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Allan Ralph Andrews, PhD, CPA, Certified Clinical
Hypnotherapist, State of California Certification in
School Psychology, Multiple Subject, Single
Subject: Life Science, Social Science, Physical
Science, Agriculture, Business
Formerly Assistant Professor, Lecturer  Biology,
Botany, Zoology, Life Science, Philosophy,
Comparative Religion, Teaching Fellow Botany,
History, Philosophy, various academic institutions
Research Assistant UCLA School of Medicine
Currently studying Art, Sculpture, Painting
California State University, Bakersfield.
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There are all kinds of possible models of systems.  Consider a system that has a genetic base, set out on a octahedron, cube, with six
poles:  CONCENTRATED to DISTRIBUTED, FIXED to FLUX, DISCONNECTED to CONNECTED, and twelve sides: variety to
sameness, ground to form, purpose to action, development to conserved, individual to collective, transcend to measure, and eight
faces: Source to Result, Ideal to Perform, Free to Order, Separate to Mix.  (but lets develop the idea of mutant ideas, brain systems)
Right Hemisphere of Cerebrum                                            FLUX        Energy control in autonomic and reticulate areas of brain stem
Free:                           variety         Source: Mutation         ground                                    Mix
              CONCENTRATION         transcend                     CONNECTION
                                  conserve    Ideal: Genetic Set Point   purpose
FLUX  Free: Natural Selection                                                                       Mix: Genetic Recombination, FLUX
Competition, Extinction                                                                     Gene pool                                                                 
Association areas, basal ganglia:      individual                   FIXED                  collection                            Association areas, basal ganglia
Cingulate area and frontal lobes         Separate: Isolation,                  Order: Feedback Mechanism    Parietal, Temporal, Occipital lobes
                                        Analysis of Input                  Reproduction
                                   form    Result: traits and properties     sameness
               DISCONNECTION               measure                  DISTRIBUTION
Free:                               action                     Perform: Adaptation and     development             Mix
                                                              Emergent Phenotype
Left Hemisphere of Cerebrum                                                  FLUX       Energy control in autonomic and reticulate areas of brain stem

Now this is the basic system that is responsible for genetic emergence, for evolution, for the appearance of biological form.  Genes
mutate.  Mutant genes become part of gene pools where they are recombined with other genes in the formation of offspring. Gene
combinations in these offspring produce phenotypes, produce emergent traits.  Natural selection operates on these divergent
phenotypes through competition for survival and reproduction, through the selective elimination of the unfit.  We have cycled from

The basic mandala framework we are using is inspired by Joseph Campbell, ed. The Portable Jung, Penguin, 1971, p. 382, xxviii,
Fromm, Man for Himself, Fawcett Premier, 1947, p. 52, Tom Valentine, The Great Pyramid, Pinnacle, 1975, see insert, p. 90, diagram
1, H.S.M. Coxeter, Regular Polytopes, Dover, 1973, p. 5, note p. 118, the hypercube as the extension of the cube, see the 16 levels of
organizations, two hypercubes extending out of the cosmic and back into the cosmic again, see also R. Buckminster Fuller, Critical
Path, St. Martins, 1981, p. 8

Source to Mix to Perform to Free.  At this point, the focal mutations may or may not have been adequately isolated.  Over time, adaptive
genes that survive tend to become isolated through geographic isolation, species formation, and other mechanisms.  These genes
establish an adaptive peak, a set point.  They support internal feed back mechanisms that function as thermostats maintaining
homeostasis around adaptive gene anchored set points.  The set point mechanism involves feed back maintaining homeostatic
levels of adaptive traits and properties and input and analysis of data about those traits and properties that can be thermostatically
matched against set points and trigger feed back mechanisms.  Here we travel from Result to Separate to Ideal to Order.
In the model I have developed here, I am not attempting to say that the brain does genetic processing.  I am suggesting that the
way that we view things, our scientific models, and the actual emergent systems that we are modelling cannot be considered
independently of the brain system in which the models develop.

The biological aspect of the systems model developed above is the product of doctoral studies done in evolutionary mechanisms at
the Department of Botany at the University of California, Los Angeles, from 1962 to 1966, under the supervision of Dr. Harlan Lewis,
then President of the Society for Evolution, Dr. Mildred Mathias, then Director of the Botanic Garden at UCLA, and discussions with Carl
Epling, who worked with Theodosius Dobzhanski in his studies of population biology in the vinegar fly (Drosophila pseudobscura).  My
own research has been in the Elatinaceae on populations of Elatine californica, Elatine heterandra, etc.  The brain structure model is
the product of graduate work in neurology at California State University, Los Angeles in 1976 and seminars in brain function done for
teachers while practicing as a School Psychologist in the State of California, 1999 to present.

This same model can be modified to work for cultural evolution.  If we have ideas develop in the mutant stage (productive orientation),
have them collect in the recombinant phase (hoarding orientation) and emerge in the expressive phase (marketing orientation).  If we
apply competitive pressure on them in the exploitive orientation, isolate them in the segregating and hoarding orientation, establish set
points for them in the refining orientation, and feed back mechanism for them in the receptive orientation, get information about the
result in the utilizing orientation,  we set up a model that may work for cultural evolution.  In respect to tempers, the mutant stage,
productive orientation, would be the romantic temper, the glutinous and global imperial, the symbolism, post-impressionistic temper,
the marketing orientation, the expressionist temper, the exploitive, the Da Da, or  cubist temper, the utilizing is the realist temper, the
receptive, is the baroque orientation, the refining is the classical orientation, the segregating and hoarding is the impressionist temper.

What if this works for brain function?  What if we can make left hemisphere factualism the disconnection pole and the meaning
seeking right hemisphere as the connecting pole opposite?  What if the frontal lobes and cingulate areas are the concentrating pole
and the parietal, temporal, occipital lobes the distributing opposite?  What if the flux pole is lower brain autonomic and reticulate
functions and the law (information) pole is the association and basal ganglia cerebral opposite?  See my attempt to apply these
polarities to my genetic feedback system diagram above.

R ow 1       Row 2       Row 3       Row 4       Row 5           Row 6        Row 7      Row 8
Row 1 Force         Energy     General      Whole       Inclusion     Union        Medium    Hazy              Qualities  of the row  
intersection                        STABLE  Property  PARTICULAR  Part EXCLUSION Division    PROPERTY  Accurate          POLAR OPPOSITES
Of the above
Row 2 Novelty      Source      Endless     Content     Full           Glue           Mixture   Investment                         Qualities
Consistent RESULT    END          Surface   EMPTY Break SEPARATION CONSERVE                     POLAR OPPOSITES
Row 3 Variation Extraordinary Transcendent Model Perfect     Closed      Collective Attached                         Qualities
Row 4  Lead        Primary     Principle     Rule         Restraint        Regular     Copy    Group                                Qualities
Association Reflect  Extension  Explosion  Unrestrained  Revolution PECULIAR ALONE                 POLAR OPPOSITES
Row 5 Alone       Detached  Conserve   Accurate     Stable          Consistent Ordinary Association                   Qualities
Group        ATTACHED  Investment  HAZY      FORCE        NOVELTY   Variation  LEAD                        POLAR OPPOSITES
Row 6 Peculiar    Individual Separation Structure  Property        Result          Typical    Reflection                      Qualities
COPY        Collective  MIXTURE   Medium    ENERGY      SOURCE     Extraordinary PRIMARY       POLAR OPPOSITES
Row 7 Revolution Open         Broken      Division     Particular    End                Expression  Extension            Qualities
REGULAR Closed      GLUE        Union        GENERAL  Endless         Transcend  PRINCIPLE      POLAR OPPOSITES
Row 8 Unrestrained Imperfect   Empty  Exclusion    Part            Surface         Accident     Explosion              Qualities
RESTRAINED Perfect     FULL   Inclusion     WHOLE     Content           MODEL     RULE                 POLAR OPPOSITES

The eight rows by eight rows above are a proof of the system used for the octahedron, tetrahedron, cube
Imagine the sheet shown above as made of rubber and  joined so that Row 1 binds to Row 8, 2 to 7, 3 to 6, 4 to 5, Now stretch it over a
cube or an octahedron or a tetrahedron or a sphere, so that Source is Opposed to Result, Separation to Mixture, Open to Closed,
Transcend to Expression.  These are the eight faces of the Octahedron Source as Heaven, Result as Earth, Open as Fire, Closed as
Wood, Separation as Salt, Mixture as Water, Transcend as Air and Dust as Expression.   Lead/Alone to Group/Association,  
Force/Explosion to Stable/Rule, Whole/Inclusion to Exclusion/Part are the vertex poles of the Octahedron, faces of the Cube.

Lead/Alone to Group/Association is the same as the CONCENTRATION to DISTRIBUTION AXIS
Force/Explosion to Stable/Rule is the same as the FLUX to FIXED AXIS
Whole/Inclusion to Exclusion/Part is the same as the CONNECTION to DISCONNECTION AXIS
Source = mutation, Transcend = set point, Open = Natural Selection, Closed = Feedback Mechanisms, Separation = Isolation and
Input Analysis, Mix = Synthesis, Recombination, Gene Pools,  Result = Trait Measurement, Expression = Phenotype emergence.

Consider the following octahedron/cube:

                                                 LIGHTNING STORM (Force/Explosion)
Fire                                    flames (Variation)            Heaven (Source)                     cloud  (Medium)                Water
HOT (Lead/Alone)                    rainbow (Transcend)                    WET (Whole/Inclusion)
        elements (Detached)     Air (Model)                             flower (Perfect)
Fire (Open)  cinders (Individual)  Salt (Separate)  METAL (Stable/Rule) Wood (Order)  ice (Collective) Water (Mixture)
        crystals (Structure)         Result (Earth)                        ceramics (Consistent)
DRY (Exclusion/Part)                sediment (Expression)               COLD (Group/Association)
Fire                                      ashes (Imperfect)           Dust (Accident)                       beach (Attached)            Water
                                                    LIGHTNING STORM (Force/Explosion)

Rational: Hot  is" alone" because molecules move apart, Wet is "inclusion" because water holds them together, dissolves them, drying
brings separation of particular molecules.  Cold clumps molecules together in crystals, etc.  See Fromm, Man for Himself, Fawcett.
1947, p 59, Cold is also the slow mode of the parasympathetic and the sensory brain, posterior cerebrum, Hot is also fast and the
sympathetic nervous system and the frontal lobes and associated motor areas, dry is also strong, the strong right hand controlled by
the left hemisphere of the cerebrum, and Wet is also weak, the weak left hand controlled by the right hemisphere.  Fire is the ancient
Choleric temper, Earth the Melancholic, Water is the Phlegmatic, and Air is the Sanguine.  See Also Joseph Campbell, ed, The
Portable Jung, Penguin, 1971, p.  382 and xxviii, Jung's sensory is Result/Earth and his intuitive is Source/Heaven, Jung's thinking is
Separate (analysis) and Salt, and his feeling is Mixture (synthesis) and Water. Metal is also Fixed and Framework, and Storm is Flux
and Lightning that passes electricity through metal.  Thus, metal is information and storm is energy.
Other equivalent terms:
Perfect = Purpose, Imperfect = Action, Medium = Ground, Structure = form, Model= Ideal, Accident = Expression, Perform
Open = Free, Closed = Order  Expression-sediment = measure, Attached = development, Detached = conserve, Consistent =

Artistic tempers: Heaven, Source = Romantic, Gothic to Earth, Result = Realistic
Air, Ideal, Model = Classical to Dust, Perform = Expressionistic
Salt, Separate = Impressionistic to Water, Mix = Eclectic, Picturesque, Symbolism, Post-Impressionism, Imperial
Fire, Open, Free = Da Da, Cubist to Wood, Order = Baroque, Rococo

Stages of Civilization:
Heaven, Source = Productive Orientation, Pristine State, Ecologically Stable, Ecologically Productive, Cultural Mutation, Creativity
Earth, Result = Utilizing Orientation, Industrial, Utilitarian, Democratic, Socialistic (Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, 1950 -2000 AD)
Fire, Open = Exploitative Orientation, Tribal, Tribal Raids, Warfare (Viking Raids, Saxon Warriors), Cultural Selection, Extinction
Wood, Closed = Receptive Orientation, Absolutism, Bureaucratic ( Louis XXIV ), Cultural Feed-back Mechanisms, Cultural Systems
Air, Ideal = Refining Orientation, Aristocracy, Nobility ( Ancient Athens, Florence), Cultural Ideals, Set Points, Cultural Thermostats
Dust, Perform = Marketing Orientation, consumer society, capitalism, populism, (1950 American), cultural Phenotypes, Emergence
Salt, Separate = Segregating and Hoarding, nationalism, debate, republicanism (1890 French Republic) Analysis of Input, Isolation
Water, Mixing = Glutinous and Assimilation, mercantile, imperialism, (1700 British Empire, 1900 French Empire) cultural recombination

See the identification of  Fire Earth Air Water model transitions to planets, astrological signs, Greek Gods, Roman Gods,  personality

                                                   Positive Left Hemisphere Signs                         Negative Right Hemisphere Signs
flames, variation, Schizoid, Artemis, Diana  (Moon)                                                                                                    Cancer, House IV, Family
cinder, individual, Sadistic, Apollo  (Sun)                                               Leo, House V, Projects
crystal, structure, form, Narcissistic, Zeus, Jupiter                              Sagittarius, House IX  Travel
sediment, measure, Histrionic, Hermes, Mercury                                Gemini, House III Correspondence
ceramics, sameness, Dependent, Hestia, Vesta  (Mercury Sister)                                                                         Virgo, House VI   Service
ashes, action, Antisocial, Ares, Mars                                                       Aries, House I  Self
beach, development, Borderline, Aphrodite, Venus                             Libra, House VII Partnership
ice, collective, Masochistic, Demeter, Ceres    (Venus)                                                                                             Taurus, House II Property
cloud, ground, Schizotypal, Poseidon, Neptune                                                                                                            Pisces, House XII, Secrets
flower, purpose, Compulsive, Hephaestus, Vulcan  (Pluto, Mars)                                                                      Scorpio, House VIII, Inheritance
rainbow, transcend, Avoidant, Schizoid, Athena, Minerva (Uranus)  Aquarius, House XI, Friendships
element, conserve, Paranoid, Hera, Juno (Saturn)                                                                                                      Capricorn, House X, Status

Lets transfer this to our brain function model:
Storm/Force/Explosion = reticulate, autonomic, and lower brain attention and energy level control
Metal/Stable/Rule = basal ganglia, association area of cerebral cortex and information control

Hot/Concentration/alone = Frontal lobes, cingulate area        also Fast/sympathetic nervous system
Cold/Distribution/group = Posterior lobes, Parietal, Occipital, Temporal association areas  also Slow/parasympathetic nervous system

Wet/Whole/Connection = Right Hemisphere of Cerebrum   also weak, left hand
Dry/Part/Disconnection = Left Hemisphere of Cerebrum       also strong, right hand  

Air, Model, Set Point, Classical = Right Frontal Lobe association areas
Dust, Perform, Phenotype, Expressionist = Left Parietal Temporal association

Heaven, Source,  Romantic = Right Cingulate Hippocampus
Earth, Result, Realistic = Left verbal frontal lobe, Broca's, temporal lobe connections

Fire, Free, Cubist = Left cingulate, Motor area
Wood, Order, Baroque = Right  Central Sulcus, Right Motor to Right Somatosensory, Parietal to Temporal association

Salt, Separate, Impressionist = Left frontal association
Water, Mix, Eclectic = Right Parietal Temporal lobe association

Consider the following brain functions, areas, personality disorder, astrological signs, houses, planets, cube edge, god and goddess
correlations (12 edges of cube, octahedron, 12 angles of tetrahedron, 6 pairs of gods and goddesses), thus:

Aries, House I Self, Positive Mars, Ares, ashes, action, Antisocial, Motor area of Left Cerebral Cortex Hemisphere
Taurus, House II, Property Negative Venus, Demeter-Ceres,  ice, collective, Masochist, Parietal lobe of Right Cerebral Cortex
Gemini, House III, Correspondence, Positive Mercury, Hermes, sediment, measure, Histrionic, Left Frontal Speech Area (Broca's)
Cancer, House IV, Family, Negative Moon, Artemis-Diana, flame, variation, Schizoid-Avoidant, Right Cingulate, Brain Stem, SleepCenter
Leo, House V, Projects, Positive Sun, Apollo, cinders, individual, Narcissist-Sadistic, Left frontal cingulate area, occipital, reticulate
Virgo, House VI, Service, Negative Mercury, Hestia-Vesta, ceramics, sameness, Dependent, Left/Right Temporallobes,corpuscallosum
Libra, House VII, Partnership, Positive Venus, Aphrodite, beach, development, Borderline, Left Somatosensory, Parietal lobe.
Scorpio, House VIII, Inheritance, Negative Mars, Pluto, Hephaestus-Vulcan, flower, purpose, Compulsive, Right Motor, Basal Ganglia.
Sagittarius, House IX, Travel, Positive Jupiter, Zeus, crystal, form, Narcissistic,  Left Hemisphere frontal lobe, motor facilitation, plans.
Capricorn, House X, Status, Negative Saturn, Hera, element, conserve, Paranoid, Right frontal lobe, motor inhibitions, caution.
Aquarius, House XI, Friends, Positive Uranus, Athena, rainbow, transcend, Avoidant-Schizoid, Right frontal association, cingulate lobe.
Pisces, House XII, Secrets, Negative Neptune, Poseidon, clouds, ground, Schizotypal, Right cingulate, hippocampus, temporal lobe.

                RETICULATE/AUTONOMIC ENERGY CYCLES (Asleep, Dreaming, Awake)
Artemis/Diana  Schizoid             Right Cingulate/Hippocampus             Poseidon/Nepturne Schizotypal
Hera/Juno Paranoid                        Right Frontal Lobes                             Hephaestus/Vulcan Compulsive
Left Motor   Apollo Sadistic/Narcissist     CEREBRAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS     Demeter/Masochist    Right Parietal
Cingulate                     Left Frontal Lobe                                                                Right Motor/Basal Ganglia
Zeus/Jupiter Narcissist                Left Hemisphere Verbal Areas            Hestia/Vesta Dependent
Left Motor   Ares/Mars     Antisocial                Left Central Sulcus/Parietal                    Aphrodite/Venus Borderline
               RETICULATE/AUTONOMIC ENERGY CYCLES  (Asleep, Dreaming, Awake)

Right Cingulate Right Frontal Lobes  Right Motor Central Sulcus Right Somatosensory, Parietal Lobe, Temporal, Occipital Association
THINK     Athena/Minerva Avoidant/Schizoid                                      Demeter/Ceres Masochist     Poseidon/Neptune  Schizotypal
(Positive Uranus/Aquarius, XI House, Friends)                               (Negative Venus/Taurus, II House, Property)        THERE                  
(Negative Mars/Pluto/Scorpio, VIII House, Death, Inheritance)              HERE
THINK                       ACT   Hephaestus/Vulcan Compulsive                                 HERE                                    THERE
Artemis/Diana/Schizoid/Avoidant                                                                                                     (Negative Neptune/Pisces, XII House, Secrets)
(Negative Moon/Cancer, IV House, Family)
OFF          STOP   Hera/Juno  Paranoid                                                                                           (Negative Mercury/Virgo, VI House, Service)
(Negative Saturn/ Capricorn,X House, Status)                                                                      Hestia/Vesta Dependent
(Positive Jupiter/ Sagittarius, IX House, Travel)                                                                               IN (LISTEN)
ON              GO     Zeus/Jupiter Narcissist             FAST                                    SLOW
Apollo/Sadistic/Narcissist                   Ares/Mars/ Antisocial             Aphrodite/Venus Borderline
(Positive Sun/Leo, V House, Projects)                                               (Positive Venus, Libra, VII House, Partnership)
                 (Positive Mars/Aries, I House, Self)
         Hermes/Mercury/Histrionic   OUT (TALK)
         (Positive Mercury/Gemini, III House, Correspondence)                                             IN
Left Cingulate  Left Frontal Lobe/ Broca's / Motor/ Central Sulcus  Left Somatosensory,  Parietal Lobe,  Temporal,  Occipital Association

The Six Neural Switches:

OFF  Artemis/Diana Schizoid/Avoidant      Negative Moon     Cancer        IV House      Family          Sleep
ON    Apollo               Sadistic/Narcissist   Positive   Sun         Leo             V  House      Projects        Awake

SLOW  Aphrodite/Venus Borderline           Positive Venus     Libra           VII  House    Partnerships   Parasympathetic Autonomic  Rest
FAST    Ares/Mars             Antisocial            Positive Mars        Aries           I  House        Self                   Sympathetic Autonomic, Excite

HERE  Demeter/Ceres   Masochist           Negative Venus    Taurus        II  House      Property          Right Parietal Lobe
THERE  Poseidon/Neptune  Schizotypal  Negative Neptune  Pisces      XII House    Secrets           Right Temporal, Hippocampus

ACT  Hephaestus/Vulcan   Compulsive    Negative Mars/Pluto  Scorpio   VIII House  Inheritance    Right Motor, Basal Ganglia
THINK, Athena, Minerva      Avoidant/Schizoid  Positive Uranus  Aquarius  XI  House  Friends          Right Frontal Lobe to Left

STOP  Hera/Juno  Paranoid                        Negative Saturn      Capricorn   X  House  Status               Motor Inhibition
GO      Zeus/Jupiter  Narcissistic                Positive Jupiter        Sagittarius  IX  House Travel              Motor facilitation

IN    Hestia/Vesta  Dependent                     Negative Mercury     Virgo           VI  House  Service            Verbal Listening
OUT  Hermes/Mercury Histrionic                Positive Mercury      Gemini        III  House  Correspondence   Verbal Speech

These switches develop at different levels:

OFF   Tunicate    Schizoid     Catatonic          Artemis/Diana  Negative Moon  Cancer          Autonomic Nervous System/Medulla
ON    Fish            Sadistic      Psychopath       Apollo               Positive  Sun      Leo                Central Nervous System/ Reticulate activation

SLOW  Amphibian  Borderline  Suicidal       Aphrodite/Venus  Positive Venus  Libra           Parasympathetic Nerves, Hypothalamus
FAST    Reptile        Antisocial    Criminal      Ares/Mars              Positive Mars    Aries           Sympathetic Nerves, Amygdala

THERE  Monotreme  Schizotypal  Schizophrenic   Poseidon/Neptune  Negative Neptune   Pisces,  Hippocampus, Rhinencephalon
HERE    Marsupial      Masochistic   Depressed     Demeter/Ceres   Negative Venus    Taurus, Cerebral Association areas

STOP    Placental       Paranoid   Negative      Hera/Juno       Negative Saturn    Capricorn    Right Hemisphere Frontal Inhibition
GO         Primate      Narcissistic     Manic        Zeus/Jupiter   Positive Jupiter      Sagittarius  Left Hemisphere Frontal facilitation

THINK    Ape             Avoidant       Phobic        Athena/Minerva  Positive Uranus    Aquarius    Frontal lobe thought and planning
ACT       Human    Compulsive  Obsessive  Hephaestus/Vulcan  Negative Mars/Pluto  Scorpio, Frontal lobe Motor, Basal Ganglia

IN (LISTEN)  Austrolopithecus   Dependent Passive   Hestia/Vesta  Negative Mercury  Virgo   Verbal areas in Left Temporal Lobe
OUT (TALK)  Homo sapiens       Histrionic    Dramatic   Hermes/Mercury  Positive Mercury  Gemini   Broca's Speech Area, Left Frontal

For material on the above, Jaak Panksepp, Affective Neuroscience, Oxford, 1998, Douglas and Molly Webster, Comparative Vertebrate
Morphology, New York University,  Academic Press, 1974, pp. 237 -298, Neil R. Carlson, 6th Ed, Physiology of Behavior, 57 - 85, 236,
251, 486, see Also Oldham, Skodol, Bender, Textbook of Personality Disorders, American Psychiatric Publishing, 2005, p. 6, p. 60.

The brain has gradually evolved new switches to deal with new challenges.  Swimming like a fish requires wakefulness.  Life on land
required the ability to regulate autonomic functions (hypothalamus) and, eventually, higher level emotions (amygdala).  Primitive
mammals had to develop memory systems to find their way through burrows and paths (hippocampus).  With more challenges, came
the need for more intelligence, the expansion of the cerebral cortex, differentiation of hemispheric function and of frontal lobe activity,
regulating the facilitation and inhibition of motor action.  The development of social behavior required more intelligence.  Humans
applied that intelligence to skilled tool using behaviors.  Later it was applied to the development of sensitivity to social signals and
finally to the production of complex speech.

Personality disorders may be symptoms of differences in temper that have become stuck.  Or the stuckness may involve a  switch at a
very deep level of the personality that may indicate systematic personality problems, such as a schizoid switch that becomes catatonic,
a sadistic that becomes psychopathic, a borderline that becomes suicidal.

Personality Disorder characteristics:

Avoidant: afraid of being hurt, social vulnerability, inhibition, lack of self assertion and socialization as opposed to
Histrionic: expressive, exhibitionist, emotionalize, impress others

Masochistic: seeking punishment, pain, giving in, enjoying pain and punishment, as opposed to
(see also depressed version, feeling sad, withdrawing as a result of depression, see also negativistic, or passive-aggressive version,
here the individual complains, frustrates authority, demonstrates passive and sometimes self punishing forms of resistance)
Sadistic: enjoying the punishment of others, giving others pain, using anger and force on others

Schizoid: lack of intimacy and reciprocity, pulling away from others, isolating, detaching, as opposed to
Dependent: Clinging to others, seeking help from others, lacking self-sufficiency, feeling helpless

Compulsive (Obsessive-Compulsive): conscientious, controlling, perfectionist, responsibility, getting things right, as opposed to
Antisocial: conniving, manipulating, exploiting, victimizing others, amoral, combative, irresponsible, predation

Borderline: Splitting into good and bad, lack of boundaries, love addicted, unstable personal relationships, impulsiveness, vs.
Paranoid: Vigilant, mistrusting, suspicion, boundaries too strong, looking for hidden motives, see self as righteous

Schizotypal: feels like an alien, people are out to get me, nothing happens by chance, inner feelings tell you the future, vs.
Narcissistic: competitive, self-aggrandizing,  see themselves as special, believe they deserve special privileges, are superior

The avoidant is afraid of socialization, the histrionic seeks it.  The schizoid never depends on others, the dependent person never
leaves those he depends upon.  The masochist receives pain and the sadist gives it.  The compulsive never breaks the rules and the
antisocial breaks them constantly.   The paranoid never trusts a sexual partner and the borderline sometimes trusts his/her partners
too much.  The schizotypal looks inward toward an inner voice and the narcissist looks outward toward external image.
Athena is a goddess that keeps to her self, has no partners, but Hermes is the messenger of the gods.  Artemis is a loner, but Hestia
is the follower, the servant of the gods.   Hephaestus is always making things to please others, Ares starts fights to please himself.  
Hera never trusts her lovers (Zeus), but Aphrodite is the goddess that would have everyone abandon their mistrust of love.  Zeus keeps
up a good public front, but Poseidon hides in the ocean depths.  Demeter has suffered the pain of losing her daughter to the darkness
of Hades, but,  Apollo gives pain to those who ignore the arrows of his blinding light.  Note that Demeter's behavior could be explained
by a depressed, a negativistic, or a passive-aggressive version of the masochist type, as well as by pure masochism.  Did Demeter
behave in a way that caused her daughter to be taken by Hades (failing to watch her daughter carefully, for example), or is Demeter just
complaining loudly as the negativistic types will do, or is she actually in a depression, thus not wanting to leave the local fields?  Here
we see that mythological figures never stand for a pure personality type.  Both Apollo and Zeus can be examples of narcissism.  Both
Artemis and Athena can be examples of the avoidant.

Consider the following alternative:
Internal Parent, Super Ego                             Hades   Tartaurus    Persephone  
SANGUINE (hypomanic)                        Cyclothemic              PIT                             Schizotypal                                  PHLEGMATIC (Dreamy)
External Child, Libido                                                                                                                                                          External
Egg-Id-Anima                                           Artemis        Delusional/Manic                 Schizoid                        Avoidant/Anxious   Poseideon
    OFF         CREATIVE THOUGHT   Athena   Hephaestus   ACT RIGHT                 THERE
                                            Paranoid             HIGH                          Compulsive
                               STOP        Hera              Uranus           Demeter     HERE                HERE          
Rebellious  Silene  DREAM    Sadistic    AWAKE  Helios   Elitist   Rhea LAW     Masochistic                      LAWLESS   Hecate    Rebellious
                               GO             Zeus             Cronos            Semele     CONFORM      CONFROM            
                                              Narcissistic      OLD                           Dependent
                         SPEAK-OUT     Hermes                       Hestia      LISTEN-IN                ACT-OUT
 Apollo          Hyperactive                             Histrionic                        Depressed          Dionysus
                                               Antisocial    PREGNANT      Borderline                                     Internal Child, Libido   
CHOLERIC (Hyper)                              FAST           Ares         Gea          Aphrodite   SLOW                                       MELANCHOLIC
(Dysthymic)   External Adult, Ego                                                                                                                                                  External Parent,
Elder, Super-Ego

The mandala shown above is a split open octahedron cube.  The sanguine humor dominates in the symbolically hot, manic, frontal
lobe area (dominance of motor and sympathetic connections).  The melancholic humor dominates in the depressed parasympathetic
opposite.  The choleric humor dominates in the right hand controlling, active, left hemisphere, and the more phlegmatic, left hand
controlling right hemisphere is its opposite.  We are centering the egg, anima, function in the phlegmatic and the adult ego funtion in
the choleric.  We sense a counter flow in which the sanguine area rules the exterior of the child and the heart of the parent, while the
melancholic rules the exterior of the parent, elder, but the sanguine triumphs over the heart of the parent, elder, that does the job of
parenting and being an elder well.  This is but one of many ways this mandala can be framed, we constructed it using the following
experimental data:

The personality disorder system above is the result of using the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory III, Theodore Million, et. al., to the
analysis of personality disorders in the Greek and Roman gods as given in Ovid's Metamorphosis, substitute Greek and Roman as
follows: Ares=Mars, Aphrodite=Venus, Zeus=Jupiter, Hera=Juno, Hades=Pluto, Demeter=Ceres, Dionysus=Bacchus, Cronos=Saturn,
Artemis=Diana, Athena=Minerva, Hephaestus=Vulcan, Refer to any source, for example, Houtzager, The Complete Encylopedia of
Greek Mythology, Chartwell, 2003, Robert Graves, The Golden Ass, Noonday, 1998, Cotterell, Encyclopedia of Mythology, Lorenz, 2000,
for the table of the gods and goddesses, see Robert Graves, The Greek Myths, Penguin, 1990, Hesiod, Theogony and Works and
Days, see M. L. West translator, Oxford, 1999, see Ovid in A. D. Melville translation, Oxford University Press, 1998, see Apollonius of
Rhodes: Argonautica, Cambridge, 1989, the purpose of this is to develop the metaphorical aspect of language relative to brain
function, see Joseph Campbell, The Masks of God, Primitive, Oriental, Occidental, Creative Mythology, Arkana, 1968, 1991, see
Encylopedia of Astrology, Nicholas de Vore, Littlefield, 1947, 1976, pp. 277 -307, 353 -379, 385 -405, the switches are given in capital
letters and represent the primitive neurological switching system, Off (invertebrate brain, sleep), On (fish brain, waking), Slow,
parasympathetic nervous system, frog pond brain, resting, Fast, reptile brain, sympathetic nervous system, leaving the pond,
amygdala warning system on, Here, primitive mammal in the burrow, There, primitive mammal exploring the world, Stop, mammal
afraid of the forest, Go, primate monkey playing in the trees, Act right, ape learning to use tools, Creative thinking, advanced ape
learning to think creatively, Listen, early human learning to listen, Speak, later human learning to talk, Thus, the twelve gods around the
table of Mt. Olympus as representatives of stages of evolution, Artemis (invertebrate), Apollo (fish), Aphrodite (frog), Ares (reptile),
Demeter (monotreme), Poseidon (marsuial), Hera (placental), Zeus (primate), Hephaestus (early ape,), Athena (later ape), Hestia
(early human), Hermes (modern man), refer to Richard Dawkins, The Ancestor's Tale, Houghton Mifflin, 2004, again the layout is a
flattened octahedron of the type shown in R. Buckminster Fuller, Synergetics 2, Macmillan, 1979, pp. 8, 9, 19, 36, 37, 86, 93, 98, 99,
134, 144, 211, 214, 218, 226, 326, 330, 354, 355.   

We are more likely to see a pure type if we consider the economic level of development associated with the mythic behavior.

For example:

Romantic temper/Refining orientation (Heaven/Source) = Artemis/Diana, Hunter-Gather 15000 BC
Cubist temper/Exploitive orientation (Fire/Free, Open) = Ares/Mars, Saxon Warrior 450 AD
Cubist temper/Exploitive orientation (Fire/Free, Open) = Ares/Mars, Greek Warrior 800 BC
Eclectic temper/Assimilatin/Glutinous orientation (Water/Mix) = Poseidon/Neptune, British Empire 1800 AD
Expressionist/Marketing (Dust/Perform) = Aphrodite/Venus, American, 1950 AD
Realistic/Utilizing (Earth/Result) = Hermes/Mercury, French Socialist 1850 AD
Impressionist/Segregating  to Hoarding (Salt/Separate) = Hera, Nationalistic, 1890 AD
Classical/Refining (Air/Ideal) = Athena, Greek Athenian 400 BC, Florence Italy 1450 AD,  Neoclassical, Greek Revival, 1800 AD
Baroque/Receptive orientation (Wood/Order) = Hephaestus/Vulcan, Louis XIV, 1650 AD

Transitional types:

Individualistic transition from Exploitive to Segregating orientation = Apollo, American, British, Canadian, Post-War 1945 AD
Collective transition from Receptive to Assimilating orientation = Demeter/Ceres, various Rococo and Imperial, Assyrian, Babylonian,
Egyptian, Hellenic, Roman, Han, Tang, Sung, Ming Chinese, Moslem Caliphate, Turkish Sultanate, etc.

Transition from Utilizing to Segregating orientation = Zeus, various Narcissistic developed economic types, American, British, French,
German, etc. 1800 to 2000 AD

Transition from Receptive to Utilizing orientation = Hestia, various Dependent types, Napoleonic, 1810 AD

Socialized personality disorder models:

Artemis/Diana = Schizoid/Avoidant (isolated aboriginals)
Ares/Mars = Antisocial (bandit gangs, Viking raids)
Aphrodite/Venus = Borderline (Marilyn Monroe types, Movie Star types, Alcoholics)
Poseidon/Neptune = Schizotypal (characters from Joseph Conrad's tales)
Hera/Juno = Paranoid (paranoid nationalism in national capitols, London, Paris, Berlin, etc, 1914)
Athena/Minerva = Avoidant/Schizoid (Ancient Athens, Cynic, etc)
Hephaestus/Vulcan = Compulsive (artisan working for Louis XXIV, pope in mannerist Rome)
Hermes/Mercury = Histrionic (Yellow Journalism 1890 - 2000)
Zeus = Narcissistic (spoiled rich, elitist, amoristic 1920s)
Demeter = Masochistic (Islam, Christianity, Imperial religion, submission of women)
Apollo = Sadistic, Greek, Northman, Viking 850 AD, cowboy, macho nationalism, American Imperialism 1960 -2005)
Hestia = Dependent, subjects of totalitarian regimes (working women serving the Stalin regime in Moscow 1950 AD)

In order for society to develop healthy systems, it must have healthy set points on the social thermostat.   Generally, mutant set points
emerge from aboriginal cultures that become tribal, like the Vikings.  The development of superior shipping, stimulated by the spread
of Viking seamanship and technology with wood, mingled with existing Mediterranean technology and generated increased trade.  The
commercial ties that developed allowed the emergence of overseas exploration and the hoarding of wealth that became the basis of

                                      variation                                                ground
                                                       Source: Picts, Basque
          CONCENTRATION                    transcend                       CONNECTION
                                                       Ideal: Florence Italy
                                      conserve                                              purpose
FLUX   Free: Viking Raid   individual   Separate: Italian City         LAW     Order: Louis XIV  collective   Mix: Spanish Empire   FLUX
                                      form                                                     sameness
                                                    Result: Germanic Assembly/British Parliament
           DISCONNECTION                       measure                      DISTRIBUTION
                                                    Perform: Commerce of Venice, Genoa                       
                                      action                                                     development

Picts, Basque = Anthros Level, Productive Orientation to Exploitive         Viking = Anthros level (Oral Speech), Exploitive to Marketing
Venice/Genoa = Demos Level (Written Language)  Marketing Orientation to Hoarding
Spanish Empire = Demos Level to primitive Thermos (Printing), Assimilating and Glutinous Orientation to Receptive Orientation
Germanic Assembly = Anthros Level, Utilizing Orientation to Segregating, Exploitive.
City of Florence = Anthros Level to Demos Level, Segregating Orientation (Debate, Provincialism) to Refining Orientation (Aristocratic)
to beginnings of Receptive Orientation (absolutism, Baroque)
Louis XIV France = Demos to primitive Thermos, Refining Orientation to Receptive Orientation to Assimilating and Glutinous
British Parliament, 19th Century = Anthros (oral debate), to Demos (Writing), to Thermos (printing, machines), external aspect,
Exploitive Orientation to Productive Orientation (exploitation of productive cultures, of aboriginal cultures) to Marketing to Assimilating
(imperial function), internal aspect, Receptive Orientation (social stratification, bureaucracy) to Utilizing Orientation (popular election), to
Segregating  and Hoarding Orientation (House of Commons Debate) to Refining Orientation (House of Lords and Aristocracy, Nobility)

Consider this interpretation:
                                     variation                                               ground
                     1.  Source:  Congo Area/Productive Orientation, cultural mutation
                      Bios to Psychos Level of Organization, Cells, Nervous System
     CONCENTRATION                               transcend                   CONNECTION
                      8.  Ideal: Japan/Refining Orientation, cultural set point
                      Synos to Nymphos Levels emerging, Robotics to Virtual Reality
                                       conserve                                             purpose
FLUX  2.  Free:  Sudan/Exploitive Orientation                                                               4.  Mix:  China/Glutinous Assimilating  Orientation  FLUX
cultural competition, natural selection, extinction                                                     cultural recombination, cultural idea gene pool
Psychos to Anthros, tribal psychology, speech                                                          Demos to Thermos, writing/industry
                                        individual                LAW                       collection
                              5.  Separate: Italy/Segregating      7. Order:  USA/Overseas Receptive Orientation
        Hoarding Orientation,  cultural isolation, analysis                        cultural feed back mechanisms
                                 Thermos to Electros (electronic)           Astros to Synos, computers to Internet
                                        form                                                            sameness
                                                   6. Result:  Germany/Utilizing Orientation
                                                   cultural traits and properties
                                                   Electros to Astros, emerging, Electronic to Computer
            DISCONNECTION                           measure                       DISTRIBUTION
                                                   3. Perform: Indonesia/Marketing Orientation
                                                    cultural adaptation and phenotype
                                                    Anthros to Demos, speech to writing
                                            action                                                      development

This model suggests the gradual emergence of the Nymphos (Virtual Reality) from the Bios (cells, genes), beginning with aboriginal
cultures and moving through tribal (Anthros), city state (Demos), industrial (Thermos), electronic (Electros), data processing (Astros),
and robotic-internet-web (Snos) phases and climaxing in Virtual Reality (Nymphos) and organic organization of the andoid type
(Nymphos).  We find more of the aboriginal in places like the Congo, Amazon, New Guinea, more of the tribal on the fringes of these
regions, more of the primitive marketing orientation toward the outer fringes (cultures dominated by written languages, Koran based
Arabic, as an example).  Further away from these aboriginal cores, primitive industrialization and primitive electronic industrialization is
to be found in places like China and Thailand.

The United States is under the influence of a number of trends.  Its status as a New World English speaking country tends to make it
segregating (Republican, Federal, with a debate and analysis focus).  The presence of a large coastal population tends to give the US
a marketing focus.  But, its status as the controller of the world's oceans of water, air,and space makes it an absolutist power in the
world, a receptive orientation organizer of world order.  Industrial democracy tends to make these trends cluster around the utilizing

The Anthros and Demos level conservative Christian base of American culture tends to clash with the science based technical
developments pulling it toward the Astros, Synos, and Nymphos.  The result can be cultural manic depression.  A manic high over
technical accomplishments, depression over the coming "Day of Judgement."

Consider the following model that incorporates symbols of biological interactions:

                                                     FLUX (STORM)
FLUX (STORM) Fire                           flames                      Heaven                        clouds               Water     FLUX (STORM)
                 SPARKS                         rainbow                     RAINFOREST
                   elements                             Air                                flowers
FLUX (STORM) Fire                  reactions    Salt                  FRAME        Wood         roots                Water      FLUX (STORM)           
                    crystals                              Earth                            fruits
                   ASHES                             sediment                       MARSH  
FLUX (STORM) Fire                      coals                                 Sludge                         beach             Water       FLUX (STORM)
                                                        FLUX (STORM)

Heaven, Tropical Rainforest, Africa to Earth, temperate plains, Europe
Air, Himalayan Mountains, India to Sludge, Coastal marsh, Haiti
Fire, Oceania, Australia, Indonesia to Wood, continental basin, Persia
Salt, Xeric islands, Mediterranean to Water, river, China

OCEAN                                   Islands           igneous     Cloud Forest       swamps     Lakes         OCEAN
                          VOLCANO            upland             TROPICS
                        canyons               Mountains           plateaus
OCEAN                                   Islands peninsula    Arid  CONTINENT   Basin  river  Lakes            OCEAN
                          glacial                 Plains                  sedimentary
                         TUNDRA          lowland                     DELTA
OCEAN                                   Islands      tectonic               Salt Marsh           coast       Lakes          OCEAN

translated into places:
HAWAII                               Samoa              Mexico            New Guinea         Amazon    Cambodia            HAWAII
                                      JAPAN               Nepal                     INDIA
                                         Silk Road         Tibet                       Persia
HAWAII                                     Samoa           Italy      Greece   ARABIA  Turkestan   China   Cambodia           HAWAII
                                        England          Germany                Russia
                                    SWEDEN        Netherlands             NEW YORK
HAWAII                                     Samoa                       Taiwan             Florida            New Jersey  Cambodia     HAWAII

Consider the following disciplines:

DANCE                                     Design             art                Magic                            mythology       Story               DANCE
                                    ZEN               theology                       RELIGION
                                philosophy       Metaphysics                 ethics
DANCE                                      Design  interpretation Logic LAW  Government  ideology        Story                DANCE
                               psychology         Science                   social science
                            ENGINEERING     economics                WELFARE (EDUCATION)
DANCE                                     Design   craft                   Business                    journalism

Imagine it organized into a city:

                                     ROADS, RAILS, POWER LINES
POWER/ROADS             Farms             gardens              Aboriginal                sanctuary      Theatre          POWER/ROADS
                               HOMES              temples                    CHURCHES
                              storage               Museums                 monuments
POWER/ROADS             Farms       studios  Schools    LIBRARY  City  Hall    stadium       Theatre         POWER/ROADS
                             laboratory  Hospital/Nursery          police/fire
                               UTILITIES            markets                STORES   
POWER/ROADS              Farms                factories           Skid Row                taverns         Theatre           POWER/ROADS
                                     ROADS,RAILS,POWER LINES
or an individual house:
DRIVEWAY                         Kitchen      garden               Woodlot             cemetery                Hall                      DRIVEWAY
                             BEDROOM        temple                 CHAPEL
                              closet                Museum             gallery
DRIVEWAY                         Kitchen          studio  Class   LIBRARY    Office        reception         Hall                     DRIVEWAY
                            bathroom   Gymnasium/Nursery   dining
                          UTILITY ROOM     living room        PARLOR                                                                                             
DRIVEWAY                         Kitchen         shop/garage  Basement/Fields   game room           Hall                       DRIVEWAY

The polarity is between the alone aspect of the bedroom and the group aspect of the parlor
between the information aspect of the library and the energy flux aspect of a driveway, or access road,
between the symbolic whole, sacred symbolism of the chapel and the disconnected parts, dirty clothing, of a laundry room, utility room,
between the natural source symbolism of a woodlot and the human product symbolism of a gymnasium, between the idealism of a
Museum, the model, example, and the entropy of a basement, a field, a waste space, between the kitchen as a place you design a
meal and the office as a place you use to control the economy of the house, between the classroom as a place to analyze, and the
main hall as a place to come together with others, between the closet as a place to store and the game room as a place to expend,
between the individualism of a personal studio and the collectivism of a reception area, between the transcendence of a temple and
the down to earth aspect of a living room, between the frozen perfection in a statue gallery and the active process in a garage, between
the family roots in the cemetery and the family structures in the bathroom, between the natural creativity of the garden and its utilization
in the meal served in the dinning room.  

Consider a  government that is a balance of polar tendencies such as these:

REVOLUTION           Freedom   opportunity   Natural Wealth     resources                    Unity                      REVOLUTION
      ARISTOCRACY                theocracy                  MONARCHY
              conservation              Nobility                    morality
REVOLUTION           Freedom   individual    Debate  LAW         Order     collective       Unity                      REVOLUTION
               observation              Utilitarian                equality
        CAPITALISM                    democracy                SOCIALISM
REVOLUTION           Freedom   enterprise                 Populism               progress         Unity                       REVOLUTION

The 2 dimensional diagram above represents a tetrahedron of four sides, Freedom, Unity, Nobility, and Utilitarianism, or Fire, Water,
Air (Noble Gases),  and Earth, with four opposing vertexes, Order, Debate, Populism, and Natural Wealth, or Wood, Salt, Dust, and
Heaven. with six sides REVOLUTION opposite LAW, MONARCHY opposite CAPITALISM, and ARISTOCRACY opposite SOCIALISM,
with twelve angles, opportunity opposite equality, resources opposite observation, theocracy opposite democracy, morality opposite
enterprise, conservation opposite progress, individual opposite collective.

If this were developed into a metaphysical system, it would look like this:
ENERGY                      Free            cause                 Supernatural                ground             Union                 ENERGY
                     SOUL                    divinity                        TOTALITY
                      eternity                  Ideal                           system
ENERGY                      Free            personality  Mind  Information  Order     universal         Union                  ENERGY
                       perception          Nature                         effect
                       BODY                 manifest                      WORLD
ENERGY                      Free                motion                  Events                        development   Union                 ENERGY

Which would support metaphysical positions as follows:
VITALISM             Existentialism        yoga                      Occult                    aboriginal                     Dialectic    VITALISM
                       ZEN                    Theology                 VEDANTA
                 phenomenology      Idealism                 process
VITALISM             Existentialism  individualism  Analysis  LOGIC  Rationalism  universalism  Dialectic   VITALISM   
                 empiricism              Realism                  ecology
                MATERIALISM         Naturalism              MARXISM
VITALISM             Existentialism   instrumentalism  Pragmatism            positivism                       Dialectic  VITALISM
for philosophers as follows:
                                            CH U  HSI/BERGSON
BERGSON          Sartre                   mahavira                Buddha                   lao tzu                           Hegel         BERGSON
                    LEIBNIZ                  aquinus                 PLOTINUS                                       
                     emerson                Plato                        kant
BERGSON          Sartre    whitehead  Wittgenstein  ARISTOTLE   Descartes   spinoza             Hegel        BERGSON
                      hume                        Mill                         hobbes
                      RUSSELL              spencer                  MARX
BERSON             Sartre                     james                     Dewey                     rousseau                      Hegel      BERGSON
                                             CHU  HSI/ BERGSON  

from which we draw the following model:
FLUX                      Open                   variation               Quantity                 possible                     Synthesis         FLUX
                      conserved             Quality                   perfect
FLUX                        Open   individual   Analysis          FIXED     Closed   collective                  Synthesis          FLUX
                        form                      Product                 sameness         
              SMALL PART               measure            LARGE  GROUP
FLUX                      Open                    action                  Probable             development               Synthesis          FLUX

for the above, a cube of eight corners, Open vs. Closed, Analysis vs. Synthesis, Quantity vs. Product, Quality vs. Probable
twelve edges in three sequences: A, transcend to measure, individual to collective, B, perfect to action, possible to form, C, conserved
to development, variation to sameness.

Consider a mathematical framework:
                                          CALCULUS of  THERMODYNAMIC FLUX
CALCULUS     Random chaos       irrational numbers            Complex numbers             algebraic unknowns    Integration   CALCULUS
         INFINITESIMAL ROOTS  imaginary numbers/transfinite numbers INFINITE WHOLES
                    negative numbers             Spheres/Euler's Formula    systems of  equations
CALCULUS      Random chaos  locus  Trigonometry    INFORMATION  COORDINATES  Logic       sets             Integration  CALCULUS
                    analytic geometry                Natural Numbers                  rational numbers
                      FRACTIONS                      measurements                   NORMAL GROUPS        
CALCULUS     Random chaos        functions                             Statistics                               log progressions       Integration  CALCULUS
                                          CALCULUS of THERMODYNAMIC  FLUX

This chart needs improvement, but consider a locus on a coordinate with natural positive numbers, rational numbers that reach  back
from the intersecting coordinates into the negative numbers.  Now let us trace some trigonometric function based on some fraction of
an angle in this system of coordinates.  Now let us graph an equation on these coordinates.  Let one of the unknowns in this equation
vary in a random way into irrational numbers.  Let some log progressions develop and take statistical measurements of these
progressions.  Chart some ideal figures, spirals, circular developments, use calculus to determine the points in these systems.
Our real numbers are symbols of the realistic temper, complex and imaginary numbers are symbols of the romantic temper.  
Statistical expressions represent the expressionist temper and ideal formulas, like Euler's, represent the classical temper.  Random
chaos brings the cubist and dada tempers, integrations and summary forms bring the eclectic and post-impressionistic.  Local points
and trigonometric measures are the impressionistic.  Systems of equations, sets, logical interpretations bring the Baroque and the
Rococo.  Thus, we integrate Mathematics and Art.
Consider the systems relations of the
brain, personality disorders, the impact
of language, of culture.  Is Hera
paranoid?  Is Vulcan a compulsive?
Hera dependent personality disorder?
Here is the flattened octahedron/cube of all things in which the
eight trigrams are placed on the faces of the octahedron and at
each vertex is a yin or yang line.  We see source and heaven
opposed to results and earth, wind and ideal opposed to
thunder and expression, mountain and analysis opposed to
lake and synthesis, water pit and order opposed to flame and
freedom.  The left hemisphere of the brain is on the bottom and
the right hemisphere is at the top.  To the center is memory
and information in the basal ganglia and hippocampus and to
the edges is energy and emotion in amygdala and limbic
lobes.  On the left is the frontal lobes and on the right is the
association areas of the parietal, occipital, and temporal lobes.