The Key to All Pattern
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There are paintings and sculpture done for art classes at California State University, Bakersfield.  There are links below
to more pictures and art and to pages that discuss mythology, philosophy, human behavior, sociology, brain function,
personality disorders, the Greek gods, the Roman gods, gods as examples of personality disorders, the pattern of
patterns, the metaphysical order that seems to be basic to all things, the polarities, dialectical relationships, yin to yang
paradoxes that seem to be basic to all systems and all ways of being and becoming.  Click below for more references:
Below is a flattened octahedron of the artistic and philosophical tempers. In this
system romanticism (Heaven) is opposed to realism (Earth), classicism (Wind/ Air)
to expressionism (Thunder, Noise, Dust), baroque (Water Pit, Pottery) to Cubism
(Flame / Fire), impressionism (Mountain, Salt) to post-impressionism and fashion
art (Mannerism, Lake, Water).  Bottom line yang Animism to Bottom line yin
Rationalism and Middle line yang Mysticism to Middle line yin Materialism, and Top
yang line Monadology to Top yin line Populism.
Above is seen the flattened octahedron of octahedra in
which the flame trigram is free and opposed to the water pit
trigram as fate and the mountain trigram is mind opposed to
the lake trigram as feel and the wind trigram as model
opposed to the thunder trigram as speak and the  heaven
trigram is magic opposed to the earth trigram as fact and
top line yang is self opposed to top line yin as group and
middle line yang as whole oppose to middle line yin as part
and bottom line yang as flux opposed to bottom line yin as
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