Link to Final Pattern of Feb 21st 2007
The world explored by science is ruled by Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Information Systems, and Thermodynamics.
Information and Thermodynamics, Systems and Energy, are the polar opposites of the visible world, the Yin and Yang
axis of fixed to flux around which the visible realm turns.  But hidden from view is the infinite flux that makes the
improbable probable.  This deep hidden improbability is the romantic opposite of the objective world.  The roots of this
improbability are in the private monadology of the infinitesimal.  Here infinitesimal bits of here and now time spin out
the primal creative time around which the complex world of public relativity space time will be woven.  This primal deep
creative side of the invisible is the polar opposite of public space-time relativity, just as the mystical Brahman Hegelian
Absolute, Buddhist Nirvana infinite whole is the polar opposite of the particle and photon realm of Quantum Mechanics
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