I am interested in the strange trips that the brain's switching system can take
you on and how it influences the way we look at the world.  I am not so
concerned with the latest ideas in neurology and brain function.  Some of what I
suggest may be simply untrue and inaccurate, but there is no question that the
nervous system has evolved a series of switches, polarities that are used to
maintain physiological and behavioral stability.  Examples of these switches
are:  stop to go, on to off, fast to slow, input and output, think first to act first,
here to there, yes to no, wild to normal.  

(Refer to Rita Carter, Mapping the Mind, U of California Press, 1998, 99,  see pp
These switches are build deeply into the nervous system and the body.  The
body flips these switches on and off to maintain its stability.  For example,
when we are cold, the body may switch on the action and the fast motion to
increase the heat generated by muscle movement.  It is impossible to locate
the switches in a particular place because they are used for various purposes
and various way.  Even so, for our model we have played around with
associating them with various gods and goddesses.  There is a myth in ancient
Greek mythology about pairs of gods and goddesses siting around a table on
Mount Olympus.  We have pretended that this table is the Cerebral Cortex.

(Refer to Carl G. Jung, See Joseph Campbell, ed, Portable Jung, 1971, p. 382)
We have associated each god and goddess with a switch.  Hera is stop and
Zeus is go.  We have placed them in the frontal lobes of the cerebrum, with
Hera toward the front and right and Zeus toward the back and left.  Hermes is
output and Hestia is input.

We have placed Hermes in Broca's area, responsible for speech, and Hestia in
the left temporal, associated with listening skills.  Aphrodite is rest and slow
and Ares is fast and unrest.  We have placed Ares in the left motor area and
Aphrodite in the adjacent somatosensory region.   Artemis (the moon) is off
(sleep functions) and Apollo (the sun) is on (wakefulness, attention).   Athena is
thought and Hephaestus is planned action, we put them in the right frontal and
adjacent motor areas.  Demeter is here and Poseidon is there, we place them
in right parietal and right temporal
Link to Pagoda 26
(See Antonio Damasio, The Feeling of What Happens, Harper, 1999, pp.  317 -
335 )
Our placement may be incorrect, but the switches are ancient ones and are
present at many levels in the brain: sympathetic to parasympathetic autonomic
nervous system (unrest to rest) with centers in medulla, hypothalamus, etc.,
reticulate centers associated with wakefulness, pons centers with dreaming,

(See Beck, Freeman and Associates, "Cognitive Therapy of Personality
We find these switches support the personality disorders.  The Histrionic
seems to be a stuck output switch and the Dependent a stuck input.   Avoidant
as a stuck thought and Compulsive as a stuck action, Masochistic as a stuck
here and Schizotypal as a stuck there, Borderline as a stuck slow and
Antisocial as a stuck fast, Narcissistic as a stuck go and Paranoid as a stuck
stop, Sadistic as a stuck on and Schizoid as a stuck off.  (Theodore Millon, et.
al., Personality Disorders in Modern Life, 2nd Ed., Wiley, 2000, 2004.  See also,
Charles Hampton-Turner, Maps of the Mind, 1981,82.)

I orient these switches according to polarities: energy (flux) to information
(fixed), connections (core) to disconnection (covering), primary (self) to
assembly (social).  These are the six vertexes of an octahedron, six sides of a
cube.  The faces of the octahedron are the information cycle: set point,
feedback mechanism, emergent properties, analysis of input, and the energy
cycle: mutations, recombination of mutations, emergence of mutant phenotype,
extinction and natural selection of mutant phenotypes.  I try to develop a model
from this for cultural information, as well as brain and genetic information.

I write poetry and Published a book of poems titled "Love" in 1974.
My current goal is to develop models that put it all together, psychology,
mythology, and the larger world.  I am very active in recovery.  I am a recovering
12 step person and attend 12 step programs on a regular basis.  Allan Ralph
Andrews, born Sept 13th 1939, Long Beach, CA. 4:05 AM Pacific Standard
Time.  Message mindmyths@Yahoo.com
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Consider the following model:                                                                        Gods and Brain Functions Link Here

The TOP of the Chart will represent the connections maintained by the RIGHT HEMISPHERE OF THE CEREBRUM:
The Chart is a flattened tetrahedron-cube-octahedron-sphere, buried pyramid, flattened to act as a wheel turning on the flux to fixed axis.  
The outer part of this wheel represents the lower structures of the brain like hypothalamus, reticulate, and thalamus, sleep and
wakefullnes centers in pons and brain stem, the center of the wheel represents basal ganglia, striatum, and association areas of the
cerebral cortex that process information and control switching between information processing systems.
The left side of the chart represents frontal lobes and anterior structures and the right side represents posterior structures as follows:
Anterior, cingulate, frontal lobes, motor area, central sulcus, somatosensory, parietal lobe, association area, temporal lobe, occipital lobe:

Cause/Variation              SOURCE                   Ground/Possible

Self                                              Transcendent                                    Whole

Conservation                    IDEAL            Perfection

FLUX         FREE                              Individual    ANALYSIS              LAW                ORDER            Collective            SYNTHESIS     FLUX

Form                          RESULT              Sameness

Part                                             Measurement                                     Social

Action                        EXPRESSION        Development

The BOTTOM of the Chart represents the particulars focused on by the LEFT HEMISPHERE of the CEREBRUM:
Anterior, cingulate, frontal lobes, motor area, central sulcus, somatosenory, parietal lobe, association areas, temporal lobe, occipital lobe
Three Opposites     Self   vs. Social                                     Nobility vs. Socialism                       frontal and cingulate to posterior association
Whole vs.  Part                                      Centralism vs  Federalism             right hemisphere to left hemisphere
Flux    vs. Law                                         Revolt  vs  Legalism                        lower brain to upper brain
Four Opposites       FREE vs. ORDER                                Cubism/Da Da   vs.  Baroque        Existentialism  vs. Rationalism
ANALYSIS vs. SYNTHESIS                 Impressionism  vs. Symbolism, Post Impressionism     Analytic vs. Dialectic
IDEAL vs. EXPRESSION                     Classical vs. Expressionism        Idealism vs. Instrumentalism
SOURCE vs. RESULT                         Romanticism vs. Realism              Theosophy vs. Materialism
Six Opposites          Cause vs. Sameness                         Art  vs. History                         (See Erich Fromm, Exploitative vs. Receptive)
Individual vs. Collective                       Opinion vs. Ideology              (Local to Cosmic)
Transcendent vs. Measurement        Theology vs. Economics      (Invisible Ultimate to Visible Everyday)
Ground vs. Form                                   Mythology vs. Psychology     (See Aristotle's Causes, Substance to Shape)
Perfection vs. Action                             Ethics vs. Craft                       (See Aristotle's Causes, Purpose to Action)
Conservation vs. Development          Philosophy vs. Journalism  (See Erich Fromm, Hoarding vs.
Mind Myths/Brains
Anterior cortex, cingulate, frontal lobe, motor areas, central sulcus, somatosensory, parietal, temporal, occipital association
going from lower brain and reticulate, etc. to upper brain and basal ganglia, striatum, cerebral association areas in center  
FLUX  (Dance, Oceans, Hawaii)
cause                                                            ground
(Art, Volcanic, Mexico                              (Mythology, Rain Forest, Congo)
Source (Magic, Volcanic Rain Forest. New Guinea
SELF, Phenomenology, Zen, Volcano, Japan                        WHOLE, Religion, Monsoon, India
transcendent, Theology, Uplands, Nepal
conservation                                                                    purpose                                   
(Philosophy, Canyons, Silk Road)          (Ethics, Plateau, Iran)
Ideal (Metaphysics, Mountains, Tibet)
FLUX              Free             individual            Separate                    LAW                 Order               collection             Mixed                      FLUX
(Dance)       (Design)         (Criticism)          (Mathematics)      (Scholarship)     (Government)   (Ideology)            (Literature)     (Dance)
(Oceans)   (Archipelago)   (Peninsula)        (Mediterranean)     (Desert)               (Basin)           (Rivers)               (Lakes)         (Oceans)
(Hawaii)         (Iceland)          (Italy)                   (Greece)                 (Mecca)            (Central Asia)   (China)            (N. Russia)      (Hawaii)
form                                                                sameness
(Psychology, Glaciation, Scotland)           (History, Sedimentary, France)
Result (Science, Plains, Germany)
PART,( Engineering, Ice fields, Sweden)                  ASSEMBLY, (Education, Delta, China Coast)
measurement (Economics, Lowland, Netherlands)
action                                                              development
(Craft, Typhoons, Polynesia)                       (Ocean beach, Journalism, Atlantic Seaboard)
Performance (Business, Entertainment, Salt Marsh, New Orleans)
FLUX (Dance, Oceans, Hawaii)
Anterior cerebrum, cingulate, frontal lobes, motor areas, central sulcus, somatosensory, parietal, temporal, occipital association

FLUX  opposed to LAW (FIXED)                             Motor Areas to Association Areas, Lower Brain Attention to Upper Brain Switching
SELF opposed to ASSEMBLY (Social)                  Frontal, Cingulate to Posterior POT, Parietal, Occipital, Temporal Association
COVERING (Finite, Part, Exterior) opposed to CORE (Whole, Infinite, Interior)   Left Hemisphere fact to Right Hemisphere

Result opposed to Source (or Earth to Heaven)                                       Left Speech-Verbal to Right cingulate-frontal-lower brain
Performance opposed to Ideal  (or Dust/Life  to Air)                                Left Motor-Somatosensory to Right Frontal
Free opposed to Order (or Fire to Glass/Metal)                                         Cingulate, Frontal, Motor to Right striatum, motor-parietal
Separate (Analysis) opposed to Mixed (Synthesis) (or Salt to Water)   Left Frontal lobe to Right parietal occipital temporal

conservation to development                        paranoid Hera to borderline Aphrodite                                 right frontal inhibit to left
transcendent to measurement                     avoidant Athena to histrionic Hermes                                   right frontal speech to left
individual to collective                                     sadistic-narcissistic Apollo to masochistic Demeter        left cingulate to right parietal
sameness to cause (variation)                     dependent Hestia to schizoid Artemis                                  left temporal to right
form to ground (possible)                              elitist, amorist narcissist Zeus to schizotypal Poseidon   left frontal lobes to right
action to purpose                                             antisocial Ares to obsessive-compulsive Hephaestus    left motor area to right motor

form, Narcissistic              Zeus, Jupiter,                 Go, Left Frontal Cortex, Motor facilitation
conservation, Paranoid    Hera, Juno,                     Stop, Right Frontal Cortex, Motor Inhibition of Frontal Area

individual, Sadistic              Apollo,                           On, Left Frontal Cingulate, Left Occipital, Reticulate, Thalamus, Wakefulness
cause, variation, Schizoid  Artemis, Diana,           Off, Right Frontal Cingulate, Right Occipital, Pons, Sleep areas, Sleep

measurement, Histrionic    Hermes, Mercury,      Out, Talk   Broca's, Left Hemisphere Speech Areas
sameness, Dependence   Hestia, Vesta              In, Listen, Left Temporal Language Areas

development, Borderline    Aphrodite, Venus         Rest, Slow, Left Parietal Somatosensory, Parasympathetic Hypothalamus
action, Antisocial                  Ares, Mars                    Unrest, Fast, Left Motor, Sympathetic Amygdala

transcendence, Avoidant     Athena, Minerva           Caution, Thought, Right Frontal, Premotor
purpose, Compulsive           Hephaestus, Vulcan  Execution, Skill, Right Motor, Striated Bodies, Basal Ganglia

collective, Masochistic         Demeter, Ceres         Here, At  Home, Right Parietal
ground, Schizotypal              Poseidon, Neptune   There, At Sea, Right Temporal, Cingulate, Hippocampus, Rhinencephalon

Critical Areas in the Brain:
Central Sulcus, divides the motor areas of the frontal lobes from the somatosensory, touch oriented sensory areas of the parietal
lobes.  What we call Perform, in the model given above' seems to focus on the mythical pairing of Mars and Venus.  This can
symbolize switches between the autonomic parasympathetic rest function (Venus) and the autonomic sympathetic excitement
and unrest function (Mars).  The main centers for control of the sensory and motor aspects of this polarity that are under
conscious control, seem to be along the left hemisphere central sulcus where motor behavior is paired with sensory input.

The frontal lobes are the executive areas of the brain.  Here we associate them with Mount Olympus, and the ruling gods, Jupiter
and Juno, or Zeus and Hera (Greek version).   The frontal lobes are divided into right and left by the division between right and left
hemisphere.  The parts of the frontal lobes near the motor areas tend to be motor supporting, facilitating, and those next to them,
motor inhibiting.  In our model, Zeus, Jupiter, is the motor facilitating, the GO function, and Hera, Juno, is the cautious, NO
In our model, these executive function represent the Separation, or Analysis aspect of the larger system.

The right hemisphere is more global, more meaning centered, than the fact oriented left.  Here, in this frontal executive aspect,  
we see the notion of the Ideal, the myth of the perfect, split into two versions, the passive, cautious, Athena, Minerva, and the
active, compulsive, Hephaestus, Vulcan.

The right central sulcus brings Vulcan and Ceres, (Hephaestus, and Demeter) together.  Here we combine compulsive action
and masochistic sacrifice to the social order, to the home, to the fields, to the agricultural cycle.  This field can symbolize the
larger social order, thus Order in our system.

The left hemisphere unites verbal motor activity in the frontal lobes and sensory activity in the temporal lobe and its association
with visual and spacial data in the parietal-occipital-temporal association area.  In our model, this is the fact, the Result field, and
it is divided between dependent Hestia, who listens, and histrionic Hermes, who talks.

The posterior portion of the right hemisphere is divided into lobes.  The parietal lobe seems to be associated with our sense of
home and place.  Here we located Demeter (Ceres), goddess of the fields, opposed to her are association areas bringing in
data from temporal and occipital lobes, data associated with time and place oriented through the hippocampus.  The
hippocampus allows us to locate our selves as we travel from home.  Here we find the roots of Poseidon (Neptune),  the male
god of the sea that takes the sailor far from home.  In our model, this is the Mixed, the Synthesis, face, or the element that we call

The opposite of Order, in our model is Free.  Choice seems to be associated with areas connected to the thalamus, basal
ganglia, and cingulate areas of the brain.  These are divided by the hemispheres into left and right.  We associate the more fact
oriented left hemisphere with Apollo, god of the sun, whom we also associate with wakefulness, and the reticulate and thalamic
areas that promote wakeful attention.  Paired with Apollo and the sun, is Artemis (Diana) and the Moon.  We see this is the basic
On to Off switch between attention and inattention, conscious and unconscious, voluntary and involuntary, sleep and wakeful, that
forms the deep root of all choices, alternatives, all possibilities processed by the brain.

The deepest roots of this switching emerge in the right hemisphere cingulate area and its associations with the temporal and
frontal lobes.  This is the field we call Source.  It is the opposite of the fact oriented field called Result because it is a field of
myths. Some of these myths emerge from the fog as ideas and paradigms.  Athena (Minerva) is the ruler of these models, but
most remain in the deep water we call the "Unconscious," where they remain under the rule of shadowy figures like Poseidon
(Neptune) and Artemis (Diana).

Do these deep roots come out of some deeper order of a fundamental kind such as the following?

Right Hemisphere of the Cerebrum moving from lower brain to the basal ganglia, striatum, association areas of cerebrum:
Anterior Right Hemisphere   Cingulate, Frontal Lobe  Motor Cortex Central Sulcus  Parietal  Association Temporal Occipital
Posterior (See Carl G. Jung in Joseph Campbell, ed, The Portable Jung, Penquin, 1971, the magic circle mandala on p. 382 with
reference to the "tractatus aureus...cum Scholiis Domminci Gnosii (1618), square with a circle of light and the four elements...)


cause                       Quantity                    ground
SELF                                           transcendent                              CORE  

conservation           Quality              purpose

FLUX         Free       individual            Separate          LAW                      Order              collective            Mixed                FLUX
form                     Product                    effect (sameness)

COVERING   (Limit)                  measurement           (Statistics)   ASSEMBLY

action                    Probability                   development  


Left Hemisphere of the Cerebrum, beginning in the center with Cerebral Association Areas to Striatum to Basal Ganglia to
Thalamus and Reticulate and Lower Brain
Beginning on the Left of the diagram with
Anterior Left Hemisphere, Cingulate, Frontal Lobe, Broca's Motor Area Central Sulcus, Somatosensory, Parietal , Temporal,
Occipital (See Antonio Damasio, The Feeling of What Happens, Harcourt, 1999, pp. 317 -335, Rita Carter, Mapping the Mind, U of
C, 1998,99,   . 14 thru 53, David E. Comings, MD, Tourette Syndrome and Human Behavior, Hope Press, 1990, pp 308 and 309)    
FLUX  vs LAW (FLUX vs FIXED)                                                                       (Lower Brain Energy to Upper Brain Information
CORE vs. COVERING (LIMITLESS vs. LIMIT)                                           (Right Hemisphere connections to Left Hemisphere

Quantity vs. Product                                                         Right Hemisphere Ungulate vs. Left Hemisphere Speech and Language  
Quality vs. Probability                                                      Right Hemisphere Frontal Lobe vs. Left Hemisphere Motor and Parietal Lobes
Separate vs. Mixed                                                          Left Hemisphere Frontal Lobe vs. Right Hemisphere Parietal, Occipital,
Free vs. Order                                                                  Ungulate and Frontal Lobes vs. Right Hemisphere Motor and Parietal Lobes

cause vs. Effect  (variation vs. Sameness)                 Artemis (Diana) the Schizoid to Hestia (Vesta) the Dependent
development vs. Conservation                                      Aphrodite (Venus) the Borderline to Hera (Juno) the Paranoid
transcend vs. Measurement                                         Athena (Minerva) the Avoidant to Hermes (Mercury) the Histrionic
individual vs. collective                                                   Apollo the Sadistic (Narcissistic) to Demeter (Ceres) the Masochistic
form vs. ground                                                                Zeus (Jupiter) the Elitist, Amorist Narcissist to Poseidon (Neptune) a  
action vs. purpose                                                           Ares (Mars) the Antisocial to Hephaestus (Vulcan) the Obsessive-Compulsive

What if normal laws of science only work within the realm of the measurable?  What if the infinite CORE and the infinitesimal
SELF follow laws that utterly transcend what characterizes science, time that is eternal, space that is infinite, infinitesimal monad
selves that are utterly unique and governed by their own metaphysics and  timeless time external to all other systems?  If there is
a chance for that to take place, perhaps the cosmos generates it by structuring reality in polarities that press the unusual and the
distinct to the utter edge of metaphysical system.  Perhaps the shaman, the preacher, the saint, the seer, the prophet, the monk,
the yogi can see beyond what our scientific world, can see into this transcendent realm of the utterly beyond.  Is it possible?  Why
not? Why should reason speak to anything more than its own realm?  Why should there be nothing in this wide world for what
might lie beyond?  That is what the Poseidon and the Dionysus, the Athena and the Uranus with our cerebrum, that is what they
seem to say to us.  They tempt us to travel to the far beyond, beyond the edges of the familiar left hemisphere cerebral world.

Our Apollo may say no.  He may refuse to believe in any interpretations but those within the light of left hemisphere fact and public
discourse.  But, the Poseidon in us sails out on strange seas that wash through the darker regions at the edges of our myths.  
Yes, he is schizotypal!  But, Apollo is a sadist who gets pleasure from wrecking the fantastic ideas of others.  He loves to kill hope
with his arrows of false light.  Or so Artemis would say, basking in the pale moonlight of the midnight brain.

Our Hestia listens from her comfortable corner of our temporal lobes.  She would have us develop a dependent personality
disorder.  She would have us just listen and say Yes!  But, Hermes, her brother is the show off, the histrionic.  He loves his tricks
and smart remarks, speaking from his little corner of the frontal lobes that we call "Broca's Area," the place of speech.  But, it is
Zeus that would get us in trouble, he is the amorous narcissist, when he isn't playing elitist narcissist, Lord of the Mount Olympus
of the left hemisphere frontal lobes, seat of self consciousness.

He drives his mate, the more cautious inhibited areas of the frontal lobes, particularly the more mysterious ones in the Right
Hemisphere, he drives Hera into paranoia.  She tells us to be careful.  Her philosophy and morals are conservative.  The actions
of the right motor area and the supporting striatum, basal ganglia, the realm of the skillful Hephaestus, are also conservative,
even compulsive.  Even so, neighboring areas of the right frontal lobe, inhibited, avoidant as they may be, will manifest as Athena,
goddess of wisdom, of culture, even of the arts and learning.  She is not opposed to great tragic dramas as long as they support
the conservative power structures of the state.  Demeter, in her right parietal realm, is also a supporter of the greater
conservative, the traditional order, and she is willing to sacrifice for its support.  

To find the parts that support the strange and the unusual, you really have to follow her partner, sea going Poseidon, through the
right temporal lobes and down into the hippocampus and amygdala, the Ungulate area, limbic lobes, rhinencephalon, and basal
ganglia, here we approach the realm of Hades and his connections to the cycles of Persephone:  hypothalamus, and pituitary.
Hidden in these deep connections to the lower brain is Artemis, goddess of the wild, and Hecate, goddess of the mad side of the

Our little model is far from perfect, but it is interesting.  It is fun to see how much juice you can squeeze from this sort of fruit.

Here is some fruit from Apollo and Hermes, in cooperation with Athena, Poseidon, Artemis, even Hestia and Aphrodite:
(the tone is very histrionic-borderline, but the sources are what is hidden beneath Artemis' schizoid shell.  My public Zeus
Hermes does not agree with these ideas at all.  The verse shows what some lunar patterns can turn up out of the depths of
cerebral memory and feeling)

Artifacts:                                                                          Little Flame                                                                 Physics

The artifacts of fate defy                                                Little flame of love's delight,                         Infinity and time divide
The splendor seen in open eye,                                 How you flicker through the night                The cosmos up like a dark hide,
The sounds that blare and display                             Of fear and fame and sparkling fire,           Hung out on galaxies to dry
The bright gold glory of the day                                   That burns the candle of desire,                  In the tanner's house that is the sky,
Grind their deep way through the heart                     That smokes with fright and fragile lust,     My life, my soul, are twisted round
Till the core is split apart,                                             The fading shimmers of fairy dust.       The thread of twine the Fates have found,
Shatter through the inner wood,                                                                                                       Blasted out of some hot star,
Undo the wonder, unwind the good,                         Toys                                                              Baked in a burning tar,
Justice broken, faith departs,                                                                                                           Of atoms stuck in gravity,    
With love's spent marvel, in funeral carts,                 Dark hollows in the depths of time       And the animal depravity,
Coffin on coffin, grow the pyres,                                  Fill with poets' broken rime,                   Of Darwin, Debussy, and the Moon,
Ashes of once happy times                                         Purple waters wash through space      Strained through the liver of a loon,
Flutter through now empty rimes,                               And carry verses in disgrace,             Physiologically spread out through space,
She and I once walked in night,                                  Words that shatter will not mend,     In an astronomer's museum case,
Where cold ghosts rustle deepest night.                  Sentences none will defend,             Of twirling gas and flying light,
Too bright, too dull, destroy them each,        Toppling the heaven into night,  
Youth                                                                                Burn and banish beyond reach,        That grinds the meaning to a brew,
Make the prize too hard, too pure,           Worthless for all but the Devil's glue:
Sweet joy and a little time for love,                             Make the race so none endure,         To stick the holy to the strong,
The rain drips from high above.                                 That the King of Song shall reign       And pound the right down in the wrong!
Tears flow also from the eye,                                     Over a land of blood and pain,
Sometimes as watery as the sky,                              Poems that engulf the brain,                                 The Fields of Honor
Ah hold to what you can of light!                                 Bring the world their power and noise,
So soon with darkness and with night,                     ACADEMIC whistling toys!                   The fields of honor fill with flies
They close the door of life so tight,                                                                                               The silence is thick with lies,
You cannot force it with a fight!                                                 G  a  m  e  s                               The clowns will whisper in their sleep,
Nor gold nor pleading will avail,                The soccer games of whose to win        As the night grows ever thick and deep,
To unlock the gate of this ancient jail,      Provide a perfume for the sin,                  Spread the blackness on the bread,
Time will imprison the wild and free          We wish to hide, or bury deep,               Heavy with uranium and lead,  
and fate provides no sympathy,                 The promises we didn't keep,                  The sparks of bright that you might see,
So love and live and enjoy this pain,          The lust that brings the flesh to take,     Lack any form of harmony,
For you will never come again.                    And fondle, factor in the fake,                  But fear and anger at the sound,
Desire and drive in anxious wait,                      That howls deep within the ground,                                 
Truth                                                               Rush through the trembling of the gate,  The Knight and Bishop have met the
King                                                                                     Of fragile form the world turns up,             with a ring,  Golden, shining, with the
light,     Deep truth is not like fact,                             Burning ashes in Satan's cup,                To the hungry lions' great
delight.                     Dissection leaves no corpse intact,           Of power, bright power that shines so far,       
To know all you need view the whole,        But fails to fix the soul's TAR,                                 Lament                                             
Not just the body, know the soul.                 That sticks us to a falling fate,
Ground in the teeth of the Devil's HATE!              The music of my heart is mad
Virtue                                                                                                                                             With songs so lovely and so sad,
Principles                                                                  I sing, I cry, I wake the dead
Run and roll around the sphere                                                                                           With the lust and craving of my head,                    
Till all opposites pull clear                  Virtue to virtue, side to side,                                 Oh please God that I might
cease!                         Of any fog or misty site,                            Each emerges from a ride,                            From this sweet torment
some cold peace!          That might obscure the greater right.        That rings its world with swirling lines,     To ease the swelling,
calm the pain,                                                                                                That the greater whole defines,                 Cool the fever in my
Partisan Victory                                                                                                                          Ah love, too long you linger where,   
Debate                                                                   I feel old embers of despair,
So the splendor of the day,                                                                                                      That burn and crackle in the fire,
Made bright with light in every way,         It can emerge both true and false,                        Of ancient fervor and desire.
All the banners will display,                      From this skeptical mental waltz,                           
And every moment shall convey               Of Logic run through analytic fire,                          The Scientific Vision
The glory of the ruling line,                        Where smelters purify desire,          
That no reason can define,                       For truth and reason with no end,               The chemistry of thought made plain,
That no analysis defiles,                            Vectors run sweet but rarely bend,             Strung out on morphine and Novocain,
Or experiment, or proof, or trials.              Addicted to academic grace,                         The neuron sprouts a dendrite tree
We measure every little pace,                      To gain laughs, tears, and sympathy,
The Last Battle:                                            Of Meaning in a dark decline,                      High on Coffee, drinking tea
For lost wisdom few define,                        Chemicals to help you see,
Sin is where the battles fought,               Gone beyond the line of right,                      Smell rules the frog pond of the brain,
Sin and lies, the rest is fraught                Trembling in the cosmic night.                    Drags it through the swamp of pain,
With controversy and despair,                                                                                            Roots in the mire of love,
It fills the heart and heats the air,                                                                                      And blames the madness on Heaven
above,           With fear and anger from a brain                                                                                        Poor Zeus and Yahweh, Allah too,
Made of Chemistry and pain,                                                                                            Take the blame for this ballyhoo,
Chemicals and atoms rule,                                                                                              Humans since Adam are but apes,
The saint, the madman, and the fool                                                                              And was so since Bacchus took to grapes,
Raise us high with mighty talk,                                                                                         Wine and women, song and fire,
Twittering birds that flap and flock,                                                                                   Gone wild with the adrenalin's desire,
Their hearts to beat at anxious pace,                                                                             The language of lust spelled out in power,  
As monsters win the moral race,                                                                                     Pulses of the blood-brain tower,
Humans swept up in the flow,                                                                                           Olympus looms high over all,
Of the Devil's mighty undertow,                                                                                         Till Zeus, till Odin, they will fall,
The great and glorious, each will fall!                                                                              Beneath the chemistry of fate,
HELL'S great torrent takes them all.                                                                                 Is the dopamine of love and

My Hera wants to check the punctuation and begin revising the verse.  My Athena has second thoughts about the whole
operation.  My Apollo wants to do something that will get me away from the keyboard.  My Artemis is not happy with letting the
cover off of these feelings.  My Aphrodite wants to emote over them, Hermes wants to recite the lines. Zeus is planning some
new poems.  Zeus is concerned with the character of the poetry and the effect of publishing it on his status.  He is checking with
Hera about doing something that might be more impressive.  Hephaestus is trying to checkout the way the lines scan and Hestia
is listening, for him, to the sound of the words, the pattern of the music.  Poseidon is dreaming of new images.

Zeus and Hera remind me that the philosophy expressed above is not my basic view of things.  What ever is true, which ever
philosophic, political, or religious system you seek to explain things, a basic truth is that mass-energy is neither created nor
destroyed.  Since energy implies flux (Shiva) and neither created nor destroyed implies endless preservation (Vishnu), and since
an infinite flux makes the improbable, probable, you have the basis for the creative principle of existence (Brahma), the sequence
symbolized in the basic trinity of Hindu mythology (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva).  Now improbable energy will decay to probable energy
according to the 2nd law of thermodynamics, you get the notion (See the BooK: Evolution is Entropy--I forget the names of the
authors, but it is a good read for those who understand a bit about evolution and thermodynamics) of energy dissipative
structures that compete with each other according to the principles of Darwinian Evolution (and its NeoDarwinian formulation of
mutant genes that form gene pools that recombine and generate adaptive mechanisms and phenotypes that are subjected to
natural selection and potential extinction).  The product of this is systems based set points maintained by feedback mechanisms
and input from internal and external measured states and systems that can monitor and analyze results and compare them to
set points to maintain homeostasis.  These systems are organized in higher and higher levels of organization.  Information
principles are weightless and are endless teased into existence by these flows of energy toward entropy.

The result is local problems and endless recycling of systems principles.  Locally things move toward decay and the probable,
ultimately, infinite flux endlessly recreates the improbable and the improbable endlessly spins out the miraculous wonder of
systems principles and systems organization.  So within this endless one, the Neoplatonic "HEN," systems principles are
endlessly emerging and exposing the "NOUS," the systems mind potential endlessly present as a possibility in all things.
The great evolutionary biologist, Bernhard Rensch, reminds us in his "Evolution Above the Species Level," that this means
empirical facts (laws of correspondence) and mathematical principles (laws of coherence) as well as phenomenology and
mental phenomena (laws of parallelisms, epiphenomena).  Mind emerges as an internal quality of organized form and feeling
as an internal quality of organized energy and motion.  James P. Carse (Finite and Infinite Games) reminds us that the infinite
games finally win out over the finite games.  Locally everything decays, the finite games imply suffering and losing.  But, the
infinite game trumps all.  In the long run, Win-Win triumphs over Win-Lose and Lose-Lose, compassion and love triumph over

Hate and ingratitude blind the mind to the larger picture, prevent absorbing information necessary for the larger view.  Since my
ultimate nature is endlessly conserved energy and endlessly conserved information potential, the principles of what I am, my true
core will endless triumph in the infinite game, in spite of temporary extinctions, temporary decay toward entropy.  Thus, I should
not fear death, aging, loss.  My fear of these will drive me toward self-pity, eventually anger, finally hate, will drive me to play a finite
game for local gain.  But any Win-Lose ultimately brings Lose-Lose.  Those who finally win choose the Win-Win, the infinite
game, the only game that is sure to triumph.  This is what Einstein and Newton did when the dared to look for the larger
principles at work in the local system.  This choice of infinite wonder over local fear and local superstition is the ultimate key to
the miracle of science.

Endlessly, the Shiva-Vishnu principle of energy generates the creative Brahma improbable.  Eventually, the thermodynamic decay
of that improbable.  Thus, the Neoplatonic notion of the HEN (One) as the infinite game that generates NOUS (mind, information
principles, systems principles).  Eventually, that mind will generate sentient beings, and eventually sentient beings that are able
to know themselves, thus PNEUMA (Soul, or phenomenological being from within, organizing from within).  This is the anthropic
notion that complements the infinite flux generation notion and explains the emergence of cognitively reasonable worlds,
rationally organized worlds that can be understood and can support the integration of mind, emotion, and aesthetic experience.  
Thus, I should not fear death, I should not fear the death of my species, my planet, my universe.  All of it is simply an expression
of the infinite game and as endlessly supportive of regeneration as my own daily regeneration of my life following sleep and
Pain and suffering are creatures of the finite game, of local attempts to win over others.

Look at the following references: For the layout of the brain, Rita Carter, Mapping the Mind, University of California Press,
anterior cingulate, p. 23, Broca's p. 182, p. 189,  attention, p. 187, p. 189 central executive,  p. 189 visual-spacial, p. 166
hippocampus, p. 194 (Artemis as slow wave sleep), p. 194 (Dreaming, Neptune).  See self-correcting systems in p. 315 to 317,
in Gregory Bateson, Steps to an Ecology of Mind, See Helena Curtus, N. Sue Barnes, Biology, 5th Ed, Worth, 1989, role of
mutations p. 98, of recomination pp. 274 -275, 276-277, 326, isolation of populations, 1011, 1087 -1094, See  Theodosius
Dobzhansky, 3rd Ed, revised, Genetics and the Origin of Species, Columbia, 1951, p/ 277 adaptive peaks, ideal, set point,
mutation, extinction, gene pools, p 277-278, See Carl Jung, in Joseph Campbell, The Portable Jung, Penguin, 1971, see 324 -
455, see chart on 382, see xxviii in introduction, see association of gods with personality on pp. 412, 413, see transition from
trinity to quaternary  on p. 415,  See Erich Fromm, Man for Himself, Fawcett Premier, 1947, pp. 47 -122, p. 59 -60, See Brooks and
Wiley, Evolution as Entropy, Chicago, 1989, pp. 65,  116 -117, 132 -203, see Daniel C. Dennett, Darwin's Dangerous Idea, Simon
& Schuster, 1995, pp. 335 - 493,  refer also to Daniel J. Siegel, MD, and Mary Hartzell, Med, Parenting from the Inside Out, Jeremy
P. Tracher/Penguin, 2004, see development of the brain pp. 171 - 184, for the systems notion of the world, see Ervin Laslo, The
Systems View of the World, George Brazillier, 1972, for the relationship of this to complexity theory, see Roger Lewin, Complexity,
Macmillan, 1992, for the development of this in respect to mind mapping, refer to Charles Hampten-Turner, Maps of the Mind,
Macmillan-Collier, 1981, 1982, see also various references to personality disorders, DSM-III, IV, IVrevised, Beck, Freeman and
Associates, Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders, Gulford Pess, 1990, Theodore Millon, et. al., Personality Disorders in
Modern Life, 2nd Ed, Wiley, 2000, 2004.

For the Evolutionary Theory, Sol Tax, ed., Evolution After Darwin, virtually the entire contents of Volume I,  The Evolution of Life, U of
Chicago, 1960, thus, Huxley, Shapley, Rensch,  Simpson, Ford, Stebbins, Axelrod, Emerson, Mayr, Waddington, Dobzhansky, and
Wright, For the geometry of the layout shown above, R. Buckminster Fuller, Synergetics 2, Macmillan, 1979, particularly the charts
after page 360.
The patterns we see around
us are reflections of patterns
that lie inside.  The brain is
organized around a series of
polarities.  This site looks at
these polarities and their
reflections in the personality
and its disorders, in the
myths of the gods.  We look
at the Chinese Book of
Changes, or I Ching, Yi Jing,
and the pairs of Greek gods
and goddess at the table on
mythical Mount Olympus to
try to find insight into the
polarities of human thought
and action.  For more
information, on the

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There is a mythological table where the Greek gods and goddess gather together on Mount Olympus in pairs,
Poseidon (Neptune) with Demeter (Ceres), Hephaestus (Vulcan) with Athena (Minerva), Ares (Mars) with
Aphrodite (Venus), Zeus (Jupiter) with Hera (Juno), Apollo with Artemis (Diana), Hermes (Mercury) with Hestia

Nigel Spivey, in Songs on Bronze, The Greek Myths Made Real, Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 2005, pp. 14 -16, does
an excellent job of describing their traits.  Hestia shows all the characteristics associated with the dependent
personality disorder.  In Chapter 21 of Harold I. Kaplan, MD. and Benjamin J. Saddock, MD, Comprehensive
Textbook of Psychiatry, IV, Williams and Wilkins, 1985, George E. Villant, MD, and J. Christopher Perry, MD,
present as series of personality disorders, these are discussed in depth in Theodore Millon, Disorders of
Personality, DSM-IV and Beyond, John Wiley, 1996.  Personality disorders are ruts, disabilities in work and
love, that are repetitious, that are enduring ways of looking, thinking, and acting destructive of good adaptation
of social environments.  

The dependent relies too much on others, in contrast with the narcissist who thinks he should be the leader,
the focus of attention.  Hestia is a dependent and Zeus is a narcissist.  Suspicious Hera was to be his paranoid
wife.  If the borderline personality tends to go from one love affair to another, that one is Aphrodite, goddess of
love.  If the antisocial starts fights and take what he wants, that would be Ares, god of war.

If Hera likes to be in the background, Hermes, the messenger god, is the in your face trickster, the histrionic
type.  Both the sun god Apollo and the moon goddess Artemis can be sadistic, but Apollo is more the
narcissistic sadist, but Artemis tends to withdraw by herself and into her own wild world.  Of all the goddesses,
she is the most schizotypal, meaning eccentric, peculiar, by herself.

Another goddess that draws away, intellectual, with no lovers or children, she is the most schizoid of all the
gods and goddesses, save Hades, god of the underworld. Of the two, Athena has more of the compulsive.  But,
the true compulsive, the perfectionist, is Hephaestus, the craftsman of the gods.

If any of the immortals is a masochist, it would be Demeter, who suffered greatly for her loss of her daughter
Persephone to capture by Hades, god of the realm of the dead.  But, there are several disorders still not
claimed. What of the avoidant, the hypersensitive.  If Poseidon is shaking the earth in pride, he may be
narcissistic.  But, does the narcissist hide in the depths of the sea?  If he is actually shaking in fear, avoid the
world be cause of the hypersensitivity shown by his constant changes in mood, then he would be the avoidant
god.  Thus, it is possible to classify the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece and Rome according to the
personality disorder found in the DSM-IV manual of the American Psychiatry Association.
I am interested in biology, art, psychology, brain
function, philosophy, history, comparative religion, 12
step recovery, personality disorders, Greek gods, etc.
I try to tie all these things together using flattened
octahedra and systems theory notions, Jung, Fromm,
the Chinese I Ching, etc. etc.  I was a botany student
at UCLA and a philosophy student at SUNY Albany.
Heaven Trigram

(Right Hemisphere
of Cerebral Cortex
Frontal Lobe motor

(Right Hemisphere of
Cerebral Cortex
posterior sensory
Lake Trigram
Water  EGG
ID                   ANIMA

(Right Hemisphere
of Cerebral Cortex
Frontal Lobe,
orbitofrontal Ego)
Wind Trigram
Air        PARENT
Water Pit Trigram
Pottery/Metal Bowl
King David

(Right Hemisphere
of Cerebral Cortex
Parietal, Occipital,
association area)

(Left Hemisphere of
Cerebral Cortex
Frontal Lobe
orbitofrontal Ego)
Mountain Trigram
Earth Trigram

(Left Hemisphere of
Cerebral Cortex
Parietal, Occipital,
association area)
Flame Trigram
Fire     ADULT EGO

(Left Hemisphere of
Cerebral Cortex
Motor Area of Frontal

(Left Hemisphere of
Cerebral Cortex
Somatosensory strip)
Thunder Trigram
Storm Clouds


Cosmic Rays



Elementary Particles
Mists and Vapors

Moon and Planets

Blue Green

Red Orange
Volcanic Lava
Dark Soil

Solar Flares

Chemical Reactions

Cell Membranes
Fruits and Flowers
Heaven Trigram Source Vs. Earth Trigram Result
Wind Trigram Ideal Vs. Thunder Trigram Expression
Mountain Trigram Analysis Vs. Lake Trigram Synthesis
Flame Trigram Freedom Vs. Water Pit Trigram Order
TRIGRAMS OF I CHING and other symbol systems in
Flattened Octahedron/Cube   See above and below:
Above and below, various interpretations of the faces of a flattened octahedron, corners of
a flattened cube.  Information (bottom line trigram yin) is at the center and Energy flux
(bottom line trigram yang) is at the outer edge of the cut open flattened octahedron cube.
These can be the trigrams of the I Ching or the antimonies of Kant's Critique of Pure
Reason in which infinite is opposed to finite (Heaven to Earth), Necessary being to no
necessary being (Wind-ideal to Thunder-Expression), Indeterminism to Determinism
(Flame to Water Pit), and Simple substance to none (Mountain to Lake).

Thus various tempers of opposition, Ideal/Classical to Pragmatic/Expressionist
Natural/Realist to Romantic/Supernatural, Empirical/Impressionist to
Fashion/Post-Impressionist, Liberal/Cubist to Absolutistic/Baroque
Heaven Trigram


Abundance, Wealth,
Middle Yang
Middle Yang
Lake Trigram

Youngest Daughter

Pleasure, Ponds, Concubines
Top Yang
Wind Trigram

Eldest Daughter

Purity, Completeness
Remote Places
Water Pit Trigram

Middle Son

Toilers, Hospitals,
Ditches, Danger
Top Yin
Top Yang
Mountain Trigram

Youngest Son

Standstill, Walls
Earth Trigram


Frugality, Miserliness,
Fields, Farms, Slums
Top Yin
Flame Trigram

Middle Daughter

Violence, Impulse,
Battlefields, Fires
Middle Yin
Middle Yin
Thunder Trigram

Eldest Son

Frivolousness, Music,
Communications, Hysteria,
Different cultures look at existence in different ways.  Chinese
culture has been influenced by the trigrams and hexagrams of the I
Ching, or Yi Jing, or Chinese Book of Changes.  This is an ancient
book of the Confucian Classics that is associated with the
philosophy of Confucius.  It is considerably older than Confucian
thought however.  Just how old this book of 64 hexagrams, formed
of 8 trigrams formed of long unbroken yang lines and broken two
part yin lines, actually is not easy to say.  It is ancient.

But, many years of use and interpretation have muddied it, so its
images no longer are bright and clear.  Some of the various patterns
that seem to fit it, however, include the notion of an octahedron with
eight faces, a cube with eight corners, one for each of the eight
trigrams: Heaven to Earth, Flame to Water Pit, Mountain to Lake,
and Wind to Thunder.  This octahedron seems to correlate with
other patterns: the oppositions of the tempers of art and philosophy,
the antimonies in Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, the tetrahedron of
the Greek state of matter (Fire, Earth, Air, and Water).

It also seems to fit the division of the human brain into right and left
hemispheres and posterior and anterior portions on the central
sulcus, energy and information oriented portions on the interface
between hippocampus and amygdala.

Is this Jungian system of archetypes, of patterns basic to human
thought?  And if so what does it all mean?  Is the pattern just in the
human brain, or is it a pattern of nature as well?

Below is the left hemisphere of the human cerebral cortex as a
series of Roman/Greek gods:

The Heaven Trigram is polytheistic in the sense that it is driven by an
infinite flux that makes the improbable probable, hence all theology
becomes possible somewhere within the boundless space time
manifold of possibility generation, of Shiva-flux, Vishnu-endless,
Brahma-improbable creation.  There is no problem of evil or of
miracles in such a system.  Evil and miracles, the supernatural itself
is simply a manifestation of the boundless flux as a generator of all
things possible, no matter how improbable, a pantheon of things
quite at home in ancient Egypt, Babylon, or India.

Its opposite, the Earth trigram, is simply that limited subset
contained in the local measurable universe.  No problem here.
The Flame trigram is simply the Chaos aspect, the open aspect of
the infinite flux.  It is nature red in tooth in claw, it is the expansion of
the universe in all its emergent freedom, the indeterminate character
of its quantum randomness.  In contrast, Water Pit is emergent
levels of organization, including the social human levels, and all the
functions of government and society that attempt to impose its legal
and social determinism on the wild indeterminism of the local
quantum eventuality.

Mountain is the isolation, the local observer, the local input and
analysis that separates out information for the purpose of
processing.  Lake is the recombinate opposite.  Mountain is local
internal mental space and time and Lake is its cosmic relativistic big
bang cosmic expansion opposite.  Lake is the reincarnation, the
samsara, the Buddhist Dharma and Karma that drive the birth and
rebirth of the deep inner roots, the jiva, the monad of being from
within phenomenological creativity associating with other primal
monads to generate complex space and time and cause the
emergence of the public world. If Heaven explains evil as a product
of the generation of an infinite polytheistic flux in which all things are
possible, and Flame explains evil as a product of the randomness
and chaos and the indeterminate processes generated by that flux,
than Lake explains evil in terms of Karma and Dharma, action and
duty, the actions generated by the monad of jiva being and the
universal systems order of deep being that causes the jiva to
experience the reflection of its thoughts and action.

In contrast, Wind is deep Christian improbability, is the ultimate of
virtue, the improbable that is chosen out of all improbables, is the
Christian one God of the deep love ideal, the deep improbable that
explains evil as the product of a God that only exists in Wolfhart
Pannenberg's "Ultimate Future."  The Thunder trigram is simply the
probable world as the endless shadow of the ever coming ultimate
So what is all this about, the
flattened octahedron/ cube
on the right and those
above?  What is the I Ching,
Yi Jing, Chinese Book of
Changes and its 8 trigrams?
What about the correlations
with brain functions?  Why is
this important and what
does it mean?
So what is it all about then?  
Yes we appear to be a
product of an infinite flux
(Heaven Trigram) in which
the most probable (Thunder
Trigram) result (Earth
Trigram) is chaos (Flame
Trigram). But infinite (Vishnu)
flux (Shiva) makes the
improbable (Brahma)
probable.  This improbable
(Wind Trigram) generates
mind (Mountain Trigram) and
order (Water Pit Trigram)
and causes the evolution of
complex systems (Lake
Trigram).  This is seen in the
Early Heaven sequence of
the trigrams in the Yi Ching, I
Ching, Yi Jing, Chinese Book
of Changes.  From Lake
comes Heaven and Wind and
Water Pit, then Mountain,
Earth, Thunder, and Flame.

All things are generated by
the interaction of the Infinite
(Heaven) and the Finite
(Earth), the Simple
(Mountain) and the Complex
(Lake), the Indeterminate
(Flame) and the Determinate
(Order), the Improbable
(Wind) and the Probable

These eight arise from the six
of top line yang (single) and
yin (group) and middle line
yang (whole) and yin (part)
and bottom line yang (flux)
and yin (fixed information).
Section I is ARCHOS
the primitive start:
no. 1 is DYNAMOS energy
no. 2 is CHAOS and flux
Section II is PHOROS
no. 3 is LOGOS and
no. 4 is SYNOS and
Section III is COSMOS and
universe creation:
no. 5 is ORTHOS and
creation of constants
no. 6 is SCHIZOS and
singularities and big bangs
Section IV is MORPHOS
and the M Theory and
strings and branes:
no. 7 is MITOS and strings
no. 8 is CHROMOS and
quantum mechanics
Section V is PHOSOS and
particle theory:
no. 9 is ELECTROS and
basic particles
no. 10 is PROTOS and
atomic nuclei
Section VI is CHALCOS
and emerging chemistry:
no. 11 is ATOMOS and
no. 12 is HYDROS and
Section VII is PHYSIOS
and the start of biochemistry
no. 13 is PLASMOS and
no. 14 is ZYMOS and
enzymes and tranfer RNA
Section VIII is BIOS and
the start of life:
no. 15 is SOMOS and
ribosomes and RNA code
no. 16 is GENOS and DNA
Section IX is GAMOS and
the emergence of sex:
no. 17 is CARYOS and the
cell nucleus
no. 18 is CYTOS and the
complex cell


Section X is DERMOS and
the emergence of embryos
no. 19 is HISTOS and the
emergence of tissues
no. 20 is GASTROS and
the emergence of organs
Section XI is ZOOS and the
emergence of animals"
no. 21 is NEUROS and
organ systems, neurology
no. 22 is PSYCHOS and
the organism and its mind
Section XII is DEMOS and
the emergence of humans
no. 23 is ETHNOS and
human tribes and speech
no. 24 is POLISOS and
human writing and cities
and the start of technology:
no. 25 is METROS and the
generation of machines
no. 26 is ANEMOS and the
generation of broadcasting
Section XIV is GNOSOS
and information systems
no. 27 is GEOS and
computer programming
no. 28 is HELIOS and the
solar systems and robots
Section XV is SOPHOS
and the supermind complex
no. 29 is ASTROS and the
androids and virtual reality
no. 30 is GALACTOS and
the galaxial systems
Section XVI is THEOS and
the universe creators
no. 31 is MEGALOS and
the super galaxial systems
no. 32 is OURANOS and
cosmic creative intelligence

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Nov 9th

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This is a site maintained by Allan Ralph Andrews, Bakersfield, CA, that attempts to
find some way of integrating the meaning and myth that the right hemisphere of the
cerebrum loves with the fact dominated world created for the left hemisphere.
(Dark, Closed)
(Open, Lighted)
Below is an example of the application of the Relational Dialectics Theory of Interpersonal Communication to the Yin to
Yang Dialects of the I Ching (Yi Ching)  Relational Dialectics was developed by Baxter and W. K. Rawlins, according to
Wikipedia references, Leslie A. Baxter and Barbara Montgomery developed this as a form of interpersonal
communication theory using ideas from Mikhail Bakhtin.  Here I have used and interpretation of the I Ching that puts an
emphasis on this Chinese technique as a way of differentiating dialectical opposites.  Heaven trigram is here equivalent
to the infinite in Immanuel Kant's work on Pure Reason, Earth would be the finite, Fire would be the open and Deep
Gorge (Water Pit) would be the closed (determinate).  Mountain would be the simple and Lake (Marsh) would be the
complex.  Wind would be the impartial necessary ideal (penetrates all things) and Thunder would be the contingent.  In
evolution, Heaven would be mutation, Wind would be adaptive peaks and set point ideals, Deep Gorge/Water Pit would
be replication supporting feed back systems.  Earth would be phenotype result.  Mountain would be species formation
and genetic isolation, information input, and Fire would be competition and extinction and natural selection,  Lake would
be hybrid formation and recombination and gene pools, population genetics, and Thunder would be genetic expression
In art, Heaven would be the romantic and Earth the realistic.  Wind is the classical and Thunder is the expressionistic.  
Mountain is the impressionistic and Lake is the post-impressionistic.  Fire is cubist and Deep Gorge/Water Pit is
baroque. In government, Heaven is the aboriginal and Earth is the industrial utilitarian democratic, Fire is the external
raiding proletariat and Deep Gorge Water Pit is the internal proletariat of the universal state. Mountain is the city state and
withdrawal and return phase of Arnold Toynbee's Study of History.  Wind is the dominant elite of aristocracy and
monarchy.  Thunder is the vulgar populist capitalist market oriented phase.  Lake is the imperialist phase and the
breakdown and spread of empire in a internal proletariat sponsored dogma, a universal church.  Heaven is productive
and Earth is utilitarian. Fire exploits and Water Pit, Deep Gorge receives (see Fromm).  Mountain segregates and Lake
recombines.  Wind hoards and refines and Thunder markets and consumes.  Heaven is magic and Earth is science.  
Fire is art and Deep Gorge Water Pit is government.  Wind is metaphysics and Thunder is business.  Mountain is
philosophy and logic and Lake is dogma and literature.  Heaven is supernatural and Earth is naturalist, Wind is idealist
and Thunder is pragmatic. Fire is existential and Water Pit Deep Gorge is rational and mechanistic.  Mountain is
empirical and Lake is dialectical and eclectic. The Heaven aspect is most common in tropical rainforest, Wind in caste
based societies like South Asia.  Europe is the center for Earth and America for Thunder.  China has traditionally favored
Lake, but moves toward Thunder.  Water Pit and Deep Gorge tend to be Persia and Central Asia and Fire is the oceanic
and Polynesian opposite.  Mountain is characteristic of island uplands, Greece, Scotland, Scandinavia, etc.  We have
discussed elsewhere how what is here called "Mystical Middle Son" could also be right hemisphere cerebral cortex and
Practical Middle Daughter could be fact oriented left hemisphere.  The Private Young Son could be the executive areas of
the cerebral cortex frontal lobes and the Talking Young Daughter could be the posterior association areas of the parietal
and occipital and temporal lobes of the cerebral cortex.  The passive old daughter could be the memory systems of the
hippocampus and switching systems of the basal ganlia, while the Powerful Old Son could be the amygdala and limbic
areas and attention systems, thalamus and hypothalamus controlling affection and motivation centered in the lower
brain.  Thus, this basic yin and yang may represent some of the fundamental physiological polarities of the human
condition.  Allan Ralph Andrews, born Long Beach California, September 13th 1939, 4:03 AM, the above written,
Bakersfield, California, April, 2012.

ADDENDUM: In respect to personality disorders, Powerful Old Son is Antisocial (more power than information, and
Passive Old Daughter is Compulsive (more information than power, passion is power turned inward-pure greed/desire),
Mystical Middle Son is Avoidant and Practical Middle Daughter is Narcissistic. Private Young Son is Schizoid and
Talkative Young Daughter is Dependent.  Creative Heaven Trigram is Schizotypal and Earth is Depressed, Penetrating
Wind is Paranoid and Thunder is Histrionic.  Fire is Sadistic and Water Gorge is Masochistic.  Mountain is Negativistic
and Lake Marsh is Borderline (has no borders fission fuses with everything). A.R. Andrews, Bakersfield. CA April 2012.
Greedy Energy
Old Son Yang
Antisocial Lower
Brain Limbic
God of the Sea
Mystical Sacred Middle
Son Yang Avoidant
Right Hemisphere
God of the Sea
Greedy Energy Old Son Yang Antisocial
Lower Brain Limbic Amygdala
Goddess of the
Wild Moon
Creative Heaven
Trigram Sky
Goddess of Wisdom
Clever Hephaestus
Demeter Mother of
Triumphant Lake Marsh
Trigram Water Element
Amorous Aphrodite
Wise Athena
Gentle Wind Classical
Trigram Air Element
Craftsman of Olympus
Water Pit Gorge
Baroque Trigram
Ceramic Element
Keeper of the Home
and Fields
Goddess of Love
Private Young
Son Yang
Schizoid Frontal
Lobe Executive
Suspicious Hera
Queen of Olympus
Passive Rigid Old
Daughter Yin
Cerebral Cortex
Dutiful Hestia
Keeper of the Hearth
Talkative Young Daughter Yin Dependent
Association Area  Parietal Temporal Lobes
Secretive Artemis
Bright Apollo
Silent Mountain Trigram
Salt Element Negativistic
Proud Zeus
Created Realistic
Earth Trigram Earth
Element Depressive
Messenger of Olympus
Goddess of Love
Goddess of the
Wild Moon
Brilliant Flame
Trigram Fire
Element Sadistic
God of The Bright Sun
King of Olympus
Busy Hermes
Loud Thunder Trigram
Nose Element
Amorous Aphrodite
Greedy Energy
Old Son Yang
Antisocial Lower
Brain Limbic
Strong Ares
God of War
Pragmatic Factual
Middle Daughter Yin
Narcissistic Left
God of War
Strong Ares
Greedy Energy Old Son Yang Antisocial
Lower Brain Limbic Amgydala
Above is the wheel, octahedron, cube cut open and flattened of the eight
trigrams and three pairs of yin and yang of the I Ching (Yi Ching) and the
six pairs of Mt Olympus gods and goddesses and the Four Greek
Elementals: Air Earth Fire and Water and their opposites (Noise, Sky,  and
eight tempers, plus six polar brain functions, This fits the table of the
relational dialectics.  Allan Ralph Andrews, April, 2012