More and More I Ching/ Yi Jing /The Chinese Book of Changes
We have discussed the I Ching on other pages.  The I Ching is
an ancient Chinese text that simplifies many of the archetypes
that are generated by the human mind.  The I Ching consists of
a series of long yang lines and short yin lines put together in
sets of three, trigrams, and these bound into pairs of trigrams to
make, hexagrams, bundles of six lines.  There are eight basic
trigrams.  The Heaven trigram symbolizes the sky, the creative
source of all things on earth.  It consists of three long yang (male
energy) lines.  The Earth trigram symbolizes the soil, the earth.  
It consists of three broken yin (female information) lines.

Six combinations of broken and unbroken lines, six trigrams,
control the transitions between Heaven and Earth.  Heaven
becomes Wind by breaking the bottom yang line into a yin line.  
The energy of Heaven is transmitted into the information carried
by Wind (waves of sound, etc.).  Heaven becomes Flame by
breaking the middle boundless whole line and Flame burns and
transforms everything into its atomic parts and releases the
energy in the form of photons of light and heat.  Heaven
becomes Lake as the top yang line breaks into the associative
and dissolving, mixing, power of freshwater.

Earth becomes Mountain as the observing self takes in the
impression it has of the particular world and the bits of
information it receives about this world and develops its own
private endless yang soul line of the deep hidden being from
within self.  Earth becomes Thunder as the bottom energy line
unites the energy in the particular elements of Earth with the
endless conserved mass-energy that is neither created nor
destroyed.  This energy is exchanged with the particles of Earth
and shakes and vibrates it.  Earth becomes Waterpit as the
particular atoms of Earth are combined into molecules and these
taken up into cells and these into organisms and these into
populations of organisms and these into communities of
organisms and these into ecosystems that include the energy
from the sun and rainwater that falls from the sky an is collected
in river channels and Waterpits.  We see the quantum part
gradually taken up in the great middle yang line that unites all
tiny things into the boundless Hen Nirvana Brahman One.

Now Lake is more open then Mountain in the sense that the
observer line is broken, which allows Lake to absorb things,
dissolve them.  But Mountain conserves itself, restrains itself
from attachment, it is aloof and alone and blocks the entrance of
things it does not wish to combine with.  Flame will cling to
things and combine with them in the sense that it can melt them
and pull them apart into the heat at their deep core.  Waterpit is
the opposite of Flame.  Waterpit is the pottery heated in the kiln
of Flame, the metal pot forged in the heat of Flame.

Waterpit is not water, but the pot, pit, river that holds it.  Lake, a
swamp of dissolving freshwater is the equivalent of the
elemental archetype called "Water" by the Greeks.  Heaven and
Earth are the same as Heaven and Earth in the Greek system.  
Heaven as the unstated opposite, the implied opposite of Earth,
just as Metal, Wood, Pottery, Waterpot (Waterpit) are the
unstated antithesis of Fire.  Mountain is the equivalent of Salt,
the unstated antithesis of its solvent: Water.  Mountain is the
equivalent of Salt as the source of the minerals and solutes that
dissolve in the Water, that erodes Mountain and washes it into
Lake.  So the Wind trigram is the equivalent of Greek "Air," and
Thunder of its "Dust" antithesis, something carried in the air,
such as sound waves, etc..

The long yang line that is the top of the Heaven trigram
represents the frontal lobes, the executive functions of the
human brain, and the broken yin line that is the top line of the
Earth trigram represents the anterior association areas at the
rear of the cerebrum that bring in the associations acted upon by
the executive areas of the brain in the frontal lobes.  The long
yang line that is the middle of the Heaven trigram represents the
Right Hemisphere of the cerebrum and the corpus callosum of
the cerebrum and their function as integrator of brain functions
and paradigms.  The broken middle line of the Earth trigram
represents the Left Hemisphere and its function as the
processor of facts and particular bits of language, words, and
information, as the verbal part of the brain system.  The long
yang line of the Heaven trigram represents the insula, cingulate
area, limbic lobe, autonomic nervous systems, reticulate system,
as processors of feeling and energy.  The broken yin line of the
Earth trigram represents the hippocampus and striated bodies,
basal ganglia and thalamus as processors of information and
motor response.  (for more information, click below)

The result, in terms of personality patterns, is a paranoid Wind
(sneaks into everything, penetrates everywhere) as the
antithesis of a histrionic borderline Thunder (shakes everyone
up and traumatizes everyone), an antisocial Flame (burns
people) as the antithesis of an in a rut, compulsive Waterpit, a
dependent Earth as the antithesis of a schizotypal (really far out)
Heaven, a sadistic and narcissistic (stick it in your face)
Mountainas the opposite of an avoidant and masochistic (dump
it in me) Lake. (for more information, click "Anothermodel"
                HEAVEN (supernatural)
                 path of Augustine

                   path of Plato

(liberal)               (empirical)            (absolutism)   (dialectical)
LAKE-WATER  path of Sartre   path of Locke     path of Hobbes  
path of Hegel
                  EARTH (natural)
           path of John Stuart Mill

       THUNDER-DUST (practical)
           path of John Dewey

The above is an example of the kind of I Ching structure that can
be generated when the trigrams are laid over a tetrahedral,
cubic, or octahedral structure, giving eight faces, corners,
tetrahedral faces, laid flat.  In the above, FLAME, LAKE, EARTH,
WIND are four faces of a tetrahedron, each opposite a vertex:
Romantic, Fantastic, Gothic, Surreal
               (truly beyond)                                  

   Classical, Neoplatonic, Ideal
             (elevated and airy)

DaDa Cubist    Impressionist         Baroque     Post-Impressionist
Experimental    Analytic                 Rationalist           Synthesis
Existential         Empirical               Absolutist            Fashion
(burned up)   (strong view point)     (in a rut)           (absorbs all)

Realist, Materialist, Naturalist, Utilitarian
               (down to earth)

Expressionist, Pop, Pragmatist, Vulgar
            (trauma and drama)     
see the following:
          long yang energy bottom line

     productive orientation, hunter gatherer
                 genetic mutation

long yang private self top line           long yang line brahman one

hoarding-refining orientation,
aristocratic                                              genetic set point

    broken yin information bottom line

exploitive     hoarding-segregating receptive receptive-absorbing
natural selection  isolation-species  feedback       recombination   
extinction            input-analysis       mechanism     gene-pool
war and anarchy  republic debate   order/absolutism  imperialism

        receptive-utilizing, democracy
               genetic phenotype

broken yin atom particle line          broken yin public cosmos
       marketing, populism, pragmatism
              emergence, adaptation

        long yang energy bottom line  
it is possible to integrate the notion of the five elements of
Chinese mythology in a five points system as follows:
               long yang energy line

               Right Cerebral Hemisphere   
long yang observing self line             long yang boundless whole
(wood) aboriginal productivity    (water) hoarding
Frontal Lobes Executive Functions   Vs.        (Posterior Cerebral)
(Anterior Cerebral)  Vs.  Parietal-Occipital-Temporal
Association                                 broken yin information line
           broken yin information line
(fire) exploitative                        (metal bowl) receptive  
             Left Cerebral Hemisphere    
broken yin atom line                                 broken yin cosmos line
                    (earth)  marketing
ADULT-EGO                 THUNDER-DUST                  CHILD -ID
motor              central sulcus         sensory  
               long yang energy line         

___________________________________________________note how the
five orientations of Eric Fromm, the Five Chinese elements, fit into the line and
broken line eight trigram system:
aboriginal productive function as growing wood
the hoarding of economic value as collective water
the receiving of economic value as the metal of a metal bowl
the marketing of economic value as the flowering of the earth
the exploiting of economic value as a fire burning the earth

now impose over this the four quarters of the human brain, right
and left cerebrum and anterior and posterior portions of each
cerebral hemisphere, divided at the central sulcus,
now make each of these a person of a transactional analysis or
psychoanalytic sequence
Egg or Anima against Ego-Adult
Child-Id against Parent-Super Ego

Now impose the Fu Xi, Early Heaven sequence of the I Ching on
the above, with Heaven as the Right Hemisphere, Water as the
Posterior Cerebrum, Earth as the Left Hemisphere, and Fire as
the Frontal lobes.  Let Thunder be Left Motor and Mountain Left
Sensory, Let Lake be Right Motor and Wind Right Sensory,
Mountain is the developing Child emerging from the Waterpit
womb and Thunder is the teenage adult opposed to Wind the
ghost leaving the body.  Lake can be the family-system
maintained by the Parent.

Try instead the following King Wen system:
anterior/frontal   RIGHT CEREBRAL HEMISPHERE posterior
4th Noble Truth:RIGHT ACTION     3rd Noble Truth: NIRVANA    
                    early winter (death)
(metal knife element)                  (water cycle element)
         LAKE                                   WATERPIT
         autumn                                    winter
EARTH                                                                     MOUNTAIN
late summer                                                              early spring
(fire element)                            (growing wood element)
             FLAME                            THUNDER
            summer                               spring
                (earth element)
ADULT/EGO                  WIND                      CHILD/ID   
                    early summer
1st Noble Truth:SUFFERING          2nd Noble Truth:DESIRE
anterior           LEFT CEREBRAL HEMISPHERE  posterior
Note that we have imposed a noble truth, from the four noble
truths of Buddha, on each section/person/psychoanalytic
function of the brain, human life cycle.  Note also that the Winter
side is the night of sleep and dreams and the Summer side is  
daylight wakefulness.
___________________________________________________Heaven is the
source, the productive beginning.  Out of that mutant source come the genes, the
ideal systems, the paradigms that control all systems.  This realm of paradigms is
the Wind from Heaven, the Heaven paradigm with a break in the bottom line
where its energy is supplied to information and principle, to the structure, the
cosmic mind behind all things.

Lake splits the consciousness top line and allows personal
consciousness to merge with the collective unconscious.  
Further breaks in the energy bottom line cause this collective
consciousness to attach to information, determinant
mechanisms, astrology, and fate, the is the Waterpit trigram.

Breaks in the middle line of Lake allow the collective
unconscious to emerge into particular thermodynamic events,
into expressions in the visible world, this is the Thunder trigram.
When all lines are broken, the result is objective structure,
objective product, scientific measurement, utilitarian functions,
the trigram Earth.

The information from these results is absorbed into the long
observer line of the Mountain trigram, the observing
consciousness, and then into the long boundless whole line of
the Wind trigram, where it is integrated into Neoplatonic mind,
into the Form of the Good, where it is integrated into idealistic
metaphysics, and from there, into the magical dreamworld,
dreamland, surrealistic fantasy world of the three long yang
lines, the source realm, the realm of the true supernatural,
boundless, endless, free, creative Heaven trigram.

Between Thunder, Heaven, and Mountain lies the Flame
trigram.  This the opposite of the long line of unifying order that
is the Waterpit trigram.  The Flame trigram is two long yang lines
enfolding the hole in the cosmic egg, the break in the cosmic
order, the slit in which the guts of all things endless push out into
something utterly new.    
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