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Consider the following model:
                    Heaven/Romantic Temper
                     Air/Classical Temper
Fire/Experimental   Salt/Impressionist               Wood/Baroque      Water/Primitive-Byzantine
                    Earth/Realistic Temper
            Dust-Life/Expressionistic Temper

with Heaven as the mutant opposite of Earth as product
with Salt as the analytic opposite of Water as synthesis and recombination
with Wood ( Metal or Glass)  as the closed opposite of Fire as the open and the free
with Dust (Life) as the vulgar expression opposite of Air as the refined ideal.

Suppose an inner cycle of analysis of input, set point, feedback, product
Suppose an outer cycle of recombination, mutation, emergence, and selection

                       Mutation (Heaven)
                         Set Point (Air)
Selection (Fire)     Analysis (Salt)                         Feedback  (Woodl) Recombination (Water)
                       Product (Earth)
                   Emergence (Dust)

Suppose as similar cycle in production:

      Productive-feudal, agrarian
       Refining-aristocratic, nobility
Exploitative (warfare)  Hoarding (republic)     Receptive (absolute)  Glutinous (imperial)
Utilizing-democratic, utilitarian
Marketing-consuming, populist

SITE!  However the bad graphics are a kind of statement about my notion of the mind.  It
is something evolution has thrown up out of opportunities.  Evolution takes a hand and
converts it to a wing.  It takes brain structures all about smell, and makes them think.

We are working with the notion of a three dimensional model involving six polarities:
SELF (concentration, peculiar)  to ASSEMBLY (distribution, normal)
FIXED (law, information) to FLUX (energy, power)
COVERING (finite, part) to CORE (whole, infinite, bottomless)

these form the faces of a cube, vertexes of an octahedron, or a buried pyramid-cube with
the self vertex pointing upward, covering vertex toward the Nile, core vertex away from the
Nile, fixed vertex up Nile, power vertex down Nile, assembly vertex as the face of a buried
cube.   These symbolize the parts of the brain.  The fixed vertex is the upper brain with
association areas and basal ganglia.  The flux vertex is the lower brain with autonomic
and wakeful and sleep centers.   The covering vertex (particular) is the fact oriented left
hemisphere and the core vertex is the connection oriented right cerebral hemisphere.
The assembly vertex is the parietal lobe, occipital lobe, temporal lobe association areas
of the posterior portion of the cerebrum.   The self vertex is the executive function modules
of the frontal and cingulate lobes of the anterior cerebral cortex.

With this model, the perform face of the cube becomes the central sulcus of the left
hemisphere dividing motor and sensory functions.  The result face is the same central
sulcus, but it now divides the speech forming Broca's area from speech recognizing
centers in the left temporal lobe, along with the related association areas in occipital and
parietal lobes that allow language, mathematics, and fact recognition processes to take
place.  These are the Dust and Earth faces of our cube.  The analysis function and the
free function, Fire and Salt, represent the supporting planning activities in the frontal
lobes (Salt, Analysis) and associated cingulate lobe processes (Fire, Free) supporting
motor action.  Right hemisphere myth and symbol in support of these are the frontal lobe
(Ideal, Air) and the associated right central sulcus and basal ganglia, supporting
automatic motor functions and pattern recognition (Glass or Wood, Order) and the
combining of these in association areas supporting occipital and temporal lobes (Mixed,
Water) and their connections to deeper structures in the lower brain and striatum
(Source, Heaven).

                  FLUX   (lower brain)
   Source (right hemisphere connections)
variation                                                                 ground

SELF (frontal lobes)                           transcend                        CORE (right hemisphere)

conserve           Ideal (right frontal lobes)           purpose

FLUX   Free individual    Analysis     FIXED      Order           collective        Mixed     FLUX
cingulate           left  frontal lobe   striatum   right sulcus              right association
form                            Result                             sameness
              (left Broca's, temporal, language)
COVERING (left hemisphere)   measure                 ASSEMBLY  (association)

action      (left central sulcus, motor, sensory)  
                 FLUX (lower brain)

The cube/octahedron has twelve edges:
form to ground, action to purpose, individual to collective, transcend to measure, variation
to sameness, conserve to develop. This extends itself into four and five dimensions in a
cycle of 32 levels of organization, thus:
click on this link please
Physical Sciences:
Level 1   Dynamos, energy, 2 Chaos, flux, 3 Logos, systems, 4 Synos, complexity
Level 5   Orthos, cosmogony, 6 Schizos, big bangs, 7 Mitos, strings, 8 Chromos quanta,
Level 9   Electros  electrons, particles                                               Particle Physics
Level 10 Protos,  protons, atomic nuclei                                            Nuclear Physics
Level 11 Atomos, atoms, elements,                                                   Nuclear Chemistry
Level 12  Hydros, molecules,                                                               Inorganic Chemistry
Biochemistry and Biology:
Level 12 Plasmos, proteins, 13 Zymos, enzymes, 14 Somos, RNA, 16 Genos, DNA
Level 17 Caryos, nuclei, 18 Cytos, cells, 19 Histos, tissues, 20 Gastros, organs,
Behavioral and Social Sciences:
Level 21 Neuros, nervous system, organ systems                         Zoology
Level 22 Psychos, organisms                                                              Psychology
Level 23 Ethnos, populations, tribes, oral language                       Anthropology
Level 24 Polisos, biotic communities, cities, writing                      Sociology, History, Politics
Technical Sciences
Level 25 Metros, ecosystems,  mechanical codes, machines       Technology
Level 26 Anemos, biosphere, radio, TV, broadcasting                     Electronics
Level 27 Geos, planets, computers, space probes                          Data Processing
Level 28 Helios, solar systems, Internet, web, robots                      Robotics
Science Fiction and Fantasy
Level 29  Astros, star clusters, androids, virtual reality                      Science Fiction
Level 30 Galactos, galaxies, elves, fantastic worlds                          Fantasy
Level 31 Megalos, supergalaxies, titans, mythic worlds                    Mythology
Level 32 Ouranos, galaxies, gods, theological systems                   Theology

These levels can move from FLUX through measurement through  FIXED through
transcendent.  They can move from COVERING to CORE.  They can move from collective
through COVERING and CORE and back to collective.  In the process, new forms of four
and five dimensional interactions can emerge.  One sequence can move from the
individual toward the collective, building up larger and larger complexes, thus, particle to
atom to molecule to cell to organism to population to biotic community to biosphere to
planet to solar system to galaxy and beyond.   These large collections approach the
mythic.   They are beyond comprehension at our current level of organization.  One way of
explaining what we observe is the possibility that this sixteen level sequence is part of a
series of cycles that structures universes and generates new cosmic sequence in turn.

But, we are looking at this as a mind myth, as a set of structures that the brain and the
mind generate to explain themselves and their environment.  We are as much trapped by
these myths as generators of them.  It is not really possible for us to step beyond the
mythology generated by our brain.

Aries   Left Hemisphere   Mars  (Hard/Fast)  Left Motor Area                                 Antisocial     Ares, God of War                 1st Self
Taurus   Negative (right)   Venus (Soft/Slow)  Right  Somatosensory-Parietal   Masochist    Demeter,  God of Fields   2nd Property
Gemini   Positive  (left)      Mercury (Out/Talk) Left Broca's Speech Area              Histrionic     Hermes, Messenger         3rd Messages
Cancer   Negative (right)   Moon   (Off/Sleep) Lower Brain, Pons, R. Cingulate  Avoidant       Artemis, Nature, Wild        4th Family
Leo         Positive (left)        SUN    (On/Awake)   Reticulate, Left Cingulate, Sadist/Narcissist  Apollo,  Music, Poetry      5th Projects
Virgo      Negative (right)     Mercury (In/Listen)  Right Temporal                            Dependent    Hestia,  Service, Hearth   6th Service
Libra      Positive (left)         Venus   (Soft/Slow)   Left Somatosensory/Parietal    Borderline      Aphrodite,  Love               7th Partners
Scorpio  Negative (right)     Mars (Hard/Fast) PLuto    Right Motor, Basal G.       Compulsive   Hephaestus, Skills          8th Inheritance
Sagittarius     Left                Jupiter   (Go)              Left Frontal, Plans, Motor facil. Narcissistic    Zeus, Adventure, Rule    9th Thought
Capricorn       Right             Saturn   (Stop)           Right Frontal, Motor Inhibition   Paranoid         Hera, Suspicion              10th Status
Aquarius        Left                  Uranus  (me, mine)  Left Cingulate, Prefrontal        Schizoid          Athena, Culture                 11th Friends
Pisces            Right              Neptune (thine)        R. Cingulate, Hippocampus    Schizotypal     Poseidon, the Sea           12th Secrets

No symbol system like this can be worked out perfectly, but it is easy to see that the ancients used symbols like the astrological
signs and houses and the planets to create images of what we would call personality disorders, brain functions, and physiological
polarities.  An ancient polarity is the parasysmpathetic to sympathetic neural functions of the autonomic nervous systems, between
rest and excitement.  This polarity is symbolized in the love vs. war polarity of Venus (parasympathetic) to Mars (sympathetic) and in
the stop (Saturn) vs. go (Jupiter), or the sleep and off (Moon) vs. awake and on (Sun).

AIR     (Mercury-Information)  (Venus--Slow)  (Uranus--Creativity)
Cerebral Cortex Association
FIRE  (Mars--Fast)   (Sun--On)   (Jupiter--Go)                  WATER  (Moon--Off)  (Neptune--Dream) (Pluto-Change)
Sympathetic/Amygdala/Basal Ganglia/Motor Nerves     Parasympathetic autonomic/Hypothalamus/Pituitary Gland
EARTH  (Venus--Slow)  (Saturn--Stop)   (Mercury-Information)   
Sense Data, Peripheral Central Nervous System         

It is obvious that this is myth, art, not science.  These images are too complex to work as scientific hypotheses.  To call this science,
to try to make it science would be absurd.  But, to throw it out as useless is also ridiculous.  Once all the scientific theory and
confirmed hypothesis is accumulated, what you have is a pile of parts, of atoms, of pieces.  You are still left with the problem of
assimilating the parts into a working theory, an art of life.  To study how the ancients did this with the knowledge they had is not
worthless.   Sometimes their imagery is more powerful, more useful than our mountains of undigested and often indigestable fact.
(Refer to references under the click "mythicmind" above.  For personality disorders, refer to Beck, Freeman and Associates,
"Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders," The Gulford Press, 1990, and "Personality Disorders in Modern Life, 2nd Ed,"
Theodore Millon and associates, Wiley, 2000 and 2004, also the American Psychiatric Association, Diagnostic and Statistical
Manual of Mental Disorders, DSM-IVr, 4th edition, revised, 2000.  For a layout of the brain, refer to Charles Hampden-Turner, "Maps
of the Mind," Collier Books, 1981, 1982, and Rita Carter, "Mapping the Mind," University of California Press, 1998).

The way we use facts and the kind of mythological structure we construct is, at least partly, a function of the stage of development
our society is currently in.  Consider the following model of development:

Productive Stage,  Feudal, Agrarian
Cultural Mutations, Land and soil based energy systems
Gothic stage of thought, Romantic temper
(Example, 11th and 12th Century France)

Refinement Stage, Aristocratic
Cultural Set Points, Art and Artisan based systems
Renaissance stage, Classical temper
(Example 15th and 16th Century Florence)
Hoarding and                                                                              Assimilating and
Exploitative Stage, Tribal, Warlike               Segregative Stage                     Receptive Stage                      Glutinous Stage
Natural Selection, Cultural Extinction          Debate, Analysis                       Order, Absolutism                 Synthesis, Eclectic
Extraction of Resources                                 Impressionism, Abstraction   Baroque, Rationalism           Rococo, Symbolism
Experimental Stages of Thought                  Late 19th Century                      Louis XIV  France                   18th,19th Century Empire
(Example, Da Da, following World War I)    French Nationalism                                                                    Post-Impressionism

Utilitarian Stage, Democratic
Culture Products, Science, Positivism
Realistic Stage of Thought
19th Century Realism, Naturalism

Marketing Stage, Vulgar, Popular
Cultural Expression, Emergence
20th Century American consumerism

(These stages are developed from Marvin Harris," Cannibals and Kings," and Erich Fromm," Man for Himself" as described on the
mythicmind page, click above)

Consider a model where the geography of the world interacts with the geography of the brain:

ANTERIOR LOBES                                        RIGHT HEMISPHERE OF THE CEREBRAL CORTEX                      POSTERIOR    LOBES
Frontal Lobes/Motor Areas                                                                                      Parietal, Temporal, Occipital Lobes, Sensory
(Move from the lower brain on the outside to the association areas of
the cerebrum on the inside)

           Flux, Dance, Ocean Island, Hawaii
Cause, Source, Art, Tectonic, Volcanic, Mexico             Possibility, Ground, Mythology, Rainforest, Congo
Source, Magic, Volcanic Rainforest, New Guinea
Self, Zen, Yoga,Volcano, Japan           Transcendent, Theology, Upland, Nepal,                 Whole, Religion, Tropical, India
Ideal, Metaphysics, Mountains, Tibet
Conservation, Philosophy, Silk Road                              Perfection, Ethics, Zarathustra, Persia
Flux, Hawaii, Free,Somoa, Individual Italy, Separate Greece, Fixed Mecca, Order, Samarkand, Collective, China, Mixed, Russia, Flux
Dance      Design            Existentialism     Logic                    Law               Government                  Ideology          Literature      Dance
Oceanic        Archipelago      Peninsula        Mediterranean    Desert               Inland Basin          River Valley        Arctic Lakes    
Ocean                                       Form, Psychology, Glaciated, Canada                           Sameness, History, Sedimentary, France, Germany
Result, Plains, Science, Prussia
Part, Engineering, Glaciers, Sweden   Measurement, Economics, Lowland, Netherlands, Social, Education, Delta,
Shanghi                                                                                       Expression, Coastal Marsh, Entertainment, New Orleans
Action, Craft, Icebergs, Iceland                                             Development, Journalism, Ocean Beach, New York
                 Flux, Dance, Ocean Island, Hawaii

ANTERIOR LOBES                                           LEFT HEMISPHERE OF THE CEREBRAL CORTEX                   POSTERIOR  LOBES

Flux, Dance, Ocean Islands, Hawaii    vs. Fixed, Law, Desert, Mecca
Self, Zen, Volcano, Japan                      vs. Social, Education, Delta, Shanghi, China
Part, Engineering, Glaciers,  Sweden  vs. Whole, Religion, Tropical, India

Source, Magic, Volcanic Rainforest, New Guinea   vs.  Result, Science, Plains (Sediment), Prussia
Ideal, Metaphysics, Mountains, Tibet                         vs. Expression, Entertainment, Coastal Marsh, New Orleans
Free, Design, Polynesian Islands, Samoa               vs   Order, Imperial Government, Inland Basin, Samarkand
Separate, Mathematics, Logic, Mediterranean Athens  vs. Mixed, Literature, Lakes, Russia

Transcendent, Theology, Upland, Nepal                         vs.   Measurement, Economics, Lowland, Netherlands
Individuality, Existentialism, Peninsula, Italy                  vs.    Collective, Ideology, River Valley, China
Possibility, Mythology, Rainforest, Congo                       vs.   Form, Psychology, Glaciated area, Canada
Action, Craft, Icebergs, Greenland, Iceland                    vs.    Perfection, Ethics, Plateau, Persia
Development, Journalism, Ocean Beach, New York    vs.    Conservation, Philosophy, Epistemology, Silk Road Passes, Tarim Basin
Cause, Art, Tectonics, Volcanic, Mexico                           vs.    Sameness, Effect, Sedimentary Deposits, Germany, France

The above is not a set of absolutes.  Under feudal influences, China or Europe can be very religious, under industrial influences,
India and Tibet can be very oriented toward science or engineering.  However, the geography of the cerebrum may influence how we
see everything and the above paradigm might help us see unseen orders in the very architecture of our nervous system which could
structure our views, even of the global aspects of the world.

Imagine a cube with six sided.  Side one is centered on the self pole and the cingulate area of the frontal lobes
Its opposite is side three, centered on the social pole and the association areas of the posterior lobes: parietal, occipital, temporal
Side two is centered on the whole pole and the right hemisphere of the cerebrum
Its opposite is side four, centered on the part pole and the left hemisphere of the cerebrum
Side A is centered on the flux pole and the hypothalamus and lower centers of the brain that maintain states of rest and excitation
Side B is centered on the fixed pole and the basal ganglia and higher level associations of the cerebrum, striatum and cortex.

Separation                                               Distinction                                          Ejection                                       Release
(Union)                                                     (Collection)                                        (Acceptance)                              (Contract)
Side One: CINGULATE AREA OF THE FRONTAL LOBES ( Opposite in parentheses: Parietal, Occipital, Temporal Association Areas)
Sequester                                                Individual                                           Alienation                                    License                 
(Merger)                                                   (Congregation)                                 (Tolerance)                                 (Compact)
Detach               Isolate                    Independent             Autonomous        Strange          Peculiar            Eccentric               Exaggeration   
(Attach)               (Combination)       (Dependent)             (Cooperate)        (Community)   (Consensus)   (Agreement)          (Proportion)
Aloof                                                          Personality                                         Odd                                              Asymmetry
(Commitment)                                         (Relationship)                              (Conformity)                                     (Symmetry)
Reserved                                                  Character                                        Rare                                                Uneven
(Allegiance)                                              (Association)                                 (Customary)                                   (Even)
Storage               Seclusion                  Solitary                 Singular        Uniqueness      Unusual                Novelty                   Difference
(Investment)       (Involvement)           (Fraternity)            (Society)                (Family)    (Habitual)               (Routine)              
(Likeness)                        Safety                                                           Self                                              Extraordinary                                 
(Risk)                                                       (Assembly)                                    (Typical)                                         (Resemblance)
Protection                                                    Identity                                          Original                                           Invention
(Exposure)                                                (Mob)                                              (Imitation)                                       (Copy)
Maintenance       Conservation           Concentration     Genius            Primary               Start                      Cause                   Creativity
(Wear)                  (Disbursement)       (Distribution)      (Common)      (Secondary)      (Derivative)          (Effect)            (Correspondence)
Preservation                                              Density                                          First                                                Generate
(Diffusion)                                                  (Sharing)                                       (Subsequent)                               (Consequent)
Preciousness                                            Weight                                           Basis                                              Productive
(Waste)                                                        (Humble)                                      (Auxiliary)                                      (Product)
Value                    Critical                       Essence             Importance      Fundamental     Source                Fountain                Multiplication
(Squander)          (Residue)                (Dregs)                (Trivial)              (Trifling)              (Tributary)           (Sterility)                (Thrift)
Theme                                                          Superiority                                   Ultimate                                            Proliferation
(Performance)                                            (Inferior)                                       (Sample)                                           (Parsimony)
Side 2 of the Cube RIGHT  HEMISPHERE OF THE CEREBRUM (Opposite in parentheses is LEFT HEMISPHERE)
Subject                                                        Divinity                                           Transcendent                                   Endless
(Expression)                                               (Vulgarity)                                     (Demonstration)                               (Termination)              


Proliferation                                                  Ultimate                                      Superiority                                         Theme
(Parsimony)                                                   (Sample)                                    ( Inferiority)                                         (Performance)
Side 2 of the Cube:  RIGHT HEMISPHERE OF THE  CEREBRUM (Opposite in parentheses is LEFT HEMISPHERE)
Endless                                                        Transcendent                            Divinity                                                Subject
(Termination)                                              (Demonstration)                        (Vulgarity)                                          (Expression)
Supply                  Magic                         Miracle                 Invisible           Spiritual               Significance      Meaning                  Example
(Condition)          (Results)                  (Dimensions)      (Visible)           (Ornament)        (Image)              (Appearance)          (Reflection)
Fantasy                                                         Immeasurable                           Center                                               Content
(Facts)                                                            (Measure)                                  (Periphery)                                       (Shadow)
Possibility                                                      Infinite                                           Profundity                                        Filling
( Attribute)                                                       (Finite)                                          (Surface)                                        (Hollow)
Substrate            Dream                       Limitless               Bottomless     Depth                  Introspection     Serenity                    Satiety
(Form)                 (Outline)                    (Limit)                     (Bottom)          (Shallow)            (Projection)       (Puncture)                (Empty)
Amorphous                                                  Boundless                                    Core                                                Fullness
(Shape)                                                           (Boundary)                                  (Covering)                                      (Hole)
Medium                                                            Bridge                                          Heart                                               Entire
(Morphology)                                                   (Partition)                                   (Outside)                                         (Partial)
Background       Gradation                 Linkage                   Pathway          Axis                      Holy                    Whole                      Total
(Detail)                 (Category)                (Division)                (Barrier)          (Surrounding)     (Splinter)           (Piece)                    (Fragment)
Vagueness                                                Connection                                         Interior                                         Integrity
(Specific)                                                    (Section)                                            (Exterior)                                      (Breakage)
Generality                                                    Communication                               Inclusion                                      System
(Particular)                                                  (Compartment)                                (Exclusion)                                  (Disruption)
Web                      Fusion                       Aggregation           Universality     Comprehensive  Assimilate     Incorporate             Organization
(Dissection)        (Segregation)          (Grade)                    (Specialization) (Exception)        (Expulsion)   (Diversion)               (Liberation)
Union                                                           Acceptance                                       Collection                                     Contract
(Separation)                                                (Distinction)                                       (Ejection)                                      (Release)
Side Three of the Cube: Parietal, Occipital, Temporal Association Areas (POT), Posterior  vs. (Cingulate area of FRONTAL  LOBES)
Merger                                                          Congregation                                   Tolerance                                      Compact
(Sequester)                                                 (Individual)                                        (Alienation)                                    (License)
Attachment          Combination            Dependent             Cooperate       Community          Consensus     Agreement             Proportion
(Detach)              (Isolate)                     (Independent)         (Autonomous) (Strange)             (Peculiar)         (Eccentric)         (Exaggeration)
Commitment                                               Relationship                                    Conformity                                   Symmetry
(Aloof)                                                            (Personality)                                     (Odd)                                            (Asymmetry)
Allegiance                                                   Association                                       Customary                                   Equality
(Reserved)                                                  (Character)                                        (Rare)                                          (Uneven)
Investment           Involvement             Fraternity                  Society             Family                    Habitual          Routine                  Likeness
(Storage)             (Seclusion)              (Solitary)                    (Singular)       (Unique)                 (Unusual)       (Novelty)                (Newness)
Risk                                                            Assembly                                           Typical                                           Resemblance
(Safety)                                                       (Self)                                                   (Extraordinary)                             (Innovation)
Exposure                                                     Mob                                                     Imitation                                        Copy
(Protection)                                                (Identity)                                             (Original)                                       (Invention)
Wear                    Disbursement          Distribution              Common       Secondary                Derivative      Effect             Correspondence
Diffusion                                                      Sharing                                              Collateral                                     Consequence
(Preservation)                                            (Density)                                             (First)                                           (Generate)
Waste                                                            Humble                                             Auxiliary                                        Product
(Preciousness)                                           (Weight)                                             (Basis)                                        (Productive)
Squander            Residue                    Dregs                       Trivial               Trifling                      Tributary          Yield                      Poverty
(Value)                 (Critical)                    (Essence)                 (Importance) (Fundamental)       (Source)           (Fountain)     (Multiplication)
Performance                                              Inferior                                               Representative                            Barren
(Theme)                                                       (Superiority)                                     (Ultimate)                                      (Proliferation)
Side Four of the Cube: LEFT HEMISPHERE OF THE CEREBRUM, (Right Hemisphere in parentheses, opposites of the Left)
Expression                                                   Vulgar                                               Demonstration                            Termination
(Subject)                                                       (Divinity)                                            (Transcendent)                           (Endless)
Reflection            Appearance             Image                        Ornament      Visible                       Dimensions  Results                Condition
(Example)           (Meaning)                 (Significance)           (Spiritual)      (Invisible)                   (Miracle)         (Magic)                 (Supply)
Shadow                                                       Periphery                                           Measure                                       Facts
(Content)                                                    (Center)                                             (Immeasurable)                          (Fantasy)
Hollow                                                          Surface                                              Finite                                              Attribute
(Filling)                                                         (Profundity)                                        (Infinite)                                         (Possibility)
Empty                   Puncture                   Projection                 Shallow          Bottom                     Limit                Outline                  Form
(Satiety)               (Serenity)                  (Introspection)          (Depth)          (Bottomless)           (Limitless)      (Dream)               (Substrate)
Hole                                                              Covering                                            Boundary                                      Shape
(Fullness)                                                    (Core)                                                 (Boundless)                                (Amorphous)
Partial                                                            Outside                                             Partition                                         Morphology
(Entire)                                                         (Heart)                                                (Bridge)                                        (Medium)
Fragment             Piece                        Splinter                     Surroundings  Barrier                    Division           Category              Detail
(Total)                   (Whole)                    (Holy)                        (Axis)                  (Pathway)               (Linkage)       (Graduation)     (Background)
Breakage                                                     Exterior                                              Section                                          Specific
(Integrity)                                                      (Interior)                                            (Connection)                                (Vagueness)
Disruption                                                    Exclusion                                          Compartment                               Particular
(System)                                                       (Inclusion)                                        (Communication)                       (Generality)
Liberation            Diversion                  Expulsion                 Exception         Specialization       Disjunction     Segregation        Dissection
(Organization)    (Incorporation)         (Assimilate)             (Comprehensive) (Universal)      (Receptive)      (Fusion)              (Web)
Contract                                                       Acceptance                                       Collection                                      Union
(Release)                                                    (Rejection)                                         (Distinction)                                 (Separation
Side 2 of the Cube: Parietal, Occipital, Temporal Association Areas (POT), Posterior Cerebrum (Opposite of Cingulate/Frontal)
Compact                                                      Tolerance                                         Congregation                                Merger
(License)                                                     (Alienation)                                       (Individual)                                     (Sequester)
Proportion            Agreement               Consensus            Community       Cooperation         Dependent      Combination      Attachment
(Exaggeration)    (Eccentric)                (Peculiar)                 (Strange)          (Character)            (Independent) (Isolate)             (Detach)
Symmetry                                                     Conformity                                        Relationship                                Commitment
(Asymmetry)                                                (Odd)                                                   (Personality)                               (Aloof)

Condition                                                     Form                                                   Detail                                            Dissection
(Supply)                                                         (Substrate)                                       (Background)                             (Web)
Side B of the Cube:  Higher Areas of Brain, Cerebral Association and Striatum vs. (Lower Brain Areas, Pons, Hypothalamus, etc)
Problem                                                       Structure                                            Determination                           Investigation
(Resource)                                                   (Substance)                                      (Unresolved)                             (Tangle)
Scarcity               Property                     Constitution             Framework      Definition               Diagnosis       Analysis           Discrimination
(Wealth)               (Opportunity)            (Potential)                 (Plasticity)        (Indefinite)             (Confusion)    (Synthesis)      (Glue)
Necessity                                                    Skeleton                                           Certainty                                      Spectrum
(Sufficiency)                                               (Flexible)                                            (Uncertain)                                  (Composite)
Requirement                                              Rigid                                                   Accuracy                                      Elemental
(Capacity)                                                    (Fluid)                                                ( Inaccurate)                                (Compound)
Sameness          Submission             Inertia                        Fixed                  Rigour                   Precision        Clarity                Pristine
(Imagination)      (Power)                     (Energy)                    (Flux)                  (Drift)                     (Fog)                (Haze)                (Influx)
Restraint                                                      Stability                                              Correctness                               Purity
(Range)                                                       (Force)                                                (Mistake)                                     (Impure)
Uniformity                                                    Control                                               Law                                               Refinement
(Diversity)                                                    (Explosion)                                        (Accident)                                     (Adulteration)
Homogeneous   Government             Management           Regulation         Code                    Principle          Standard          Permanence
(Variation)            (Wildness)               (Rebellion)               (Catastrophe)    (Disaster)            (Mutant)          (Alteration)        (Temporary)
Repetition                                                   Direction                                            Rule                                              Guide
(Adventure)                                                 (Revolution)                                      (Anarchy)                                     (Archetype)
Sequence                                                   Mission                                              Righteousness                           Model
(Experiment)                                              (Action)                                               (Crime)                                        (Decay)
Harmony              Arrangement            Purpose                  Fulfillment            Perfection           Virtue               Ideal                     Goodness
(Contradiction)    (Exploration)            (Wander)                  (Motion)                (Process)           (Depravity)     (Degradation)     (Spoil)
Closure                                                       Completion                                      Consummation                          Paradigm
(Openness)                                               (Scatter)                                              (Loss)                                          (Ruin)   
Side 2 Whole pole of the Cube: RIGHT HEMISPHERE OF THE CEREBRUM, (Opposite, LEFT HEMISPHERE, Part
Pole,parenthesis)                 Organization                                               Total                                                   Satiety                                          
(Liberation)                                                 (Fragment)                                       (Empty)                                        (Reflection)          
Contract                System                    Integrity                      Entire                    Fullness             Filling                  Content                Subject
(Release)            (Disruption)             (Breakage)               (Partial)                 (Hole)                  (Hollow)              (Shadow)       (Expression)
Incorporate                                                  Whole                                               Serenity                                        Meaning
(Diversion)                                                   (Piece)                                               (Puncture)                                   (Appearance)
Assimilate                                                    Holy                                                    Introspection                              Significance
(Expulsion)                                                  (Splinter)                                            (Projection)                                 (Image)
Acceptance            Inclusion               Interior                       Heart                     Core                    Profundity             Seriousness    Divinity
(Rejection)             (Exclusion)            (Exterior)                  (Outside)              (Covering)           (Surface)              ( Periphery)      (Vulgar)
Comprehensive                                            Axis                                                  Depth                                            Spiritual
(Exception)                                                    (Surroundings)                              (Shallow)                                     (Ornament)
Universal                                                        Pathway                                          Bottomless                                  Invisible
(Specialization)                                             ( Barrier)                                         (Bottom)                                       (Visible)

These are sides of a cube that may be opened up as follows:

(Side One/Cingulate/ Frontal)  (Side 2 Right Hemisphere)        (Side Three Parietal, Occipital,
(Side A, hypothalamus, pons, lower brain)
CAUSE                FLUX         DEVELOPMENT  


(Side Four, Left Hemisphere)
ANALYSIS            FORM                 RESULT                          
(Side B, Association, Striatum)                                                                                                                                                                                       

MODEL               PURPOSE           ORDER
SIX SIDES of the Cube:
FLUX opposite LAW
FOUR CORNERS of the Cube:
GROUND opposite FORM

Schizoid/Artemis               SOURCE                       Schizotypal/Poseidon                                     Away
Right Cingulate                              Right Rhinencephalon,  Right Hippocampus
Self                                                    Avoidant /Athena                                              Core
Right Frontal, Motor Inhibition            Idea                 vs.      Skill     Right Motor
Left Cingulate                                 Paranoid/Hera    Stop         IDEAL                          Compulsive/Hephaestus
On/Awake                                                                                                    Right Parietal                         Home
FLUX         FREE           Sadistic/Apollo  ANALYSIS                    LAW                      ORDER       Masochistic/Demeter  SYNTHESIS  FLUX
                                                                        Right Temporal
Narcissistic/Zeus   Go       RESULT                 Listen        Dependent/Hestia
Left Hemisphere Frontal Planning, Motor Facilitation                                             vs.                               Left  Temporal  
Covering                                            Histrionic/Hermes      Talk                        Assembly
Left Hemisphere Speech             
Amygdala, Sympathetic       Antisocial/Ares                       EXPRESSION                  Borderline/Aphrodite Parasympathetic/Hypothalamus
Hard/Fast                                                                             Slow/Soft
Left Hemisphere Motor Area                                                             FLUX                                Left Hemisphere Somatosensory/Parietal
                              Left Hemisphere Central Sulcus

My intention is to throw out some scratch sheets of possible relationships.  I am trying to show how brain process and cultural
symbol can emerge from the same substrate.  There are no right solutions to this sort of thing.  Symbols are necessarily hazy
things.  We are working with polarities here that represent the corners of a cube and the sides of an octahedron, or the reverse.  In
this system, SELF is the opposite of SOCIAL/ASSEMBLY and COVERING of CORE, and FLUX of FIXED or LAW.
Source (Heaven) is the opposite of Result (Earth) and Analysis/Separation (Salt) of Mixed/Synthesis (Water), and Ideal (Air) of
Expression of Perform (Dust or Life), and Free (Fire) of Order (Glass or Metal or Pottery).   Suppose we show the sides of the cube:

Source (Heaven)                                                                   transcend                                                                                                         Ideal
(Air)                                                                                                    Avoidant                                

Persephone                                                                                                               Athena (MINERVA)
(Right Limbic Area, Hypothalamus)                                                                      (Right Frontal Lobe, Plans, Creativity)

Cause                                                                                        (Cingulate Area, Frontal Lobes)                                                          Conserve
Schizoid                                                                                                                                                                                                         Paranoid

Artemis     (Diana)                                                                                                                 Hera  (JUNO)
(Right Cingulate, Basal Ganglia, Cerebellum, Pons, Sleep Centers)                       (Right Frontal Lobe)
                                                                               (Motor Inhibition, Memory)                    

OFF                                                                                                                     STOP

OR                                                        sadistic                                                 OR                                                                  Free
(Fire)                                                                                   individual                                                                                           Separate (Salt)

ON                                                                                                                       GO

Apollo                                                                                               Zeus (Jupiter)
(Left Cingulate/Thalamus/Occipital)                                           (Left Frontal Lobe, Plans, Motor Facilitation)
(Basal  Ganglia, Cerebellum)

form                                                                                               COVERING                                                                                  sameness
Narcissistic                                                                               External, Particular                                                                        Dependent

Ares (Mars)                                                                                                     Hermes (MERCURY)
(Left Motor area)                                                                                     (Broca's Area,  Left  Speech)
(Basal Ganglia, Cerebellum)

UNREST                                                                                 TALK

OR                                                                                      OR

Perform (Dust or LIfe)                                                             measurement                                                                               Result (Earth)

REST                                                                                           LISTEN

APHRODITE (VENUS)                                                                                                                                                                 HESTIA (VESTA)
(Left Parietal Lobe, sense of TOUCH)                        (Left Temporal Lobe, sense of HEARING,  Listening, Understanding Language)
(Notions of Space)

Sameness                                                                                                                                                                                       Development
(Dependent)                                                                                        ASSEMBLY                                                                         (Borderline)
Parietal-Occipital-Temporal Association Area
Association of written and spoken words, mathematics

SEMELE (Mother of Bacchus/Dionysus, Blinded to Death by Zeus)                                                                           DEMETER (CERES)
(Left Occipital, Sense of Sight)                                                                                                           (Right Parietal Lobe, sense of TOUCH)
                                                                       (Sense of Place)

Synthesis (Water)                                                                                   collective                                                                           Result (Earth)
The brain is a strange place.  It has many levels.
The ancient Greek gods often functioned as
symbols for these brain functions.  Zeus was an
executive frontal lobe function.  Hera was the
inhibition of Zeus based impulse.  Hermes was
Broca's area expressiveness and Ares motor
functions influenced by the amygdala.
There are no final answers here.  This is not
doctrine.  This is not final truth.  These are
experiments with ideas and forms.  Simple
speculation.  Most of this stuff can never be proven
right or wrong.  The most important things often
are not subjects of any possible experiment or
logical proof.  We are left in the situation where we
often cannot ever know what we want to know
most.  The way of knowledge is always painful
because it necessarily separates us from what we
desire most and teases us with knowledge that is
local and trite when we would so love to soar with
the gods and explore the distant skies.  These
speculations are speculations only.  They are not
final answers or final truths.  A. R. Andrews,
Bakersfield, CA Nov. 29th 2011
This website is created and
maintained by Allan Ralph
Andrews in Bakersfield CA.  It
attempts to find a way for the
romantic and myth loving right
hemisphere of the cerebrum to
live happily with its meaning
generating function in the
increasingly fact oriented and
reality seeking world we have
created for the language and
fact loving left hemisphere of
the cerebrum.  The right
hemisphere has lost its myth
and symbol dominated home
and tends toward depression.  
The right hemisphere has been
thrown out of its symbol
dominated dreamtime home,
its internal garden of Eden.  It is
forced to live in the thorns and
thistles that the facts and
science of the left hemisphere
love.  This website seeks to
find a way that ancient ideas
like astrology and the I Ching,
Platonism, Daoism, can be
reformulated to make peace
with the math and physics and
science of a left brain world. A.
Andrews, Bakersfield, Dec. 1st
2011, certified hypnotherapist ,
credentialed school psych. etc.