to their metaphysical
systems that scientists bring to their experimental systems.  Ultimately materialistic metaphysics is as
irrational and biased as idealist or supernaturalist metaphysics.  If science requires a tight local
parsimonious approach to correctly focus its skeptical approach on the local and the here and now, then
a global metaphysics needs the most global and least skeptical.  If we are look at the infinite rather than
the finite and the boundless rather than the bound, then the possible, not the actual needs to be our
focus, the credulous and not the skeptical will be our best servant.  Mythology is bad science because it
is mythology and science is bad mythology because it is science.  You paint the barn door with a rolling
tool and you paint miniatures with a fine haired brush.  Gilbert Ryle made this point in his book titled
Dilemmas, the problem is that most philosophers have ignored it, and even Ryle didn't seem up to
carrying out its conclusions.  I wrote a thesis I titled "Concept of Soul" and sent off the Ryle at Oxford in
1970.  Ryle wrote back that he thought I was dead right but my argument was invertebrate.   Problem
was that Ryle didn't see that the very arguments he sets out in Dilemmas demonstrate the need for both
vertebrate and invertebrate arguments.  Yes, it takes a vertebrate argument to correctly set out this little
green planet, but correctly showing the colors of the coral reef universe of universes requires an
invertebrate approach.

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